Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Selangor DAP grassroots kowtim Tony Pua

CinaBeng Goh Been Sing

new Selangor DAP Boss

There is a racist belief that the CinaBengs and CinaPeks in DAP Selangor, have ousted Tony Pua because they couldn't stand his alleged 'inclusiveness' for Malays.

Ho-hum, so what's new, you may ask, as that would be the 'same old same old' racism, non-Cina, Malays, CinaBengs, Chinese-centric DAP, etc etc etc?

Well, what's new is that the trouble lies within DAP itself or more specifically DAP Selangor.

But I am sad, wakakaka, to announce to those who have alleged so, is that the result for the top 15 leaders elected by the party also consists of 2 Indians among the CinaBengs.

another CinaBeng Gan Ah Bah 

Fifth in place has been V Ganabatirau with 429 votes (top of list is Ng Sze Han with 491 votes), whilst our redoubtable Gobind, son of DAP icon the late Karpal came out 9th with 393 votes. By contrast, Tony Pua was in 19th posiiton with 292 votes. 

A re-iteration, Ganabatirau and Gobind emerged from the state party elections as 5th and 9th, and not as you detractors would have loved to see, 14th and 15th, wakakaka.

And to really eff those racial allegations-accusations, the top 15 voted for Gobind to be the Chair of DAP Selangor. Eff those racist anti-CinaBengs-&-anti-Hawker type members. Yes, the critics of the winning team (and thus pro-Tony Pua) are 'snobs', sneering at members that are 'hawker' type.

The reason for Tony Pua's ouster has been his loss of popularity or standing within the state of Selangor after a few years where the DAP members witnessed his aloof inner-coterie style of management.

The Chinese Press has already warned of Tony Pua's 'detachment' from the DAP state grassroots - yes, 'grassroots' that one of my blog's visitors sneered at as less-academically qualified rivals of (presumably) Tony Pua.

He said those 'rivals' couldn't compete on academic methodologies due to their (lack of) qualifications (presumably of low class 'hawker' type or/and CinaBeng type).

And while both groups from clique (not clichés as he incorrectly put it), the 自鸣清高 (from online google dic: "self-sounding") technocrats of Tony Pua's group have no time to play party politics whilst the other rival group, who arose from the party's rank & file have the upper political hand by their party politicking.

In that, my visitor also unwittingly admitted Tony Pua had been a Tokong Brigade parachutist, wakakaka. 

By the by, the more correct DAP man to be identified as chiefly responsible for his 'inclusiveness' of Malays in the party is Liew Chin Tong, the party's chief strategist, and not some pretender-to-the-title.

Liew Chin Tong 

My visitor (and he's not alone in this, wakakaka) decried that the term 'grassroot feeling' is an overused big word to justify why TP has been ousted by sheer party politicking. He moaned that the TP faction have far too many 'daily living issues' to play nasties of naughty political drudgery!

Sadly and quite obviously, he (my visitor) smells or stinks of elitism, arrogance, snobbery and a disdain, disregard and detestation for the so-called plebeian 'grassroots'. I consider that as typical of his usual behaviour, through his arrogant, hubristic, pompous know-it-all and most-times racist comments - ta'bisa kalah, wakakaka.

the grassroots 

Such an attitude is what makes the owner (my visitor) a likely go-it-alone dictator-wannabe (or at least with an inner coterie), very reminiscent of the mannerisms of a couple of Malaysian leaders, wakakaka, who are known to be prone to such arrogance, snobbery and dictatorial behaviours.

And who have been the people who came to TP's defence? Hannah Yeoh and Yeo Bee Yin, both also Young Turks known to be close to Tony Pua (including Teo Nie Ching), and gullible supporters of Lim Guan Eng, wakakaka.

They believe TP is an economic whizkid though he was a failure in his pre-political business in Singapore. I am reminded by a Malaysiakini article that TP might not be so shit-hot in economic affairs as we might have earlier believed.

Eric See-To informed us (and not denied by TP) TP’s Cybervillage in Sing suffered six straight years of continued losses from 2002 to 2007, whereafter he packed his bags, left Singapore for Selangor and joined DAP to bless the party with 'his technical expertise on financial matters', wakakaka.

