Tuesday, December 04, 2018

The Meanness of Lim Guan Eng

My SinChew.com - Small Hearts by Tay Lian Yan 

THERE'S SUFFICIENT SPACE to develop the higher education sector in this country, and the government's allocations are ample enough. Unfortunately our hearts are too small.

For so many years UTAR has been providing excellent further study opportunities for Chinese Malaysian students.

Although it is controlled by a political party, politics has never actually become a part of its curriculum.

So, why have some people grown so uneasy with it?

Can or not, Atuk?

Er ... check with Maszlee - he's doing a 'holistic' assessment, after he has dealth witn shoes, socks, swimming, elite school, etc

Will Chinese students have better prospects today if UTAR was not set up by MCA back during those years? Can we have more young talents if UTAR did not come into being?

Chong Eng - DAP exco Penang

Teresa Kok - DAP Minister of Primary Industries 

Will it get better if some other organizations were to run a school in the place of MCA?

UTAR has been run quite well all these years. Why has it suddenly become an issue now?

A better excuse should be provided if it is not political retaliation.

Now that DAP is a component of the ruling coalition, getting government allocation or running a public fund-raising campaign will not be a problem at all.

Neither will it be a problem to set up a Rocket University of some sort.

If it really wants to do something meaningful for the country, it should perhaps fix the problem of unequal education policies such as opening up MARA, fighting for a fairer student intake at public universities or scholarship based on merit, not a student's skin color.

concentrate on your Soduko - buat ta'tahu, ta'dengar, ta'jawab 

Malaysia is large enough, and there are plenty of bigger things our political parties can and should do. Don't sweat over petty stuff like this, or mess up a professionally run college.


  1. Guanee is not being mean; MCA is being greedy.

    He is re-allocating some of UTAR's allocation to other private non-profit universities (named below). That is being fair. Don't the students in these other universities deserve assistance too? What? Only UTAR students can enjoy?

    When UTAR's allocation was previously cut by the BN government UTAR still made profits and did not increase tuition fees. But now they threaten to.

    Does MCA have a birthright to be the only receipient of government funds? Share with others lah. It was this big-headed attitude that caused them to be outrightly rejected in GE14. Nothing has changed.

    Do they not know the 2019 Budget now is so tight due to the 1 trillion debt they (MCA) was partly responsible for? How about MCA return the money Najib passed to them from 1MDB? Then Guanee can allocate it to UTAR.

    Amid cuts for TAR UC, Lim announces RM6m for 3 private colleges
    Published: 3 Dec 2018, 10:11 pm |

    Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng has announced an allocation of RM6 million for three nonprofit private university colleges – namely the Southern University College in Skudai, the New Era University College in Kajang, and Han Chiang University College of Communication in Georgetown.

    In a statement today, Lim said each of these university colleges would receive RM2 million for use in its development budget for next year.

    “Despite a lack of support from the previous administration, people from all walks of life have been mobilised to make every effort to provide quality education at a low cost (at nonprofit educational institutions), and produced many graduates to be pillars of the nation over the past decades.

    “The Pakatan Harapan government is grateful to the Chinese community for its hard work in cultivating talents for the nation, and has therefore allocated RM12 million for Chinese independent schools, and RM15 million for national-type Chinese schools in the 2019 Budget for their development expenditure.

    “Now, we take the next step by providing allocations to nonprofit institutions of higher education, so that Southern, New Era, and Han Chiang university colleges can also benefit and reduce their burden," his statement read.

    Meanwhile, Lim also cautioned MCA against “crossing the red line” over its Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR UC) and using students as political pawns against the Harapan administration.

    He said that if MCA was to do this by raising tuition fees, the Finance Ministry and other “units” would jointly take action against the party.

    “TAR UC has enjoyed surpluses and can maintain its present fees and improve staff welfare. During the BN administration, its allocation was slashed by RM39 million, but it was still able to continue without raising its fees.

    “If they now want to raise fees by 15 percent because the Harapan government wants to reduce its allocation by RM24.5 million, that is exploitive to the students and is unacceptable,” he said.

