Friday, December 28, 2018

Lim Guan Eng meludah ke langit

FMT - Najib edits Guan Eng’s statement on toll rates to show ‘U-turn’:

Lim Guan Eng’s statement, edited by Najib Razak to show the DAP leader’s about-turn on compensating toll companies

PETALING JAYA: Former prime minister Najib Razak today tweaked a four-year-old statement by Lim Guan Eng hitting out at the previous government’s decision to compensate highway concessionaires for freezing toll hikes.

This comes after Lim, the finance minister, announced that Putrajaya would pay some RM1 billion to concessionaires to compensate them for the government’s refusal to allow increase in toll rates involving 21 highways nationwide.

Najib said he had never allowed a hike in toll rates throughout his nine-year administration, and this had forced the government then to compensate highway operators annually.

“And every year that the BN government pay the compensation, DAP accused me of wanting to enrich the wealthy crony toll concessionaires,” Najib wrote in a Facebook posting, accompanied by a screenshot of Lim’s statement in February 2014 showing several passages edited to reflect the latest round of compensation announced by the Pakatan Harapan government.

“Today, PH is proud with their decision to pay RM1 billion compensation to maintain toll rates next year.

“Interestingly, the finance minister is from DAP, the same party that has made it an annual affair to bash me,” said Najib.

Yesterday, Lim announced that close to a billion ringgit would be spent to freeze toll hikes in 21 highways nationwide, including to allow motorcyclists free access to the two Penang bridges and the Second Link in Johor.

“The comprehensive toll hike freeze is an ongoing effort by the Pakatan Harapan-led federal government to alleviate the burden of rising living costs borne by all Malaysians,” said Lim.

Najib today said most toll concessions were approved by “that former PM”.

“In fact, the BN government under me fully acquired PLUS in 2011 with Khazanah owning 51% and EPF 49%. Yes, EPF, to benefit contributors,” he said, referring to the Employees Provident Fund.

Najib said the only exception was in 2015 when toll rates for highways not under PLUS, the country’s largest highway concessionaire, were increased.

He said the increase was at a time the government faced a cash crunch due to the sharp fall in oil prices.


  1. No one is to blame but the previous Govt. which allowed such lucrative contract terms of business of increasing toll rates every year.

    Just Nationalise the toll roads.

  2. The world has really turned topsy turvy in 2018.

    For the past umpteen years, around Xmas/New Years, our PM has vacationed overseas, ON TAXPAYER'S MONEY, often somewhere in Europe or USA. Who could forget the round of golf with President Obama a few years ago in Hawaii during the Xmas holidays, and the taxpayer-funded "Malaysian Air Force One" plane travestying all over the world, tracked by online radar enthusiasts. The shopping in Dubai, Italy, France etc, also on taxpayer's expense.

    But this year he has to stay at home, and content himself with trolling 4-year old internet postings by Guanee. So much free time, blog, shake legs while waiting for his many court cases to come up. He is doing a good job, like community service, while waiting for more severe sentences to come his way. Keep it up.....please.

    I'm Lovin' It....and so is Guanee.

    BTW, we all know PLUS highway tolls funded UMNO assets like PWTC, and Toonsie wants them all back.

    P/S....Toonsie is not even taking a holiday, local or foreign .....Bersatu AGM tomorrow.

    1. yes, I see your point, when then PM Mahathir had a PAID Jewish lobbyist arranged for his photo-ops with George Bush Jnr

  3. A living example of :
    "For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again". ~ Mathews 7:2

  4. Najib paid propagandist hard at work.

    1. that's the low class BS a Mahathir-ed dedak makan-er like Monsterball is capable of saying in the face of unpleasant facts about Pakatan and LGE

  5. Every year the leader gives gullible guppy taxpayers a few ringgit "toll assistance" each and that justifies taking overseas holidays & shopping on government jet on the same gullible guppy taxpayers expense.

    Just read the many corruption charges against them. No need to say more.

