Friday, December 21, 2018

Waytha as unifying minister

FMT - Stop the anti-Waytha bandwagon, says Ramasamy (extracts):

poor Waytha 

Calls for Waytha to resign grew louder after the death of fireman Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim, some two weeks after he was assaulted by a mob outside the Seafield Sri Maha Mariamman temple.

Waytha and several ministers had been criticised by leaders from both sides of the divide for accusing the police of inaction when the temple was attacked by another mob a day earlier.

[Dr] Ramasamy said Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad had already stated that he was happy with Waytha’s performance.

Dr Ramasamy - DCM II Penang 

“If Mahathir is satisfied with the work of Wathya Moorthy, then why is Kadir [Jasin] butting in to say that the latter is a burden to Mahathir?” asked Ramasamy.

Kadir Jasin 

“Why all these attacks against Wathya Moorthy? Is it because he is the head of Hindraf, or because he was appointed and could be easily removed or because he belongs a to a numerically small segment of the Malaysian society?”

Ramasamy said he was prepared to talk to Kadir on the issue.

“I might not agree with him on certain issues, but I still respect him for his experience and insights into the various aspects of our society.

Kadir Jasin or Pak Kadir as I respectfully address him, much as he dislikes Chinese as his Boss does, wakakaka, is known to be the media spokesperson for Pribumi Party, official or unofficially. His close relationship with Mahathir stems back aeons ago, even in early UMNO days.

Though Dr Ramasamy has correctly said Mahathir had already stated that he was happy with Waytha’s performance and it was his PM's prerogative to decide whether Waytha goes or not, there are two possible reasons for Pak Kadir to allude to Waytha being a burden to Mahathir.

One - Mahathir wants Pak Kadir to say so, to become the 'villain' in the unhappy divorce. Many bosses likes to work this way, avoiding the nasties whilst assigning the dirty work to one of the 'minders'.

Two - Pak Kadir wants to play protector for the Boss, roling himself as timely interference to safeguard the Boss' Malay-ness.

As I mentioned in my previous post "Calm" before the storm Waytha has unwittingly become the surrogate target for Malay anger that had been incinerated following fireman Adib's innocent death in a mob attack against the fireman at the Seafield Indian temple.

Poor Waytha, alas, has NOT been brilliant at all in this civil-social-religious catastrophe. His words have now been blamed for the ensuing riots.

As I had pointed out, the blame for the sad ruckus (not the murder per se) was started by recalcitrant members of one faction of the temple authorities who obdurately refused to move despite a 2014 court order, a provided subtituted piece of land for a new temple, and huge monetary compensation in the millions.

The unhappy faction caused the delay since 2014 through protracted litigation to seize control of the temple administration, and the legally recognised administrator of the Seafield Sri Maha Mariamman was unable to take possession of the temple to effect the re-location.

Indeed, the numerous protracted litigations by the unhappy faction was subsequently declared a vexatious litigant in matters concerning the temple.

So poor Waytha was caught between the rival temple factions, though as mentioned in previous post, many suspect he was more than a willing captive as his words and actions were, to say the least, confusing and perplexing.

There are a large number of unhappy Malays against him as Minister of National Unity, and as Khairy Jamaluddin sarcastically put it, Waytha should NOT be asked to go as he has become a wonderful asset to UMNO, where as Unity Minister he (Waytha) has 'united' Malays into demanding he leaves.

In the meantime, the police said they'll be releasing the full forensic investigation report into the fireman's death in a few days. That may buy for Waytha a few more days. I wonder whether he will last till then.


  1. Ramasamy himself is not safe.
    Just as ancient kingdoms like the Aztecs, a number of Indian race-based politicians in Pakatan need to be sacrificed to placate the ange of the Malays.

    Bye Bye...

  2. M. Kula Segaran s/o V. Murugeson should resign too.

  3. Master stroke in a series of master strokes by Tun Mamak.

    Indians thought they were finally getting their due, first step being AG post.

    All that was happening was that they were being used to feed Malay anger in a strategy to finally reconstitute UMNO as Pribumi with DAP sucking UMNO Lagi Baru cock - and they have to swallow. Priceless.

  4. Waytha, Ramasamy, Ganabatirau are seen as Indian nationalist politicos utucos and will have to be sacrificed to placate the Moloch.

    Kulasegaran maybe, but he has a strong base in DAP, and he may survive.

  5. South China Morning Post: Pakistan defends China’s crackdown on Muslims in Xinjiang.

    And Muslim fundamentalist Pakistan bows to China money , acting as apologist for China's crackdown on Muslim Uyghurs.

    Ketuanan Islam does have its limits.


    1. Indonesia slaughters its Chinese.

      Ketuanan Cina pun ada limit.

      Javanese look down on Malays as being soft. Tun is trying to change that.

      Next incident will be Cina victims and Tanah Besar Cina will protect you like they did in Indonesia wakakakaka!!!

  6. The 'truth' as proclaimed by Ah Moc is just that, a so-called truth. So what if there was a dispute to the court order in this temple matter. There were innumerable disputes to court orders before in other matters in the past and there will be disputes to court orders in the future too.

    What is left out here is the provocative and dangerous illegal act of hiring more than 100 ( some mentioned 250 ) Malay thugs who came swarming with weapons in the dead of night to the temple. Imagine if a huge group of Indians with parangs infiltrating a mosque and then later go on a rally rampage to demand some Malay ministers to be sacked for voicing out.

    "Waytha’s so-called failure was disputing the false police narrative at the time that the riots were caused by two groups of Indians. Since when is correcting falsehoods a threat to unity?" Comm Thayaparan

    "The question people should be asking is why are some political operatives calling for the resignation of Waytha. The answer, of course, is that scapegoating this Indian minister allows them to shift the focus away from the cause of the riots and score points with their far-right base. It re-establishes the narratives that disharmony was caused by the non-Malays and that the ruling regime, in this case, Harapan, is the cause of racial and religious disharmony in this country. This is what happens (they claim) when non-Malays have too much power in the federal government.

    So do people understand why questioning the narratives of the state security apparatus the way Waytha did is verboten to people who are calling for Waytha’s resignation and the probable heads of all these Indian minsters? We are talking about ideology. Facts do not matter when it comes to ideologies based on racial supremacy."

    "In this new Malaysia, if you advocate egalitarianism or anything that stifles the discriminatory system (even if you are left holding the bag), you are on your own”.

    1. Such an OPEN comment is NOT the the reading diet of the blurs, the freaks & the zombies!

      Their sole purpose now is as CLEAR as on this piece of mom shit:

      trying hard to stir.

    2. Precisely.
      The land dispute was just civil matter. There are hundreds such cases in Malaysia.

      What turned it into a monstrous incident was the action of person/person's who hired thugs to attack the temple.
      The match that lit the tinder.