Sunday, December 16, 2018

Racist Mahathir must step down or be forced to

TMI - Dr Mahathir must step down to save Reformasi by Kim Quek:

he's still the UMNO-PERKASA man 

It should be plain by now that we are on the threshold of seeing the reincarnation of Umno through Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his party Bersatu Pribumi.

Soon, the scores of Umno members of Parliament would dwindle to a handful, with almost all the defecting MPs migrating to boost up the small number of 
Bersatu Pribumi MPs, making the latter party one of the largest, if not the largest component party of the ruling Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition.

What’s wrong with stuffing up 
Bersatu Pribumi with ex-Umno MPs that would increase PH’s total numbers?

There is nothing seriously wrong with that actually, if Umno had not almost ruined the country with astronomical corruption, corroded the entire government administration, and fractured the country with unbridled racism and religious extremism.

And if the country is not led by a dubious reformist leader, Dr Mahathir who has shown unmistakable signs that he is reverting to his previous mode of autocratic rule in the Umno era, during which he destroyed democratic institutions, enhanced racism and brought rampant corruption and cronyism, which system of governance later served as the foundation for former prime minister Najib Razak to launch his world renowned massive kleptocratic frolics.

he persecuted those he didn't like or had disagreed with him 

Dr Mahathir is no reformist

That Dr Mahathir is no reformist is evidenced from his almost cart blanc refusal to abolish the myriad of repressive legislations and dismantle racist institutions like the brain-washing set up of BTN as pledged before the last election.

His reluctance to bring institutional reforms is also seen in his persistent refusal to disclose the reports of the Committee for Institutional Reforms as well as the Council of Eminent Persons respectively. It is obvious that the revelation of those reports would have embarrassed him for his lack of action in the direction recommended in such reports.

That he has not abandoned his racist convictions is seen in the lack of efforts to reform the heavily prejudiced mindset of the Malay masses on race and religion, who have been indoctrinated by Umno’s false propaganda for decades.

A government led by a truly reformist leader would have placed such re-education of the masses as one of its top priority, to be followed by gradual and orderly dismantling of pervasive racial discrimination in education and public service which are now mired in mediocrity as a result of such racist policy.

Dr Mahathir’s racist mindset is also evidenced from his outright rejection of the restoration of local council elections as well as the ratification of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discriminations without any reservation, which is against PH’s earlier promise to the electorate and Mahathir’s own pledge in the UN Assembly.

he fCk-ed up the Judiciary of the nationj kaukau 

An Umno die-hard

In retrospect, one would have observed that Dr Mahathir has never admitted that the racist and corrupt rule of Umno is wrong. His only complaint is that Najib’s atrocious corruption has devastated Umno and threatened to destroy the country in due course.

In fact, he had time and again said prior to the election that once Najjib is replaced, everything would be fine and dandy again.

Naturally, when he has achieved exactly that by ousting Najib, his next step would be to revive Umno. And that, to him, would kill two birds with one stone. In addition to allowing him to rule like the good old days of Umno, he could refuse to hand over the rein to Anwar Ibrahim as pledged.

In fact, he has never intended to honour the PH consensus of passing the post to Anwar. This is evident from his lack of acknowledgment of his status as an interim prime minister to fill the gap before Anwar could legally qualify as one, as well as his oft repeated wishy-washy and flip-flopping utterings on the length of his tenure varying from 1 to 2 years to 2 to 3 years to “as long as the people want me to serve”, and always ending with the proviso that “if the people accept Anwar as PM”.

Obsession for power, aversion to Anwar as PM

His obsession to hang on to power and his aversion to an Anwar prime minister-ship perhaps explain the continuous scheming to bolster the dwarf size of his party’s presence in Parliament with the large pool of Umno MPs.

no one could be safe from Maddy 

And such unprincipled plot to amass power stands in contrast to Anwar’s unflinching refusal to accept defecting MPs from Umno out of his fidelity to the Reformasi cause, for which he had willingly endured unparalleled sufferings and persecution for the past two decades.

We are at the cusp of the first turning point for the country in history. And the decision we make today with regards to Dr Mahathir’s imminent embrace of Umno’s defecting flock will determine the nation’s fate for perhaps generations to come.

A bold and correct decision would mean this fledgling reformist coalition would continue to sail on its Reformasi course to bring brighter days for all.

On the other hand, a wrong or weak decision may mean prolong agony with the prospect of plunging the country back to the wretched days of yore characterised by repression, racism and corruption.