Some on RFB still don't believed TP failed in his own business - impossible lah, wakakaka - what guppies, but alas, they provide succor to the elites in DAP.

If you want to know more about TP and his failed business but more importantly for guppies, of his 'boe-cheng, boe gee-k'ee' attitude (ingratitude), and more, do read my post un-Chinese Tony Pua.

What has perhaps been not pretty (for DAP and me) was TP treating his benefactor
 Eric See-To (no doubt of a different political alignment) with such nasty arrogant social contempt and also his 'mudah lupa-ness' that See-To was once his good matey who willingly loaned RM100k to him when his business had some cash flow problem. But 'enuff of TP's history with Eric See-To.

In the Selangor DAP party election for the top 15 leaders, it has not been a complete whitewash of new Young Turks as my blogging matey Ong Kian Ming came in 14th with 324 votes. Ong has always been a decent and civil technocrat with typically Asian humility, politeness and etiquette.

I dare say it has been an individual eff-up by Tony Pua in losing his leadership position in that state DAP. Even the current top DAP veteran leader Lim KS (who broke my once pro-DAP heart) has admitted that TP has lost the support of the DAP grassroots - for more see Malaysiakini's Lim: Pua defeated as he lost touch with the grassroots.

TP is of course the close-confidante of Lim GE, the powerful son of Lim KS, but even LKS could not hide TP's eff-up within the DAP party, though LKS euphemised the eff-up as a result of TP focusing on national issues to the detriment of the grassroots.

MKINI reported LKS saying "One of the reasons (for his defeat) is that he focused too much on national issues and lost touch with the grassroots." Wakakaka, Uncle Lim has to give mucho 'face' to TP.

But there's more than the un-Chinese pomposity and aloofness of TP to his leadership ouster. Selangor DAP members, yes those hawker-type grassroots, wakakaka, have been unhappy that the party’s top leaders (the Tokong-ised Elites) were making decisions without involving them and the state leadership.

Awang Azman Awang Pawi from Universiti Malaya
said this could be seen in the 14th general election line-up of DAP candidates. "Not happy" would be putting it mildly insofar as DAP grassroot members are concerned.

Yes sir, FMT informs us that: Two other controversial issues said to have riled the grassroots are the Balakong by-election which led to an open protest from the grassroots when their preferred candidate was not chosen, and the Mass Rapid Transit feeder bus issue, where Pua vouched for Grabcars as a replacement.

poor Yunna Tan

LKS was forced to step into the selection of the grassroot-preferred candidate Wong Siew Ki

UTM political geo-strategist Azmi Hassan told FMT “The most probable reason is that the delegates want to send a message to Guan Eng that there is discontent among DAP members regarding the way DAP is heading under him.”

It's also said that Selangor DAP grassroots want a fresh line-up of state leaders who are not from the Tokong Elites.

By now, political-savvy Lim KS must be pretty worried chai-chai is not doing great guns within the party, just as his bromantic mate, Maddy is experiencing similar sinking feelings vis-a-vis his son Mukhriz.


  1. Wakakakakaka……

    WHY not just quote ME? I have a call sign (not acronym/nom de plume - too elitist, wakakakaka).

    I have an urgent errand on a remote site. Let me deal with it first (earning a living ma) before I come back to 'clarify' yr rebuttals about my takes!

    Suffice for NOW - "grassroots" vis-a-vis power seekers within the political echelon.

    Definitely not the ORDINARY dap members out there!

    Go & improve yr comprehension skill.

    Or should I say, improve my writing skill to match yrs! Wakakakaka…

  2. I was really pissed off with Tony Pua over his reply when asked at a residents' dialogue meeting, sometime in 2014 or so, over our opposition to the KiDEX elevated highway through our neighbourhood - whether he supported us in opposing KiDEX.

    Tony replied in a wishy washy manner, saying that he was not anti-development and did not oppose the highway outright but would consider our concerns over any alignment problems related to the proposed highway which could arise.

