Saturday, December 08, 2018

Unbecoming Sing-Malaysia spat

Singapore and Malaysia are in reality indivisible 'twins' insofar as defence for each of the neighbouring nations is concerned, let alone socio-cultuiral-economic ties. The word 'indivisible' means 'not divisible; not separable into parts; incapable of being divided'.

In short, each nation cannot effectively defend itself militarily against an invader or aggressor by ignoring the other, apart from the sheer stupidity of going it alone. The Five Powers Defence Treaty (FPDT) has shown and taught Malaysia and Singapore the need for combining and coordination their air defence, TOGETHER.

The politics between the two might be rotten but that's a reflection of historically antagonising personalities - okay, throw in a bit of racial and jealousy issues as well, including what the Chinese (Penang Hokkien) would call 'knere k'ang'.

'Knere' means 'jammed' whilst 'k'ang' means 'hole', thus the phrase 'knere k'ang' translates loosely into 'unresolved disagreeable matter'. or more figuratively 'unhappiness-dissatisfaction over unresolved disagreeable matter'.

Between Singapore and Malaysia, yes you bet, there are lots of 'knere k'ang' such as the price of raw water that Malaysia sells to Sing (in contrast to the price of treated water Sing sells back to Malaysia), the 'crooked bridge' (only a making of Mahathir himself), Pedra Branca, airspace and today, territorial waters (the last two most probably 'makings' of Mahathir again).

apart from National car No 3, Mahathir wants to build an island on Middle Rocks (see rocks behind Pedra Branca in above picture), whilst his government tells students to cough up on their PTPTN loans

There also used to be the KTM land but which we have since learned was already sold off by actually the Mahathir government in the 90's but was left unresolved to practical working levels until Najib's time, wakakaka.

Mahathir has always had a bad relationship with Singapore, but which we needn't burrow into at this stage other than to say Singapore herself hasn't been exactly an angel in her relationship with a by-far more placid Malaysia under the previous two PMs.

Leaving aside the decades-long unresolved price of water, crooked bridge, an already lost Pedra Branca and control of the adjoining airspace, the current spat, with Koon T'au Boe (4) being waved by Sing at Malaysia, I reckon both Sing and Malaysia have reached amazingly low levels of childishness between two fraternal neighbours - yes, the Malay versus Chinese attitude is there too in Malaysia's new assertiveness of her sovereign rights in its airspace and likewise with Sing in her territorial waters.

Our Wisma Putra hasn't been exactly brilliant by proposing that both nations keep clear of the 'disputed waters' until a resolution has been agreed upon.

Isn't that just a bloody pathetic proposal because 'disputed waters' is exactly the reason why a 'dispute' exists and which must be rapidly-expeditously and amicably resolved so that its 'usage & by whom' may be agreed upon.

But alas, Saifuddin Abdullah being the 'Mr Nice Guy' of Malaysian politics has played the wrong game with an aggressive and assertive Sing.

is fCking Sing gonna bombard Malaysia? 

Quite frankly, Sing in bringing out its RSS Independence and other vessels is behaving in a silly manner because the arena is such that those warships can easily be neutralised by Malaysia should such a dire need arise, but let's hope not.

But the diplomacy displayed thus far is pathetic on both sides, with a Malaysia at a loss for words whilst an aggressive assertive Sing thinks it can behave badly.

Egos must be dismantled and calmer men must talk amiably. 


  1. Next they are going to roll out videos of their F-15 Eagles and their Leopard II MBTs.
    A timely reminder of Malaysia's MIG 29s and SU33s that can't fly.

    Singapore having one of the highest per capita GDP in the world and it's fancy high-tech weapons have gone to the head of it's government and most Singaporeans as well.

    They forget that after all is said and done, Singapore is still a Little Red Dot.

  2. Many people were surprised when the two Germanys reunited decades ago. Some people predict the two Koreas and the two Chinas will re-unite within our lifetimes.

    Malaysia and Singapore, despite being born of the same womb, over time will remain separated and in all likelihood grow further and further apart.

    The reason? Not differences in politics but differences in race and religion.

    1. It only proves one long as you have the Islam religion in the mix, then there's no getting together. Even if Singapore has majority of Indians instead of the Chinese whom the Malays hated to death, Malaysia will NEVER get back with Singapore ever again. Unless...UNLESS, all the non Muslims in Singapore convert to Islam, but even then, these mualafs (II) must agree to be of lower ranking to the first ranking mualafs (I) of the Malay Muslims. Arab Muslims is at the very top...original msulims la, like their Prophet, wakakaka.