Knowing Dr Mahathir’s character, negotiation with him with regards to Umno’s defectors wouldn’t do.

eff you guppies 

Stepping down the clean solution

The only clean solution would be for Dr Mahathir to pass the baton over to Anwar now.

And that would not only save the day for PH and the nation’s reform aspirations but will also earn Dr Mahathir a permanent place in history as the leader who led the successful overthrow of the decadent Umno regime and ushering in the New Malaysia.

Component parties of the coalition – PKR, DAP and Amanah – have been observed to be hitherto rather submissive to Dr Mahathir’s autocratic style of rule. However, this is a unique moment in history that calls for extraordinary action.

Will the leaders of PKR, DAP and Amanah rise to the occasion and boldly act to set the nation on the right course, or will they timidly avoid the hard decision, causing the country to drift downwards irresolutely?

Papa ah, aan chnua choe? 

The nation awaits the answer with bated breath. – December 15, 2018.


  1. I will support cheebye motherfucker kaytee to perform nude protest in malaysia in forcing madhater to resign

    But i realise cheebye kaytee boh hut to do so

    1. I did NOT fCk your mum so please stop accusing me of being your motherfucker - sorry, I am not your father

  2. Sebab Cina bodoh, Mamak pandai.

    Kali pertama:

    Tak cukup.

    Ini tahun lagi satu kali kena. Cina punya belakang gatal sangat.

  3. Up to a few short months ago, anyone who demanded for Najib to step down would face extraordinary threats and pressures, even physical danger.

    A sweety former Miss Malaysia Soo Wincci went almost bankrupt when all her client companies were pressured to withdraw their business, after she criticised Najib. She was threatened with rape on Social Media.
    She fled to Taiwan, and it was only safe to return after May 9.

    Kim Quek himself was subjected to banning of his book and extensive police interrogation by the BN Najib Administration.

    The fact that Kim Quek can today openly call for Mahathir to step down, with Zero retribution and Zero consequences, is proof enough this is a VERY different administration.

    A majority of Malaysians gave an Oppresive Racist Alliance BN repeated chances to govern for 61 years.
    They should give this clearly different Administration a chance to govern.

    It may take a little while longer for substantive changes. The best route to a destination is not always a straight line.

    1. The unfortunate fact IS almost everyone is judging the mamak's political manoeuvres based on his past records!

      When the rabbit is out, ALL these doomsayers would either keep quiet of change tune!

      They r NEVER schooled to think out of the box & analyse how a 93yrs old plots his last legacy!

  4. Toonsie must step down, and Zahid Hamidi too.

    LKS having the time of his life, cucuk UMNO He has waited for this moment all his life. Now with no ministerial or real party role he whiles his time goyang kaki, poking fun at UMNO/BN.

    Have all Umno members lost their moral compass? Kit Siang asks

    Published on 16 December 2018

    KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 16 — DAP adviser today expressed bafflement at the uproar within Umno’s central leadership over internal calls for its president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to step down while keeping his predecessor Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

    The veteran lawmaker questioned if Umno’s three million members have lost their “moral compass” by seeking to oust Ahmad Zahid and not including Najib as well — the latter whom Lim had repeatedly singled out as responsible for the country’s biggest and most shameful financial scandals as the immediate past prime minister.

    “Umno claims to have more than three million members. Have they all lost the moral compass as well?” he asked in a statement.

    The Iskandar Puteri MP listed the institutions that suffered losses during the former Najib administration as: 1Malaysia Development Berhad, Felda, Felcra, Tabung Haji, and Mara.

    Lim also took a swipe at Ahmad Zahid, noting the latter’s refusal to step down by claiming he could only be removed constitutionally if two-thirds of the party voted against him at the Umno general assembly.

    “Umno President Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi has defied increasing pressure from inside Umno as well as pro-Umno NGOs to step down, declaring that the only way to remove him as Umno president is through the party's general assembly by over 146,000 delegates to fulfil the requisite two-thirds quorum.

    “This raises the question whether Umno will have to build a mega-stadium with the capacity to accommodate at least 146,000 Umno delegates before Zahid could be removed as Umno President,” he mocked.

    There have been calls for Zahid to step down, particularly from the party's youth wing and former youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin.

    Lim noted that under Ahmad Zahid’s leadership, Umno is facing possibly its worst period in history with only 38 MPs left after an exodus of 16 MPs with the most recent being the Sabah exodus which saw five out of six MPs and nine out of 10 assemblymen abandoning ship.

