Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Nurul Izzah acts or merajuk?

Nurul Izzah has stunned everyone with her unexpected and most startling actions to withdraw from all government and party post, so as (according to her) to focus on her MP duties in her constituency of Permatang Pauh. It seems her parents, who have gone to the Philippines for a family holiday, are aware of her actions.

Yes, Nurul's decisions have set the Malaysian political world abuzzed with speculations, conjectures and wonderments, but perhaps we may yet claw something out of her silence.

The Star Online reported: Rafizi and Khairy get her gratitude, but not Azmin in which she expressed (as reported): ... her gratitude to Rafizi on Twitter, she added that supporting him for the deputy presidency back then was her best choice.

The rivalry between Rafizi and Azmin is an open secret and the two engaged in a war of words prior to the party polls.

It is also common knowledge among many that Rafizi is aligned to Nurul Izzah and her father Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Earlier, Rafizi described Nurul Izzah as a reformist and a fighter, and that a senior party post was just one of the ways to contribute to the nation.

“Her decision, although shocking, sends a message which should be emulated.
“I read it as a decision to retain the idealism of the struggle in the chaotic political scene

What is obvious or rather more obvious now (because it was already obvious in the past) is the growing schism between the Anwar-Rafizi-Nurul camp and the ever growing-more-powerful Azmin Ali camp, more so when Azmin is known to be allied to Mahathir.

above - Dökkálfar Dwarfs (Latheefa Koya not in photo)
below - Pandan Cats (Anwar famili not in photo)

Dwarfs are strongly backed by Maddy
Cats are damn scared of Maddy who may yet play Anwar out

Also in The Star Online report is the following:

Nurul Izzah also tweeted her thanks to Rembau MP Khairy Jamal­uddin after he praised her as an exemplary MP and a worthy opponent.

“Thank you, YB Khairy Jamal­uddin. You have been an inspiration from across the bench since 2008. Can’t imagine Malaysia without your towering political footprint.

“Rooting for you, albeit as a mere MP now – but rooting nonetheless,” she said.

Khairy said it would be a terrible waste if she did not return to frontline politics.

“I am sure once the country is finally ready for a generational change in politics, @n_izzah will be back,” he wrote.

Very sweet and encouraging. Coincidentally, Nathaniel Tan's wrote an article in Malaysiakini titled
The wars to come: Nurul Izzah, PKR and Bersatu (extracts as follows):

... permit me only a slight observation that might have some tiny bearing on the real focus of this article.

Two gentlemen, among so many others, wrote what was upon close reading two very similar tweets (content wise) concerning Nurul Izzah.

Her reply to Rais Hussin's tweet:

“Kindly refrain from ever commenting on my behalf.”

Her reply to Khairy Jamaluddin's tweet:

“Thank you, YB @Khairykj . You have been an inspiration from across the bench, since 2008. Can’t imagine Malaysia without your towering political footprint. Rooting for you, albeit as a mere MP now 😆 - but rooting nonetheless.”

The latter suggested something of a mutual admiration society, to which the joke “Get a room!” would be particularly inappropriate.

I am convinced that Nat's “Get a room!”, no doubt just as a joke, has been salacious, puerile and unbecoming. Let's hope we won't hear anymore of such grubby humour.

In recent times Nurul has tweeted her lamentations chiefly against two issues, namely:

(a) the crossover of UMNO frogs to an over-eager Pribumi which welcomes those frogs with more than open arms, and

(b) her dissatisfaction with the PKR party polls, where she stated: “How can one talk about integrity if you cannot muster a modicum of professionalism?

“In a period of competition, we may be under continuous pressure, but one must watch one’s decorum and lips in facing the opponent, including when a complaint is raised.”

T'was on the day Rafizi Ramli was attacked at the Keningau PKR polling station - aiyoyo, shades of MIC.

Today the MM Online reported that Nurul Izzah, Rafizi and KJ spotted in Bangsar... having tea, or ‘spilling tea’? wakakaka, whilst Saifuddin Nasution was also reported as saying (as reported by MM Online): Troubles in Pakatan, not PKR, drove Nurul Izzah to quit posts.

Doesn't that precisely point to Mahathir's Pribumi frantically recruiting frogs from a supposedly Pakatan-despised UMNO? So Mahathir, what are you up to, and where's your Reformasi?

And if we throw in Nazri Aziz's proposal for PKR, UMNO and DAP to work together to form the new government minus Mahathir and Pribumi in the light of the old dictator going his old lonesome way in resurrecting Mahathirism, I beleive there's ground for Nurul's actions and new associations.


