Thursday, December 20, 2018

Pending Mahathir-ist disaster for Pakatan

MM Online - Pakatan government is failing, DAP MP (Ramkarpal Singh) warns (extracts):

3 years ago I warned you guppies that:

“The question of working with Dr Mahathir is an unimaginable disaster waiting to happen."

See MM Online which reported that:

Working alongside Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to remove Datuk Seri Najib Razak as prime minister will backfire on Pakatan Rakyat (PR), a DAP lawmaker warned today.

Bukit Gelugor MP Ramkarpal Singh Deo stressed that Dr Mahathir’s desire to oust Najib was not fuelled by a need for a clean, transparent government, but only to “save Umno”.

And two years ago my sister Sangeet urged DAP to check allies' (Pribumi's) principles, saying:

“I want to clarify at this stage that it was interesting to see Tun Mahathir in support of Maria’s [Chin previously of BERSIH] release when it was him that was instrumental in the cruel enforcement of the ISA.”

The Malay nationalist party has lost 17 federal lawmakers since the general election and some, such as former minister Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed and former Puteri Umno chief Datuk Mas Ermieyati Samsudin, have since found their way into PH component PPBM.

The issue has split the ruling coalition in two, with DAP and PKR resistant to the idea, PPBM open to accepting the former Umno leaders, and Amanah saying it would consider this.

Karn-neen-nare, hamisu lah, wahlang kaliao kar-tee-lang mah, siang kongsi ay

Ramkarpal stressed today that taking in the Umno representatives would be to betray the will of voters from the general election, asserting that he was recently asked by a constituent why the coalition was even thinking of taking in the defectors.

“He was absolutely right. Why? Because we are no different from Umno if we can consider accepting the very people we voted out, all of whom so far are from Umno, into PH.

“It is like saying to the Rakyat, ‘Thank you for your vote but to hell with you. I have my own plans,’” he said

Ramkarpal said the absorption of nearly 40 UMNO MPs by PRIBUMI is a pending disaster for Pakatan Harapan, and that Pakatan leaders (minus you know who) should focus on the soon-to-be political calamity.

And as warned by Ramkarpal and Sangeet, worthy children of our beloved iconic Bhai, the late Karpal Singh, the culprit for this treacherous pending disaster is none other than Mahathir, the Malay supremacist.

Malaysiakini columnist P Gunasegaram wrote:

Mahathir will not give up his aims of Malay supremacy without a fight. Mahathir is a Malay supremacist and therefore he will be a hindrance to honest reform.

... Mahathir is prepared to tolerate corruption and even kleptocracy so long as the Malays held power - NOT power sharing but supremacy of the Malays, Ketuanan Melayu.

(9) 3rd Vote - Mahathir's Mafulat-ish Monumental Mistake where he local council elections might produce “the wrong results”. What bloody "wrong result" did his racist mind conjure up?


  1. Here's more for you to wakakakakakaka about, KTemoc and others.

    Now, who's breaking up PH?
    2018-12-18 14:35

    Sin Chew Daily

    The mass exodus in Umno has spawned the conspiracy theory of an imminent ouster of PM Mahathir.

    I have tried to figure out why Umno has been divided into three different sects and why Mahathir's ouster to pave the way for Anwar Ibrahim to take over when the parliament sitting resumes next March has been implicated.

    A group of Umno leaders have been meeting over their court cases and possible dissolution of Umno. Those against Mahathir argue that the PM is not someone you can negotiate and they are therefore more inclined to support Anwar's early ascension to power because they believe Anwar will keep Umno and help them with their cases.

    As for those without court cases or are unhappy with Anwar, they are more likely to continue supporting Mahathir as PM because they don't trust Anwar.

    The meeting of these Umno leaders ended with no conclusion, and soon afterward we have all kinds of rumors.

    It has been reported that Umno president Ahmad Zahid is more towards supporting Anwar, and may have instructed Padang Rengas MP Mohamed Nazri to talk divisional leaders into supporting the PKR president. and to form a coalition government with PKR and DAP.

    The move has nevertheless backfired among the grassroots.

    Full article:-

  2. Aiyah why always negative spin?

    DAP ministers and MPs are speaking out LOUDLY against Toonsie. He simply can’t have his way. Can we now stop saying DAP leadership only play Sudoku and kwai2 keep quiet?

    This is truly democracy at work.

    We say DAP is the new MCA. Before GE14 did Liow Tiong Lai or Wee Ka Siong ever speak out against Najib about ANYTHING? Or Mah of Gerakan?

    Now in the New Malaysia we have a rollicking democracy. I’m Lovin’ It.....!

  3. Wakakakaka…

    Almost 24x7 mamak bashings & PH doomsayer!

    Well, u HAVE to earn yr keep lah.


    "Ramkarpal and Sangeet, worthy children of our beloved iconic Bhai, the late Karpal Singh"

    What happens to Gobind Singh Deo?

    Ain't he even more worthy to be the offspring of Bhai?

    At least he works to keep the portfolio under him running as promised with little controversies!

    Perhaps, there is truth to the saying that one only knows what one is facing when been given the task. Otherwise, all sideline grapevine farts r just farts to give syiok-sendiriism to one's ego!

  4. My Crystal Ball....wakakakaka....

    March 31st 2019...Najib Razak submits application to join Pribumi
    "I have always fought for the rights of Malays" he says..

    April 30th ... all charges against Najib are dropped.
    The government states that a thorough investigation has shown that 1MDB was purely the work of external parties such as Jho Low working to defraud the sovereign investement fund.
    Najib was an innocent victim, hence all charges are dropped.

    June 30th..DAP and PKR withdraw from Pakatan Harapan.
    Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng announce their retirement from politics.

    Anwar Ibrahim is arrested for Sodomy (again).


  5. Whenever I'm tired of politics in Malaysia, I turn to Ktemoc Konsiders for some politifun.

    I also just posted a roundup of recent political happenings on Politischeiss:-


    Meanwhile, the trio take potshots at Ramkarpal over his comments.

    Lunch besties Rafizi and Khairy lampoon Ramkarpal’s reprimand

    Published 26 minutes ago on 20 December 2018


    While all this politischeiss is going on amongst the political elites, the ringgit has weakened to RM4.18 to the US dollar.

    Whilst the US Dollar is going sideways on the US Dollar Currency Index (DXY)

    Brent Crude is at US$57.24 per barrel.

    The DJIA dropped by 351.98 points last night.

    And Bursa Malaysia dropped by 5.18 points so far today.

    And KTemoc can wakakakakakaka about this:-

    Whilst The Star seems to regard this to be of paramount newsworthiness.

    1. 'And Bursa Malaysia dropped by 5.18 points so far today.'

      The bull market is over, and investors should run for cover.~ Alan Greenspan

  6. Cameron Highlands by-elections coming up.
    Time for voters to make clear their disgust of the Pakatan Harapan government.