Friday, December 14, 2018

Mahathir’s Pribumi party is the disease in Harapan

From Malaysiakini's Yoursay:

eff you lot, a bunch of guppies

YOURSAY | ‘Bersatu is Umno 3.0 and Mahathir is not much different than when he was PM previously.’

Harapan’s acceptance of Umno defectors is a betrayal of the rakyat

Caripasal: DAP leader Lim Kit Siang and PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim must publicly say that they only recognise the original 13 MPs from Bersatu Pribumi, i.e. the MPs who started the movement to kick BN out on May 9.

The politicians from Umno should have no standing in Pakatan Harapan. There should be no extra bargaining power for BersatPribumi even with their inclusion.

If Anwar becomes prime minister, BersatPribumi will be allocated ministerial posts based on its original number, i.e. 13. The Umno MPs will only matter in Parliament - to support Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

4Malaysia: Mahathir’s BersatPribumi party is the disease in Harapan. It is the only racist party and even wants to undermine Harapan’s component party, Warisan, by recruiting Sabah Umno frogs.

BersatPribumi is Umno 3.0 and Mahathir is not much different than when he was PM previously. He is leading Harapan and the country into a downward spiral.


  1. The urban liberals need to understand that there is no Pakatan Harapan Federal government without Pribumi.

    That is the fact of national politics, though they are not significant in absolute number of MPs.
    The Anti-ICERD rally last weekend shows the conservative Malay voting base cannot be ignored, though Pakatan needs to do more to persuade them on the need for inclusive change.

    PKR and DAP need to give check and balance whenever the Old Man strays from the path of Reform.

    Of course, Ah Moc is going to accuse anyone who states this truth as Dedak eater....the Australian don't know nuts about the reality in Malaysia.

  2. chabor, I think you are fogged for seeing it as a desease, now if these frogs were to jump into the religious pond of which the jawa man is hoping that would be a more fatal desease, the doctor is prescribing a remedy and don't worry, garbage can be recycled wakakakakiki

    1. Many, bcoz of their blind hates &/or blurriness, won't understand the clever use of political rivalries, especially frogs, to do the bettings to win the ultimate war.

      The Sun Pin's lost chapter on art of war (not Sun Tzi) that was only discovered in 1972 when an ancient Han dynasty tomb was excavated, mentioned how to manipulate the frogs' eagerness in surviving & preserving power & wealth.

      I see many similarities in mamak's latest political chutzpahs in handling these umno sunken ship rats!

      Either he has someone advising him (most likely) or he is indeed a born political strategist par excellent!

      Going by the rate he works his chess pieces, he would have created a clean path for new m'sia after two yrs!

      The unfortunate chain of event is that possibility for that big-headed manmanlai steering the Malayana maru to a foreseeable doom!

    2. mahathir ball licker, dun insult sun pin.

    3. Wakakakaka…

      How could a rabid dog be able to distinguish 孙武 & 孙膑 le?

      By licking the butts of ???

      Another one of those un-Chinese displaying his 'Chineseness'.