    The seasoned MP recalled that at its height in 1964, the Malay based party commanded 56.7 per cent of federal constituencies in parliament with 59 out of 104 seats. With 38 seats, currently the party only has 17.1 per cent of MPs in Parliament.

    "If the former Umno Minister for Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism and Larut MP Hamzah Zainuddin is to be believed that 36 BN MPs including 33 from Umno had only a month ago signed letters of support for the Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, and that Zahid had been kept completely in the dark about it, then as many as another 20 Umno MPs may leave Umno.

    "This may result in Umno, which at one time claimed the divine right to rule the country, to be reduced to the regional status of PAS or even in having fewer MPs than PAS for the first time in Malaysian history — another ignominy for Umno after playing second fiddle to PAS in the Anti-ICERD rally in Kuala Lumpur on Dec. 8, 2018," Lim said.

  5. Gobind Singh says NO!

    "DAP deputy chairman: No working with Umno. Period"

    So like Pakatan Rakyat, is Pakatan Harapan about to fall apart?

    1. LKS says YES! But must atone for sins first.

    2. like what mahathir n gang did?

    If this thing is happening, I think PH is gone for good in the nex GE

  7. Chinese Malaysians: Reap what you sow. Accept the dire consequences. Start planning your children's emigration now....

    Najib was a true reformist but had to move cautiously. Chinese Malaysians chose to believe all the social media lies. Now economy tanking, ringgit dropping, China not investing, tourists not coming, palm oil sales down, FDI dropping, billions of dollars leaving Malaysian Bursa, and idiotic Minister can just plan black shoes, petrol kiosks in universities, cut guest workers salary by 20%, UCT hours cut, 1MDB clinics closed, TH risking bank run, Felda assets under avaricious LGE, war of words with Singapore to destroy business sentiments, Mahathir trying to sell Malaysian assets to his cronies, and many policy U-turns, yes just shoot mouth off when they feel like it.....

    Yes that the Chinese Malaysians' preferred Government.....

    1. hahahahaa...
      If najib is a reformist, then I am the god king emperor of Milky Ways.

  8. maddy will go when he is ready, chabor don't wet your pants just yet

    just look at this equation again and tell me if the 40 amphibians would scuttle the ascension of manmanlai

    bersatu 13+40
    pkr 47
    dap 42
    amanah 11

    1. maybe u need to cut pkr by 2, amanah by 3, n dap ...hmmmm...dun know, lge is happy with his fm position?

  9. "LKS says YES! But must atone for sins first."

    So what will Gobind Singh do if LKS overules him, quit DAP and join some other party but which one?

    Dunno if he's willing to join PSM or PRM.

    1. u really think there is principled man in dap except those that sound principled but in fact lost their position in internal fighting?

  10. But who will be left to be a viable alternative to PH in GE15, when MCA and MIC are practically finished, whilst UMNO will either still be weak or already de-registered?

    It looks like we are going to be stuck with PH for several general elections to come.

    1. if pas n umno continue with all tis racist rhetoric n deed, i am fine if ph continue.

    2. Vote PAS
      1. It is pro-China
      2. It is pro-business (except for liquour, sex, gambling, discos business etc)
      3. PAS had never attacked or disturb the Chinese community in Kelantan all these years; chinese businesses were left alone
      4. It has never forced any Chinese in Kelantan to convert
      5. It is respectful of the laws of the land
      6. It is a very discipline party and its members are generally very discipline and well-behaved

    3. One sees a real moron everyday!

      1) PAS pro-China? Not until the Uyghurs cut a separate state from Xinjiang!

      2) Pro business? Look at Kelantan lah. After so many yrs of pus administration, what business is there to shout about? Not even nasheed group can survive there!

      3) what the farts about Kelantan Chinese hair saloon must have gender segregation? Pictures of unscarved ethnic Chinese women on billboards are forced to cover up?

      4) u must be born after the case of Susie Teoh! Susie eloped to Kelantan with her Che'gu who married her at the age of 15. She of course converted to Islam.

      CBMFer, bearer in mind she was a minor er - so no force but charmed collusion, ye?

      5) respectful of the laws of the land as long as it uphold zombieic docyrine!

      Read the above-wuoted bloody article, zombie!

      6) discipline & well-behaved as long as people avoid their amokish Islamic fanaticism

      F*ck lah! Why an I bother to clarify with a f*cked-up cesspool stirrer.