    Lim reiterated that MCA should cut ties with TAR UC, and let the university’s alumni association take over its administration.

    This, he said, would allow the college to perform even better, and would also make it eligible to obtain at least RM30 million in government allocations.

    In previous parliamentary debates on Putrajaya's 2019 budget proposal, Lim said that the MCA-founded TAR UC would only receive a grant of RM5.5 million.

    This triggered protests by MCA leaders and accusations of a political vendetta, which then prompted party president Wee Ka Siong to moot a 15 percent hike in tuition fees.

    MCA had also dismissed the suggestion of allowing TAR UC's alumni association to take over the administration of the college.

    1. MCA is hanging for dear life to its last remaining piece of political capital.
      MCA will NOT give it up, else it might as well close shop.

      Unstoppable Force meets Immovable Object.

    2. fair kok, can only fight a drowning dog, try ask tis cbmf to talk to mahathir to open up mara for all.

  2. mahathir pick a stupid idiot fm that only have 3 thing in mind, 1mdb, najib n mca. ini macam punya cb quality pun boleh jadi minister, dap memang tak bolih pakai, vote them out next.

    1. Wakakakakaka……

      Can u do ANYTHING better, besides ranting foamingly in the mouth like a rabid dog?

      Oooop… better still join MCA & contest against lge lah in ge15.

      U MIGHT create a hy-fart, same as 韩流, to f*ck yr nemesis kau2 le.

    2. HY, I think I am beginning to like this Guan Eng, a former Monfort boy. He is now arresting more Chinese connected to 1MDB.

      (The warrants of arrest were related to the criminal charges against Low, his aide Tan Kim Loong, former 1MDB general counsel Loo Ai Swan, former 1MDB executive director Tang Keng Chee and ex-1MDB official Geh Choh Heng.)

      Vincent Tan should initiate crowfunding for TAR UC. I am sure many Tarcians are wealthy corporates now and they should be willing to contribute.

      BTW, when I was young, I like Lew Sip Hon. He was a very good man. I think some of their children are Tarcians.

    3. i am from pkr, i cant work with dog, be it drowning dog or mahathir dog. n i am happy to be a commentator n reader especially in kt blog, u know its pretty fun to watch how a dog here chasing his own tail non stop go around in circle.

    4. in the kingdom of blind men the one-eyed man is king, cblim lack gentleman-like manner, just a very little man.

      tarc/utar can survive, no issue even without govt n tat cbmf party support, we r pretty persevere n persistent on education issue, so no worry.

      among that generation i am fine with lee kim sai.

    5. Wakakakaka…

      Definitely 牛头不对马嘴, after farting irrationally now u change course!

      Yr consisyently inconsistencies, RIGHT?

      Lee Kim sai, haha haha - a cinapek w/o brain. But how could one blame him when all he got was to show that thuggish mindset. Otherwise, he was a nobody in that turncoat setup.

      Ooooop… Sri kembangan er! Hope he can sleep tightly!

    6. i said "i am fine", go chk the dictionary if u can't catch the meaning, but i know u have the habit to make use of a thesaurus to flood tis blog with all the big n verbose word which render most of yr writes share the same style...so many word but said so little wakaka

    7. Wa lau-eh, now u have x-ray vision that can see through thousand km of distance!

      Let the readers decide lah who is NATO.

      When have u turned judge & prosecutor? When u lose an argument, right?

  3. I think LGE has bad blood with Gerakan and by extension, MCA, so there is a bit of tunnel vision in dealing with this issue. University students shouldn't be penalised by feuding politicians.

  4. You voted him so bear the consequences. Wait till Someone becomes PM. He will revamp the whole electoral process to make sure you can never vote him out anymore....just like LKY did to electoral process in Singapore. The most obvious methods is Iranization of election in malaysia i.e all aspiring MP must get certificate of eligibility from a Guardians' Council oops I mean GIACC...(filled with A's cronies)

    Even DAP an kiss goodbye to future elections in GE15 once that system is entrenched by him

  5. Talking about being mean.....SGP want sovereignty over that lighthouse so MYS bagi jalan. Now MYS want our airspace back SGP must bagi jalan. Plus no more one-sided agreement for cheap water.