      Yusuf Ali 3.110 says "Ye are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah. If only the People of the Book had faith, it were best for them: among them are some who have faith, but most of them are perverted".

      Supremacy thrives in Muslim majority countries as they are indoctrinated that they are the best of people above all others.There are 57 Muslim majority countries on this planet, name me one that treats it's minority citizens right and accord them equal status.

      Heck, even if Singapore were to be populated with majority Malays BUT of the Shiite not Sunni persuasion of Islam, then it is also no go.

      One comment says it all : " The minorities have to be tolerant of their intolerance to survive."

  3. Malaysia can receive several punches but can temasek take a punch or two?

  4. "whilst his government tells students to cough up on their PTPTN loans" - Ah Moc Hentam PH GOVERNMENT, whichever way, as usual...

    Borrowed money must pay back lah...
    If you haven't found work yet OK to defer.
    If your pay is low, OK to pay back smaller instalments ... even RM 100 per month is a repayment .

    Many of those who currently refuse to pay , though they have jobs , I am sure are spending more than RM100 per month on non-essential expenses...some can even afford overseas holidays...

  5. (Singapore's Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing calls for calm, saying the risk of escalation cannot be underestimated. )

    Anyway, if it escalates, just send the GGK Commandos from the elite 19 RAMD (Mek). Sure Singapore cannot tahan and will talk peace one.

    1. RSF Commandos were trained by Israel's Sayeret - man-for-man considered by military experts o be among the best of the best Special Forces in the world.
      Don't play-play.
      The history is , Muslim armed forces that ran into them usually had a very bad day.

    2. Malaysia GGK Commando - World's Deadliest Elite Special Forces

    3. Wakakaka....I take that with a UGE pinch of salt.

      Decades of systemic corruption in the Malaysian military, political generals promoted for their obsequious stance to the Ruling Party, lack of meritocracy have left me extremely suspicious of what really lies beneath the surface of Malaysia's military.

      This is a military that sweeps all its flaws under the carpet in the name of secrecy, and will not survive contact with a highly competent professional opponent.

    4. Wakakakakaka…

      What a joke of the bolihland!

  6. I recommend that Singapore expels all the Chinese Malaysians working there, who went back to vote Pakatan in GE14, since their votes caused the rift. And I am sure the pro-PH vote is 100% (not 94% as in Malaysia). So yes , expel all of them back to Malaysia.

    1. Cross the Causeway from Singapore to Johor at peak hours in the evening - 70% of those Malaysians going back to Johor after the end of the Singapore workday are Melayu.

    2. There are many Singaporeans who stay/live in JB but work in Singapore.

    3. Brain dead!

      The RedDot needs these Chinese M'sians to be their administrative workhorses, while the melayu can be the green of the blue class to sustain the labour class!

      The Singgies r not born yesterday, like u!

  7. I recommend SGP freeze all UMNO politicians and their crony’s bank accounts.

    1. including former-ex UMNO members, wakakaka

  8. Singapore does not need Chinese Malaysians. They can import plenty of hardworking buddhist Chinese Myanmar citizens to take over the jobs left by the traitorous 100% Chinese Malaysian who voted Pakatan in GE14

    Perhaps you are also not aware that SG is already importing MANY young Taiwanese and Korean workers into her workforce....(as these economies are struggling for find jobs for their youths)

    YES expel all the Chinese Malaysians but retain the Malay Malaysians in SG workforce.....teach those Chinese nincompoops to look at the bigger picture before casting their votes for an election which unfortunately drove away China and SG investors BECAUSE OF LGE (ANTI-CHINA) AND MAHATHIR (ANTI-SINGAPORE) rantings..

    And China is not coming back until the overthrow of Pakatan. Note: even BN as next govt GE15 may not attrat Chinese investments since all those leap-froggish MPs will be anti-China anyway without Najib.

    So the next hope for return of Chinese investments back to Malaysia is.....PAS!! hahaha.. (Many Malaysians don't realise that PAS is PRO-CHINA..)

    Reap what you sow Chinese Malaysians/DAP!!

  9. PAS is PRO-CHINA...Wakakaka.... yup we heard about Hadi's Chinese daughter-in-law....wakakaka again...