Monday, December 17, 2018

Are Mahathir's "good ones from UMNO" good?

From Malaysiakini Yoursay (selected extracts):

Yoursay: Good ones in Umno? Mahathir ‘mudah lupa’

Bersatu PRIBUMI is now almost indistinguishable from Umno, except for a few individuals.’

There are good people in Umno too, says Dr M

Abasir: This has turned out to be the biggest con played on gullible Malaysians since 1957. When compared to this wanton betrayal of trust, 1MDB really amounts to nothing.

The "good ones" referred to by the cunning and utterly ruthless Dr Mahathir Mohamad are directly responsible for encouraging and enabling the following: an irreparably disunited nation poisoned by ketuanan Melayu/Islam; the active and deliberate promotion of mediocrity in every sphere; the breakdown of law and order that enabled, for example, the forced disappearance of citizens and the deaths of thousands in custody; rampant corruption in the uniformed and civil services; the sowing of religious discord by fanatical state-sponsored imams; and the wholesale thieving in the name of "bangsa dan agama".

What is all the more disturbing is that this deception has been perpetrated on the people in the name of "Harapan". The country is truly cursed.

Some questions. If Mahathir had, before May 9, informed Malaysians of his intentions to open Bersatu PRIBUMI to these "good ones", a few months down the line, would Pakatan Harapan be where it is today?

Was this manoeuvre to boost his ranks with "good ones" from Umno discussed beforehand with his Harapan partners or has it been a nasty shock for them too?

And finally, by what or whose yardstick does 
Bersatu PRIBUMI determine who is good and who isn't? Is Mahathir's political secretary Muhammad Zahid Md Arip, named in the Isa Samad/Felda charges as a corruption enabler, a shining example of a "good one"?

Mahathir's political secretary Muhammad Zahid Md Arip

One of Mahathir's "good ones" from UMNO?

CKL: With each turn of the lens, the object is coming into sharper focus. Bersatu PRIBUMI is now almost indistinguishable from Umno, except for a few individuals like Najib, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Ku Nan (Tengku Adnan).

It is a party of the Malays, for the Malays. It is not a multiracial reform-minded party like PKR and DAP, or even Amanah. It could well end up with as many MPs as PKR and DAP.

This will pose challenges, especially for prime minister-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim. Political control will then depend on where Warisan and the Sarawak parties put their loyalties. Interesting times ahead.

Anonymous_b3cdcd05: If there are good people in Umno, they should have supported Tun (Mahathir) when he stood up against the kleptocrat. But none did. Where were the good people Tun speaks of?

That is why Tun had to throw in the towel to the party he formed, and seek the help of Harapan to oust the kleptocrat. Tun must thank the kleptocrat as without him none of the Harapan parties would have accepted him.

Tun was accepted only because of the common monster they wanted to slay. To be fair to Harapan, Tun must give an undertaking that none of the frogs from Umno will be given any role in government.

Mushiro: Tun seems to be setting the rules and changing the rules according to the convenience of Bersatu PRIBUMI. He is greedy for Bersatu PRIBUMI to expand by hook or by crook and take control of Harapan.

Surprisingly, not many PKR, DAP and Amanah leaders are willing to speak up.

Dad, how long do I have to keep pretending I like this stupid Sudoku?

Tiam-Tiam, just keep playing and don't look up

Hmmm...: Mahathir is not in touch with the grassroots if he thinks that he had a reputation of being “one of the good people in Umno”.

In GE14, the rakyat had to choose between two evils, and they chose what they thought was the lesser evil. Now it is being revealed that the lesser evil is perhaps greater than we thought.

Also, many of the rakyat think that Harapan made a mistake in accepting Bersatu PRIBUMI. Now it seems to be increasingly clear that Bersatu PRIBUMI is the Umno-BN Trojan horse in Harapan, and that Harapan will likely just become BN 2.0.

A sad day indeed, but the fight for democracy must continue.

Anonymous 9916: Who says Malaysia will ever change? This is proof that some Harapan parties are becoming another BN.

There is no one who can be trusted, whether in Harapan or Umno. Everyone is doing power play to shore up their own positions. These politicians will not have time to take care of the people.