    I gave it to him properly, telling him that he is so vocal on macro issues such as 1MDB, allegedly overprised Littoral Combat Ships, allegedly overpriced MRT and so forth, but now that Selangor is under a Pakatan state goverment and he is an MP, he adopts such a wishy washy stand on issues which directly concern us, when if Selangor were still under BN, he would most probably be down on the streets protesting against KiDEX with us - the "plebiean masses".

    My fellow residents present also gave it to him properly.

    I understand this Pua guy is a neo-liberal and I am dead against neo-liberals (like Pua and Macron), though it appears from his statements reproted by the media, that Goh Been Sing listens to NGOs too, so I don't expect much different from him either.

  3. 2 / 15 Indians (13%) and No Malays welcome in DAP Selangor's leadership.

    I think this objectively proves DAP is a Chinese Chauvinist party, as correctly characterised by UMNO.

    Mahathir is truly a traitor to the Malays by aligning with DAP.

    1. for Malays to be elected as a DAP leader in Selangor, there must be Malays in DAP Selangor who contribute to the party.

      read this and see how Dr Bari has advanced in Perak

  4. Nothing tranformasi about DAP yetthe top dogs always use terms like harapan baru,malaysia baru and reformasi.

  5. I speculate that you have your bias against TP that's why this has been like a "gold mine" opportunity for you to continuingly bashing him in your series of article. Because of bruised ego? This is also exhibit of "un-Chineseness" you know! Never mind lah, wakakaka ......

    Let me declare it at the outset, I'm no blind-follower of anybody. My speculation why TP was ousted was PARTLY because of rivalry revenge. There are different factions in Selangor DAP. Some idealists and some combative warlords. The biggest warlord is RL who is currently in control of the Selangor DAP committees. History will tell you both men cannot see eye to eye with each other thus the warlord exact a revenge for what was done to him by the other 5 years ago. That's why you can sense the helplessness 无奈 in LKS's response wakakaka ........

    I would agree with James Chin but not the other which is to me, at least, way way far out.

  6. "And to really eff those racial allegations-accusations, the top 15 voted for Gobind to be the Chair of DAP Selangor. Eff those racist anti-CinaBengs-&-anti-Hawker type members. Yes, the critics of the winning team (and thus pro-Tony Pua) are 'snobs', sneering at members that are 'hawker' type."

    Ooop… how do u to tie the election of Gobind/Ganabatirau with those racist anti-CinaBengs-&-anti-Hawker type members?

    Wild imagination run wilder! I certainly DIDN'T make such remark.

    "The critics of the winning team (and thus pro-Tony Pua) are 'snobs', sneering at members that are 'hawker' type."

    'Hawker' type members! Yr words not mine lah. I used 'grassroots' not as less-academically qualified rivals of (presumably) Tony Pua, but the power seekers within the local DAP echelon. These people r definitely NOT less-academically qualified rivals. Eg:
    Tan Seng Giaw, Boo Cheng Hau. These people have been occupying the local power seats for so long that they forget that their academic methodologies r so yesterday & out of tune with the new gen! Their ways of doing thing WOULD stymie the progress of the local DAP chapter to its next level of evolution.

    But, they have the advantage of the long duration of their stay in the seat of power they have gathered a group of like-minded supporters. An abang-adik clique that proves its worth in the current Selangor DAP election that they, who arose from the party's rank & file have the upper political hand by their constan5 party politicking.

    Yr presumed assumption: presumably of low class 'hawker' type or/and CinaBeng type! Wakakakakaka…… good try le.

    BTW, I have never dismissed Tony Pua as a Tokong Brigade. Parachutist…… that's yr daydreaming fart lah. When tp rose from the rank&file of the then moribund Selangor DAP under the hp6 cares of Chan Kok Wei, Teresa kok & Tan Seng Giaw. He was NEVER parachuted into Selangor by whoever! Only when lge resurfaced did they become teammate!

    "Smells or stinks of elitism, arrogance, snobbery and a disdain, disregard and detestation for the so-called plebeian 'grassroots'."

    Wakakakaka…… comprehension, comprehension - reread my definition of 'grassroots' lah!

    It must be a BIG joke for u to call the power seekers within the various DAP echelons as plebeians. Either u r born yesterday or u just simply plug a word that suit yr rd mood!