  1. Of course I would be pleased if Datuk Abdul Hamid Bador can make Najib the PM again. But if I have to chose between Mahathir and Anwar, it will always be Mahathir. Love him or hate him, I hope he lives to lead HARAPAN for a full term.

  2. What's nazri's proposal:

    That in return for UMNO's support for manmanlai to become pm:

    1. not dissolve UMNO
    2. not harass Najib
    3. restore the UMNO ketua kampongs
    4. give UMNO MPs same allocations as Pakatan MPs.

    In exchange the UMNO MPs will support manmanlai as the next Prime Minister.

    Nazri says manmanlai has agreed to these terms!


    Juxtapose these conditions with manmanlai's continuous declaration to support mamak, what does one get?

    A cauldron of cesspool soup prepared by the bn provocateurs!

    Even if dap will to buy it, what does it mean to Gobind Singh Deo's cry of not ever working with umno?

    Gobind Singh Deo is nobody & what the lim family said goes?

    & have the lims said. Anything about working with umno?

    Nobody knows what going on in the mind of nurul. To many pure farts & guessing in the dark & using manipulations.

    WRT that lunch meeting, wakakaka… now no one, least politikuses, can have a time of their own together.

    Everything must goes according to YOUR scripts!

    Bloody moron having to much time to fart? Or should I say too little time to meet the dedak you!

  3. tis latheefa is really a bitch, perhaps thamby chik kok could shut her up. lets azmin be the pimp, n both could whack her together until she scream, n roaring one more hole still unfilled, can bang thamby call mahathir to join.

    1. ooh la la HY... wakakaka

      "You know can nobody get down like us
      We don't fuck 'till we get enough
      C'mon, turn it up 'till the speakers pop
      Break it down, show me what you got
      Ooh my my baby don't be shy
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      So baby come with me and be my ooh la la "

    2. britney spears not as cheap as tis azmins bitch la.

  4. At this stage, it looks like any remaining hope of reformasi under Mahathir as PM is futile, as Madey is clearly intent on consolidating Pribumi's power within Pakatan whilst with a handful of exceptions, DAP, PKR and Amanah MPs and cabinet ministers,look on, apparently helplessly.

    PKR is facing internal problems:-


    Internal problems within UMNO too.


    Meanwhile, beyond parliament, various storm forces are gathering, and we know not where or what they will lead to.





    Public order is also breaking down.


    1. The Race and Religion warriors are out in full force.
      Though I dislike PUS, they are not the primary instigators.

      At a short term tactical level, Mahathir is correct in seeing the priority is to Hancurkan UMNO.
      However, the long term danger is he is inviting the UMNO virus in.
      It is wrong to cite Anwar case as exUMNO. Anwar has resisted UMNO for 20 years now. The Current crop of jumpers were just 8 months ago swearing fealty to Jibby.
      They are jumping now just for selfish reasons.

  5. M-A-H-A-T-H-I-R

    Mahathir, Azmin, Hadi....not sure who after that...

    1. If Hadi were to be a future PM, ( after Azmin, wakakkaka ) that would only mean the country by then will be a full fledged Islamic state. Therefore the 'A' that came after Hadi is Abduh ( the infamous son of late TG Nik Aziz who got caught red-taped to reveal PAS dapat 90 million dedak, hehe). And the PMs that came after Nik Abduh would all come from PAS, that's a no brainer...hehehe.

      Ah Moc's choir boys here pun dapat jadi Ministers jugak in this Malaysianistan...hasan -minister of foreign affairs ( he will wine and dine with foreign ministers and his gift of the gab kelentong will come in useful to the turban government.....Kiet - minister of taxation, especially in charge of the jizyah tax imposed on dhimmi ( those pesky kafirs ) who refused to potong like him ( non muslims are not allowed to administer to rule over muslims according to the wisdom of Hadi, hehe )...holy moly Kiet will get such an orgasmic kick devising yellow stars to stick on the foreheads of the kafir cina whom he hated to death, hahahaha...best revenge ever. RPuKi will then be back 'home' in full honour as minister of information ( errr misinformation... with his fevered fertile imagination running more riotous than ever ). Ah Moc himself will be morphed into Damok Abdullah, fully potong-ed and be able to quote the holy scripture verse and chapter freely, better than Zakir Naik...he, being just only an Abdullah, can only aspire be deputy minister, which is good enough for him under the wing of the notorious sifu minister of misinformation, wakakaka. Finally Damok will be 7th heaven, reunited with his Sifu and both get to enjoy 72 virgins on earth and then 72 virgins up there...who says bad dudes can't eat their cake and have it too? WAKAKAKA