Caripasal: Mahathir, we have never said that you are a good person. I, like many more Harapan supporters, have never voted for you.

We voted for Harapan to win the election, not for you to become the PM. You were there, by chance.

For your information, no one in Umno is good. No one.


  1. Wakakaka....Ktemoc once excoriated people as PKR Myrmidons when they made it clear they did not consider there is any such person as a Good BN MP.

    As long as they are BN MPs or UMNO MPs for that matter they toed the line on all BN Government matters, including voting support for oppressive laws and Racist policies.
    All MCA MPs , for example, voted in Parliamentfor the oppressive Government security laws - in those days , MCA had quite a substantial number of MPS . And now MCA wants to condemn Harapan for not moving fast enough to repeal those laws,

    At a personal level, a few BN/UMNO types can be "Good" individuals once they are no longer following the UMNO BN line.

    Saifuddin Abdullah, for example, has been excellent, after leaving UMNO

    Anyone who wants to join Harapan has to pledge that they support Harapan's Agenda, not just personal support for Mahathir.

  2. I suppose we went from frying pan into the fire by voting for the devil in a united front with the sole objective of getting rid of the deep blue sea.

    A friend with a law degree and a teh tarik and WhatsApp politician, was vehemently against Najib before GE14 and tended to believe whatever he received via WhatsApp but last night he said that he doubts whether the several charges laid upon Najib are based on enough evidence of wrongdoing for the court to be able to find Najib guilty and convict him.

    Just last night he said that he thinks that the whole 1MDB thing is a wayang created by you know who to dupe gullible Malaysians.

    Many lawyers in court during the day became lawyers burok with regards Najib and 1MDB once they hit the teh tarik stalls or in the pubs.

    One think I'm thankful for is that I don't have a flood of WhatsApp messages about Najib, Rosmah, 1MDB, etc clogging up my phone now, or have to listen to another friend who says "Najib must go in disgrace" umpteen times over dinner, though he still thinks that the sun shines out of the anal orifice of Pakatan Harapan.

    Not that BN was any better but Pakatan Harapan is turning out to be no better than BN and PH appears to be a bunch of bumbling idiots when it comes to running a country.

    1. Tell him to read what happened in Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Georgia, Poland when ruthless Americans decide to do regime change of your country's leaders (no one asked them for help except then opposition leaders who were paid very well by the Americans to do their bidding). Ask LGE, Ambiga, Maria Chin, Tony Pua, Suffian etc how much the Americans supported them to overthrown BN/Najib? All those pack of lies the CIA/Soros/NED packaged for those then Pakatan opposition to overthrow BN came to fruition. Who owns Whataspp, Twitter, Facebook, Google ? The Pentagon/CIA that is who!! So Malaysians were swindled by the fake news/lies/slanders in Whatsapp etc...... Well Chinese Malaysians: reap what you sow....

      As for my Chinese Malaysian friends/school mates: I had already terminated all my friendships with them after the Overthrow of Moderate Najib. Now I want blood: elect PAS so they can suffer under PAS......

      So where is Jho Low? You mean even CIA does not know where he is? Don't make me laugh. He is probably in a safe house in USA under protection of CIA since he had done a very good job of smearing Najib et al with his Middle Eastern CIA operatives...Or the CIA has terminated him so no one will ever know the real 1MDB scam. The story about him in China is just another Pakatan lie to be anti-China.

      After throwing out pro-Russian politicians, those countries are now absorbed in American Greater Sphere; the corruption, instability, lack of security, right wingism all increased once the Americans control your country. IN Malaysia's case, the Americans now control Pakatan. First act of Pakatan Govt is overthrow/abolish ALL pro-China policies!! LGE is anti-china, pro-america, pr0-Singapore; Mahathir is anti-China, pro-Japan, Anti-Singapore, American-neutral; Anwar is pro-america, anti-China, anti-Singapore and pro-Japan.

  3. This piece comprised mainly of selective cut&paste comments.

    By so doing, this blogger's true intention IS an open book now.

    Perhaps he still think his stand is clear as the current sungai kelang!

    Wakakakaka… desperado looking for cheap shots to meet dedak kpi.

