Thursday, December 13, 2018

Dealing with a double talking PM

FMT - Ex-Puteri Umno chief applies to join PPBM (extracts):

disgusting betrayal of voters 

PETALING JAYA: Masjid Tanah MP Mas Ermieyati Samsudin today announced her decision to join PPBM after five months as an independent.

The former Puteri Umno chief said she made the decision after thinking long and hard about the matter.

“I always want the best for my voters, and I am always looking for more effective solutions to protect their interests.

“On this basis, after thinking deeply about it, I have decided to join PPBM,” she said in a statement

Ronnie Liu 

DAP stalwart Ronnie Liu reminded Mahathir that he (Mahathir) had assured Pakatan people, including Ronnie and Waytha Moorthy, he would NOT accept “frogs” from Umno.

So WTF is Maddy doing now? Exactly what he said he woudl NOT do.

Additionally, Ronnie said Mahathir had already “broken his promise twice” by taking Jeli MP Mustapa Mohamed and Bagan Serai MP Noor Azmi Ghazali into PPBM’s fold.

Bapak Capati 

Ronnie sarcastically jabbed at the old Mr Forgetful: “Well, sir, if they are such useless rubbish, I certainly hope you won’t be a rubbish collector and take them into PPBM.”

Wakakaka. Ronnie Liu certainly has more guts than the DAP sec-gen, YB Encik Lim Guan Eng, who has been described by MKINI columnist Commander (rtd) S Thayaparan as someone with obsequious behaviour when it comes to diktats from the corridors of power in Putrajaya, meaning PM Mahathir - wakakaka.

what do I say now, 'Tuk? 

But the disgraceful part is that Mas Ermieyati Samsudin has been voted by the people of Masjid Tanah as its UMNO representative (MP). By jumping across to Pribumi (now in power) she is a real bloody frog who takes her elected position as Wakil Rakyat (Masjid Tanah) to a party which was NOT chosen by the voters.

But far far worse than this disgusting opportunistic frog has been Mahathir who, in spite of his own pompous declarations NOT to accept frogs from UMNO, has now done so, and repetitively too - showing us his true colours, a person who cannot and must NOT be trusted.

Those of you who supported Mahathir should know by now the old dictator has not changed his sleazy slimy sickening double-talking Machivellian ways.

Timingly, the Star Online reported:

Ramkarpal Singh Deo regards Umno representatives switching allegiance to Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as a “dangerous development” because it goes completely against the will of Malaysians who convincingly voted out the Barisan Nasional government in GE14.

The Bukit Gelugor MP said that Pakatan Harapan would need more principled leaders to carry out its reform agenda

Inshaallah, Hallelujah, Om Shanti Shanti Shanti, Omitofu.


  1. It does not matter anymore. What matters is GE15. Remember, after 812, 50% of the 60% are unified. So, nak lompat ke, nak tukar kulit ke, it does not make any difference to the political situation today. Yes, Malays are not only lazy but are untrustworthy too, and the other 40% loves them.

    1. Both Mahathir and Anwar, coming from different directions are trying to neutralise or at least lessen the Malay-based opposition. Especially after last Saturday's rally, which was really not about ICERD but opposition to the Government.

      DAP grassroots will scream and rave, but I think Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng understand what is happening.

      The looming existential threat to the Nons population is a Pus government after GE 15.

    2. You are wrong. There is going to be a different GE15. The old British system will be abolished under A. as PM

      With his Islamic credentials, he will spin this:

      1. GIACC/CEP will now vet all aspiring Malaysians who want to stand for election as MP. A certificate of eligibility is now compulsory. This is to ensure "honest, clean, not corrupt candidates, blah, blahs etc....." for Malaysia Lebih Baru...

      2. With this system A will ensure only 'certain Malaysians' are allowed to stand for election, thereby denying Malaysians FREE choice...