  6. Reading his own comment:

    "Najib said the only exception was in 2015 when toll rates for highways not under PLUS, the country’s largest highway concessionaire, were increased.

    He said the increase was at a time the government faced a cash crunch due to the sharp fall in oil prices."

    So, any smart readers CAN see who's doing "meludah or langit, tapi jatuh kena muka sendiri"!

    This jibby sycophant SHOULD rethink about his previous piece of "
    To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven"

    Or more appropriately WHY he compares the extravaganza of jibby during the 'good time' of bolihland with the same approach to lessen the financial burdens of the citizen during the current difficult economic environment, not less caused by the kleptomaniac jibby!

  7. we all have our idol, it so happened that chabo's is najib, heck even hadi has idolising fans who prefer to domicile in a kafir country instead of kelantan where they would be treated as royalty I'm sure

    chabo delights in mocking others when his idol is doing likewise

    just like the water concessionaires that they have successfully renego I am sure the same would be done with the highway concessionaires eventually

    1. are you the nephew of Raja Bomoh,. wakakaka

    2. perish the thought, my nuts are not that scary

  8. The previous FM subsidises toll by RM450 million then takes government jet on private holidays with his family, and uses taxpayer’s money to buy pink diamond, Birkins and other luxuries.

    The current FM subsidises toll by RM1 billion and takes his family on holiday flying Air Asia on economy class, out of his own pocket.

    You decide which FM is better.

    Pada pandangan saya the previous FM yang meludah ke langit. He just highlighted his own malfeasance.

    1. I still remember Ah Moc's nauseating post praising Jibby to high heavens for his "Pandai political skills."

      Those were the wonderful days, when Jibby's fountain of Shui was gushing freely , and Ah Moc looked likely to profit for many more lucrative years.
      At that time it looked like Jibby had successfully neutralized both Mahathir and Anwar.
      And 1MDB was just too complex for average Form 5 Malaysians to understand.

    2. the previous one is a thief, however in term of performance, i still not really clear what the current one did except he is not yet a thief.

    3. wakakaka, Monsterball is really desperate to dig up on a neutral issue

  9. Own malfeasance? Who approved the conversion of agricultural land into commercial/industrial use and get a bungalow at a huge discount?

    1. no swimming pool one la.

    2. Tapi rumah anak kat Beverly Hills ada kolam renang busat, lagi pandangan luas Central Park dari Penthouse kat NYC, lagi townhouse di tengah-tengah London, dekat tempat sopping Harrods, semua ini di-beli wang rakyat. Tapi rakyat mesti berterima kasih, dapat diskaun toll dari MO1. Rumah Guanee kat Pinhorn takde kolam ikan pun. Kesian.

  10. Sometimes you wonder what ahjibkor is still trying to achieve by being busy everyday Jaga tepi Kain PH governance.

    What is ahjibkor trying to achieve?

    Can't he see his time now is better spent preparing his upcoming trials to prove his innocence?

    Or is there another person doing all these politicking using his name?

    My guess is someone is speaking on his behalf just like the days when he was PM.

    Ahjibkor may be actually a cuckolded person in real life.

    1. Jibby will be dead soon. Must talk more cook. More worried what will happen to cheebye motherfucker kaytee

    2. told you before, I did NOT fCk your mother. Don't dream of calling me DAD, wakakaka

  11. HY.. enjoy this from FM;

  12. Who are the people pissing into the wind? Balik kena kaki sendiri.

    1. UMNO leaders. Just a year ago they were all condemning Toonsie. Now all lining up to apologize and seek forgiveness....

    2. Lim Kok Wing, former Najib's PR leader. Dulu bodek Toonsie, kemudian Najib, sekarang balik ke-Toonsie.

  13. Cina kena tipu
    Ingat zaman baru
    Heboh sini sana
    Akhirnya pun sama
    Mamak gelak ketawa
    Anwar habuk pun takde