  4. From my own search I heard that business is bad. People are selling assets, spent just only for food, and the rest to buy gold. It is really worrying. They say Harapan is harapan tinggi gubung berapi, perhaps, 'Now it is being revealed that the lesser evil is perhaps greater than we thought'.

  5. In the aftermath of World War II, Germany and Japan's industrial infrastructure were in total ruins.
    Within 15 years, by the early 1960s, both had returned as thriving industrial nations.

    How did they do it ?
    The victors, the Allied Occupation powers tried, executed (excellent idea ...wakakaka) and jailed key War Criminals of the Axis powers.
    But the vast majority of Germany and Japan's Nazis and Militarists were accepted back into normal society, in fact tapped for their knowledge , skills and experience to rebuild Germany and Japan's industries.

    One of my German associates once confessed to me his father was once a committed Nazi, was nevertheless accepted back and worked in engineering and Management in one of the large industrial companies in postwar Germany. He had been an exemplary citizen the rest of his life.

    One senior Japanese businessman who came to Malaysia in the 1980s apparently was not his first time here....he had been a soldier in Malaya in the 1940's, who knows whether he committed any atrocities and war crimes....

    It is not always possible or wise to declare a person/ persons an enemy forever.
    That is for idealists...governments often can't afford that.

    And many leaders find it expedient or necessary to co-opt people who were from the "Other Side", as long as they had not been involved in major crimes...wakakakaka...

    Of course, Key Criminals should be put on trial and , if found guilty, Executed....wakakakaka...

  6. mahathir is still the same mahathir, only the naive believe dap propaganda that mahathir is a changed man. what change is dap now have enough seats to say no to everything they disagree, the question is do they have the ball to do it? y blame mahathir, najib, umno etc, dap fanboy is truly hypocrite.

  7. UMNO 3.0

    Assets of UMNO 1.0 was stripped off. UMNO 2.0 closed to destroy records.

  8. A few issues for you to wakakakakaka about, KTemoc.

    "Nurul Izzah quits as PKR vice president"

    "Latheefa alleges 'cronyism' in Anwar's recent appointment of PKR state leaders"

    "Dr M, Azmin say they are in the dark over Nurul Izzah’s shock resignation"

    "Kit Siang: Umno defectors can join PH after they atone for BN’s abuses"

    "DAP will not work with Umno, says Gobind"

    "Tighter security checks by Singapore causing traffic backlog in Johor"

    "Malaysia should stand firm in dealings with Singapore, former foreign minister says"

    "Malaysia sees rise in cost of living survey"

  9. What do you make of Raja Petra Kamaruddin's argument that it is the Special Branch which decides who is to be the next prime minister and bugger all to the democratic will of the people.

    "Anyway, the point is, whoever takes over as Malaysia’s Eighth Prime Minister is not up to the party or the voters but up to the Special Branch. And, if the Special Branch is not happy with what is currently going on, they can even bring Najib back as Prime Minister, if that is what they want. And that is the reality of Malaysian politics."

    However, this report in The Malay Mail casts doubts on RPK's argument, since the BNM issue could be something which eventually sinks Mahathir:-

    "KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 17 — The High Court here today struck out an originating summons filed by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad seeking for the court to declare null and void the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) report into foreign exchange losses suffered by Bank Negara Malaysia in the 1990s.

    "Lawyer Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla,representing Dr Mahathir, told reporters the decision was made by judge Datuk Azizah Nawawi in chambers after she granted the application by the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) to strike out the lawsuit.

    "Mohamed Haniff Khatri said Azizah , in her decision, said the court had no jurisdiction to challenge the RCI report.

    “So, the application by the AG was allowed with no cost,” he said, adding that senior federal counsel Mazlifah Ayob acted on behalf of the AGC during the chamber proceedings."

    Also, more for you to wakakakakakakak about:-

    "Johor PKR chief quits, but says not linked to Nurul Izzah’s resignation"

    1. It really makes the unprincipled DAP looks very stupid. Tidak ada pegangan dan pendirian. Menumpang nasib.

  10. I suppose that's why Mahathir appointed many DAP MPs as cabinet ministers.

    He could have bought some cabinets from IKEA and made them his ministers.