    Never, any one of these politikus r plebeians. The REAL plebeians have no time to play any political drudgery. They need to earn a decent living out in the real world. Only politikus have the time to play & wait for the 'durian runtuh' when DAP finally comes of age.

    Mind u, not bcoz of their yrs of repeatitive decaying ground works but the infusion of the technocratic young Turks whom the new gen CAN resonant coherently in politics & in ideas.


  7. 2of2

    WRT tp's business savoury, wakakakaka… enough have been said & yet u still want to fart about yr same old petrified grandmother's story!

    Same answer, tp might not be a first time business adventurer but he has proven himself as a gamed risk taker to go into business. No shame in such loss as proven all-over the techie world.


    "'boe-cheng, boe gee-k'ee' attitude (ingratitude) of un-Chinese Tony Pua."

    TP treating Eric See-To's accusations (no doubt of a different political alignment) with total silence, indeed if of ANYTHING, is very Chinese.

    Having yr grandmother taught u NOT to challenge yr past benefactor OPENLY, no matter how vicious is the attacks?

    Yet u treat this silence as nasty arrogant social contempt and 'mudah lupa-ness'.

    Perhaps, as a banana, u SHOULD keep far far away from thing Chinese.

    "忠义两难全”, f*cked lah with yr understanding of 'boe-cheng, boe gee-k'ee'!

    "Selangor DAP members, yes those hawker-type grassroots, wakakaka, have been unhappy that the party’s top leaders (the Tokong-ised Elites) were making decisions without involving them and the state leadership."

    2cent worth of conventional petrified thinking associated with classical abang-adekism of power grappling!

    Selangor DAP members, yes those hawker-type grassroots - more correctly party power seekers that have been sidelined. These people NEVER for a second think about capability, new bloods with new approaches in local party administration. All they see IS I must get my due after all these yrs of 'hard' party works. If their petrified abang-adek work attitude is so good, DAP's past efforts would be sail on the wind le. Instead, it has to wait for a new political dawn. Then every f*ckers r gaming for their cuts. Have they ever realised that their time is up - good to fade away from the scene!

    Another Chineseness quote for f*cker like u - 功成身退(retired gracefully when the jobs done). Follow the example of 范蠡, 张良 & many others in the Chinese history lah.

    But then, modern greediness always have the upper hand, hence those repeated Et tu, Brute plays.

    Wakakakaka… for u everything has to tie back to the mamak dynasty! How much have yr sifu filled yr brain with his bruised ego blood clog?

    So much so that there is also a lim dynasty to match yr fart!

    Indeed, birds of the same feather DO flock together no end.

    1. TP treating Eric See-To with silence??? Wakakaka, you don't even know WTF TP did to Eric See-To. That's what I meant by you being pompous know-it-all BS-tter. Go back and read my post on un-Chinese Tony Pua to find out

    2. So u know?

      As in Eric's openly outburst for ALL to see?

      As if everyone MUST know he had been sidelined by tp, whom he had helped?

      Yr past post on un-Chinese tp!

      Wow…… now I must take an accuser's words as evident!

      How big has yr head grown?

      Pompous know-it-all? Definitely no on subjects I don't know of!

      Unlike u, don't know MUST also fart lah!

      Mmmm…… dedak calls for bullshitting kpi, I supposed?

    3. stop evading the Truth, published in more than one press, undenied by TP who also defiantly acknowledged the Truth with a most un-Chinese "So what".

      in doing so, you are a hypocrite and an ostrich, bur=ying your head in the sand to avoid seeing the Truth

      You lack the honour, the integrity and the honesty to acknowledge your idol was a most un-Chinese person, just like you, rude and racist, wakakaka

    4. Wakakakaka…

      "The Truth, published in more than one press, undenied by TP"


      U tau baca ke?

      Or u still want to pick & choose?

      The point is HOW many times had tp repeated the talks & under WHAT circumstances.

      R yr multiple press 'truths' recycled from the same source? & that made how many copies of the same unique farts?

      U seem to lost in yr eagerness to condemn tp to care about yr confused understanding of Chineseness!