  6. U guys CAN'T &/or refused to read the current mindsets of the Chinese M'sians about this cut in TarUC funding.

    The blur-sotongs just want to me-layu their carefree ways. The zombies only want to go the Pak unta's moribund cliff falling stampage. The ketuanan freaks r still in reminiscent about the good old days of everything goes.

    The bananas don't care bcoz of their presumed superiority. A small section of the backbone-less cinapeks r crying father mother like chicken little. Meanwhile, most of the cinabengs, though not pleased by this cut, r JUST protesting quietly.

    Nothing of the sort that the provocateurs r expecting that the Chinese M'sian community will fulminates vigorously throughout the country. In fact, the mood is of 'tidak apa'! On top of that there r increasing calls for MCA to divorce itself from TarUC administration completely. There r many Tarcians amongst this group.

    It is easy to fart like tly who has seemed to lost the touch of the Chinese M'sian's 地气. Perhaps, behind all this he want to do some scorings with lge's past feuds!

    1. your lingo is astounding - try and cut out the racist rant, wakakaka

    2. I no wordsmith lah!

      And I call a spade spade - not 3 not 4.


    3. go read all the chinese paper, blog, n even radio talkshow under govt, see how many agree with cblim except some dap fanboy. tly n hy is not alone. the only problem we r facing now is we have a racist opposition, n a stupid mca lead by a clown.

    4. U must have been reading yr fanboy club circulars lah!

      Cinabengs not please, YES!

      Crying father mother like u, definitely NO!

      Most of the cinabengs have been living with this sort of farts through & through. W/O govt funding, so what? We r been trained through bath of fire. Not under that entitlement mentality u so craving for, despite of that reality!

      U want equal treatment from the ketuanan freaks? Wait till yr Dökkálfar Dwarf becomes the PM lah - hopefully u still can fart allover about him been the new m'sian.


    5. http://www.orientaldaily.com.my/s/270136





      idiot,can read chinese kah?

    6. Pick & choose… er!

      Didn't I tell u NOT to quote yr fanclub circulars?

      WHY don't u quote those from the exTarcians' comments, the associations (business & clan) takes etc etc?

      There r plenty of them too.

      idiot,can read chinese(simplified) kah?

    7. those i pick is well known oped n writers that sound equally critical toward mca in the last 10 to 20 years, read their archives, not any cat dog party with interest like the 3 college n ex tarcian. if there r plenty, show me.

      u can read chinese but lack intellectual honesty, not wrong to call u an idiot.

    8. Lacking intellectual honesty??

      More like going for the jugular - not talking 3, twisting 4 like u lah.

      How about f*cks, like u & those whom u have picked, r unable to understand the feels of the cinabeng ground (华裔地气)!

      That's the REAL f*ck with people like u. 高高在上, 自鸣清高。实为东方大儒之脑痴类!

  7. Show all the audited surplus of UTAR and Kolej UTAR for the past 10 years, then the public will know who is playing politics and who is barking nonsense.

    If UTAR can turn down a donation of RM 30 million which was meant for student's accomodation benefits, does it not show they are rich enough to not even need any grants? Why until today, MCA cannot explain this question?

    Why are Hua Zong and Dong Zong all still infested with MCA politicians and appointees?

    MCA is as corrupted and arrogant as big brother UMNO while in BN with all powers and wealth controlled and managed among the warlords, elites and corporates. That also includes all the other parties within BN.

    The majority of Malaysians are just fools and sheepies whosoever trusted BN year in and year out for the past decades.

    The arrogance of BN leaders reaches it's peak when now after losing power, their character and even dignity changed and started threatening everybody with their own created nightmares and fear mongering among Malaysians.

    Malaysians must be Nuts and brainless idiots zombies if ever to even thrust or gave them a second chance.

    They are nothing more than Leeches and a type of fish called Ikan Haruan.

  8. DAP low brow HARA KIRI A La Carte Lim Guan Eng and Lim Kit Siang