      3. He will use his Parliamentary Majority to promulgate this new Malaysian Lebih Baru Election Law

      That is how the Ayatollahs in Iran retained an iron grip on Parliament since the overthrow of the Shah. Yes, by creating a Guardians' Council of Ayatollahs to issue certificate of eligibility...Many Iranians hate them but the law removes many capable Iranians from standing for election as MP. Iranian Parliament is filled with hardliners...

      So the objective is to deny Mahathir/A the numbers to Create this new Law NOW. Those leapfrogging turncoats are acting against Malaysian national interest when they give M?A the 2/3 majority needed to change to Malaysian Lebih Baru Election Laws requiring GIACC-approved permit to stand for election as MP. Yes those traitors...


  2. Wakakakaka……

    Indeed what matter is ge15.

    With the current going rate, how many umno rats will still remain on ship comes ge15?

    My guess is ≦10 on the dilapidated ship. These r the rejects of the reject that no even bersatu wants to sapu!

    Kalau macam tu, mana the 35-40% of the Malays votes that voted for Barisan Nasional (BN)?

    Like it or not, these were the bn urban diehards - with >20% from the urban crowd who were enticed to vote umno due to

    1) dedak
    2) cronyism
    3) affinity to ketuanan fart

    When mamak has done with his planned exodus of the umno frogs, it's a simple arithmetic that at least >15% of these vote bank (the >20%) would move to bersatu!

    In ge14, 30-33% rural melayu voted for PAS. & come ge15, maybe 30% will still be willing to vote for the chant of the 72 virgins. These r the east coast Quran darul zombies.

    But mana tu 50% of the 60% that are unified in the 812 demo?

    Wakakakakaka… <<(5+30)% will support umno + pas lah cone ge15.

    Such a ketuanan cum zombie dream! Banyak cantik le.

  3. And that Nazri guy is a turncoat...

  4. We are ever so ready to forgive kidnappers, child rapists and murderers. We say "Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone can be rehabilitated. Everyone deserves a second (or third) chance to mend their ways".

    After rehabilitation we must welcome them back into society.

    This young lady also made a mistake. She joined UMNO and became a youth leader. But we must not forgive her. Her "crime" (ie joining the wrong political party) is worse than kidnapping, raping babies and murder. We must not allow her to mend her ways. We must not welcome her into the right path, the path of Harapan. Condemn her, forever.

    1. 'Unforgiveness is like drinking poison yourself and waiting for the other person to die'. [Marianne Williamson]

    2. Forgiveness can only start to take place when the subject is no longer continuing to act or support the wrongful acts in the first place and expresses contrition.

      For Najib, continuing to support and defend the Kleptocracy, Tiada Maaf Bagi Mu.

    3. Wakakakaka…

      How apt!!

      Just like all those tongkat schemes of nep!

      The jihardist promises of the zombiecism!

  5. The Chinese Malaysians must realise that when they threw out BN/MCA the process is irreversible. Eletoral laws will be changed to ensure that Pakatan wins ALL future elections. This rubbish about "Vote Pakatan! If you don't like us vote us out 5 years LATER! " slogan is just one big lie. Yes Chinese Malaysians fell for it. Reap what you sow....

    Too bad. The Chinese in their stupidity being conned by pro-American DAP/PKR can regret but it is irreversible. As what happened in Ukraine when the pro-Russian Yanukovych was overthrown by CIA operatives and Poroshenko got installed. Now the Americans control UKraine via their puppets. Same as Malaysia. The Americans control Malaysia via their militant DAP/PKR puppets. Now the common (non-elite) Chinese Malaysians can suffer like the minority Russians in Ukraine.....

    The Chinese Malaysians will be given only 2 choices to make in GE15: the Devil and the Alpha Devil. Yes, Pakatan and PAS. I will choose PAS in GE15 to spite the 94% for destroying moderate pro-China BN.

    1. Wakakakaka……

      R u sure, u have Chinese blood in yr family?

      U sound so un-Chinese for yr dirt poor reading of the Chinese mind!

      All these farts r just confirming that u r the terbalik version of that Mohd Ridhuan Tee bin Abdullah coming from the tongkat race!