      In that regard, you are a hypocrite and an ostrich, burying your head in the sand to avoid seeing the Truth lah.


      Keep throwing what u got, the readers can read & most of them r definitely not yr choirboys per se!

      Again, u know about Chineseness?

      There will be tons of pukes left over for u to take home le!

      BTW, no answers for my other rebuttals?

      Or u still want to play yr spurious un-Chinese football? How many own goals u want er?

    5. wakakaka, avoiding the facts - no point talking to a pompous moronic know-all who is so KIASU

    6. Wakakakaka…

      Yr best reply!

      Got u!

  8. Selangor DAP kowtim Tony Pua.

    Sabah UMNO kowtim Najib. Fixed Deposit sudah hangus.

    Sabah Umno crippled as entire committee, almost all division chiefs quit party
    12 DEC 2018 / 16:40 H.
    Sabah Umno crippled as entire committee, almost all division chiefs quit party
    KOTA KINABALU: The entire Sabah Umno liaison committee, including chairman Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor, and almost all the divisional chiefs announced their resignation from the party today, severely crippling Sabah Umno.

    Hajiji announced at a press conference that five MPs, nine state assemblymen and two senators from Sabah Umno have quit the party with immediate effect.

    1. Najib's Fixed Deposit is without clothes.

    2. Bung “Bocor-Man” Moktar is now Sabah UMNO leader. Only by default because nobody else there except the former CM who is headed to jail.

      I’m Lovin’ It.....another celebration !!

    3. Boo hoo hoo...Jibby Big Thief crying buckets of tears on Fat Mama's ample breasts. There goes all his hope of evading jail...Umno sudah di kowtim, mampus dah....alamak, the sky is really falling. His wife's once-upon-a-time bag man the Carpet Man averred that Big Chief Thief just simply cannot survive prison...the food, the air, the confined space, the hard hard bed, the stinky toilet, the lights-out at the mighty have fallen...gallivanting in jets around the world, shopping at Bijan, the most luxurious boutique in the world, spending the rakyat's money to the tune of billions, to end up in a stinking hole most probably for years and years, by the time he's out, he will be at least 80 ! Maybe seppuku is a preferable way out, but chicken shit just don't have the guts to go that route.

  9. For those who still think Guanee's job as Finance Minister is merely a glorified book-keeper, well he has now been entrusted to revive RM20 billion of low-performing assets of Tabung Haji, so that Muslims who have been ripped off by UMNO (ie Najib and Azeez) via a ponzi scheme can still fulfill their religious obligation (Haj pilgrimage).

    Note: this job was NOT given to Azmin, who is more of a smooth talker/ delegator/operator than someone who can roll up his sleeves and actually accomplish important jobs, even at the expense of being hated and ridiculed.


      I agree with the above.

  10. From what I see, the DAP Old-Guard is mostly no less elitist than the Young Turks.
    It is just that they play Chinese Red-Neck Chauvinist politics to the hilt, and pretend to be "working-class"

    The technique is well understood and has a very successful track record in Singapore.
    PAP's Lee Kuan Yew, Cambridge Anglophile built his PAP base on Chinese rabble rousing politics.

  11. Hai-ya, don't u know shit jobs r AKWAAL the domain of the Chinese m'sian ma!

    Difficult to resolve & easily get a scapegoat!

  12. Jadi the blur2 melayu r learning fast ye!

    Tukar working class dengan zombies, u dapat apa?

    Tukar Chinese Red-Neck Chauvinist politics dengan agenda ketuanan, u dapat apa?

    The unfortunate thing is, semua jadi superficial shj. Intended content tak dapat, semua kena jadi debu!

  13. ignore CK - he's not only a racist with vile racist lingo but a pompous bullshitting know-all-but-know-nothing moron, wakakaka

    1. Wakakakaka……

      A pompous bullshitting know-all-but-know-nothing moron!

      U, indeed - a flyboy wannabe born loser.

    2. Ignore dedak-fueled slanted venting by Ah Moc. He is not only supporting massive thieving, cheating and lying but is an insufferable must-have-last-words at any cost even when he is caught bullshitting and acting as though he knows every subject on earth, wakakakaka.