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Pribumi is Umno 2.0, Harapan is BN 2.0

Malaysiakini - Frog-jumping: An assault on the fundamentals of democracy 
by James Chai:

[JAMES CHAI works at a law firm. His voyage in life is made less lonely with a family of deep love, friends of good humour and teachers of selfless giving. This affirms his conviction in the common good of people: the better angels of our nature. E-mail him at]

Everyone knows what is going on. The large exodus of Umno members into Bersatu (soon) are driven by lust for power and a desire to avoid punishment for their sins.

These former Umno members made it clear: they wanted to join a party in government so they could better serve the people.

This is a direct confession that this exodus is for power and power only. Because the past regime was ridden with excesses of corruption and abuse of power, we wonder if this exodus was also to cleanse their past sins.

In both cases, they are directly in conflict with the fundamental democratic and ethical principles which we expect our politicians to uphold.

Power-cleansing sins

If the exodus was to cleanse their sins, this is an abuse of power because the government should have no power to decide who gets charged and who is freed.

The process of investigation and prosecution must be independent and impartial, and if the prime minister’s tap on the shoulder could make a difference, then it defeats the whole system.

eff those guppies 

If the exodus was for power, then the voters’ choice of government is immediately frustrated.

It doesn’t matter who the people voted for and who they rejected, because in the end, the faces of government and opposition are determined in the dark backroom by political elites.

This simple yet fundamental notion of democracy is brutally assaulted when there is a large exodus that changes the post-election outcome that voters expected.

For example, if 30 to 40 ex-Umno politicians join Bersatu Pribumi, the people’s votes will be rendered nugatory – an elusive exercise that has no material effect.

It is an insult to the democratic mandate, it is a breach of confidence and it is a betrayal of trust.

Abusing the democratic language

However, the worst thing is how proud certain leaders were in successfully orchestrating this exodus and how disgustingly they have thwarted the democratic language for their selfish gains.

Some leaders said that the exodus was necessary because there were “calls” for Bersatu Pribumi to spread its wings to Sabah.

Some leaders also said that this exodus was what the people wanted. Some leaders even said that this exodus would be beneficial to voters as they will soon migrate from opposition to the government.

By using the language of democracy, by claiming they are doing what the people wanted when it is clear as daylight that it is actually contrary, is to serve their own undemocratic and unethical practice.

Mahathir called the Umno guys ‘useless’ and ‘rubbish'” at a meeting just before the May 9 polls.

Mahathir had also assured the Pakatan people present, including Ronnie Liu and Waytha Moorthy, that he would not accept “frogs” from Umno.

Mahathir is now swallowing back the pompous boastful 'sputum' he had expectorated about Umno frogs

This explains why most people are disillusioned with politics today. You do something clearly undemocratic, but you call it democracy; you do something to defeat democracy, but you say it serves democracy. Smoke and mirrors surround us.

When most Malaysians voted for “change” on May 9, we are sensible enough not to expect instant glory. However, we did expect the bare minimum: that this time it would be different.

In the seven months since Harapan took power, Malaysia Baru has never been more than a concept; now it’s close to being reduced to sarcasm and mockery.

forked-tongue snake

The curse Harapan is under is called “Nothing has changed”.

Most things remain the same

For the ordinary Malaysian, most things had remained the same. In some cases, it became worse.

The general economic outlook remains pessimistic, the cost of living remains high, draconian laws remain intact, race relations remain volatile, manifesto promises remain unfulfilled and U-turns are rife.

The cabinet’s incompetence, indecisiveness, and timidity remain apparent. The only difference seems to be that there is no 1MDB – but we need to apply extremely low standards to be satiated with this.

Against the criticism that Harapan is just like BN, Harapan completes their critics’ task for them.

The large exodus is the perfect recipe to file under the “Nothing has changed” category.

By altering the face of the government by including a vast number of former Umno members, it is now difficult to deny that Bersatu Pribumi is Umno 2.0, and Harapan is BN 2.0.

where's the change? 

I wouldn’t be surprised if disillusionment and disgust are now the common reactions for Malaysian politics because the rakyat, who made their voices heard through the ballot box, have been taken for fools. Why even vote if politicians are able to decide for themselves who is to win power?

More than unethical

Of course, the exodus is legal, but that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable. Such frog-jumping practices are more than unethical because these involve the heavy principle of democracy and the rights of the people.

It stays in the realm of our collective consciousness of knowing what is right and what is wrong. It resides in the unwritten and unspoken law of acting in a way that the people expect according to the standards of honour and integrity.

Seven months ago, these principles would have been celebrated by the Harapan coalition that comprises men and women we believed in. But now that power is in their hands, their voices are muffled.

This rude awakening reminds me that money and power do the talking.

When it is raining frogs, do we need a meteorologist to tell us the weather is bad?

Golden Poison Frog (Phyllobates Terribilis)
most posionous animal alive

lots of such 'creatures' in Malaysian politics


  1. we kick out najib/umno first, next is mahathir/bersatu. its a long term battle. lets see if mahathir has the strength to fight another 10 years.

  2. [PH cipta agenda politik pramatang
    AHLI akar umbinya memberitahu saya, keadaan umumnya Umno akan habis. Mulai ada dalam kalangan ahli di kebanyakan tempat berminat menubuhkan Bersatu dan yang sedia menyambutnya pun ramai.

    Saya tanya apa yang menyebabkan sikap itu?

    Jawabnya, ‘duit!’

    Orang-orang Umno yang bergiat selama ini, terutama 30 tahun terakhir, kerana ia adalah saluran rezeki. Orang tidak bergerak dalam Umno ada rezeki juga, tetapi bagi yang bergerak di situ banyak rezeki dan peluang boleh didapati, terutama dengan menjadi orang kuat Umno.

    Sekarang Umno sudah tidak berkuasa. Bagi orang dapat rezeki tanpa bergiat dalam Umno, tidak terasa apa-apa sama ada Umno ada atau tidak, baik Umno berkuasa atau tidak. Mereka boleh buka gerai nasi lemak, buka pusat cuci kereta atau apa sahaja.

    Cuma hujung pemerintahan Najib kehidupan semua rata-rata payah. Yang kaya jadi kurang kaya, yang senang jadi kurang senang, yang kurang kaya jadi tak kaya dan tidak miskin dan pendapatan mulai tidak cukup. Dengan harga barang melambung, miskin bertambah dan semua susah.

    Maka semuanya mahukan perubahan.]~ Subky Latif

    I agree with Subky Latif. Today, PPBM has got that power to give money to the Malays. Yes, I agree that Pribumi is UMNO 2.0, Harapan is BN 2.0 . It sucks.

  3. RPK predicts UMNO will be de-registered within 30-60 days.

    If true EC may declare UMNO parliament and State Assembly seats vacant because they were elected under UMNO / BN ticket.

    UMNO MPs / ADUNs now semua kelang kabut, cepat-cepat lompat macak katak to become independent or better still join Bersatu.

  4. There is a possible new angle of looking at this frog raining phenomenon.

    Mamak WANTS changes, a drastic one to resolve many one-arm-tied issues. One-arm-tied bcoz of the clauses that r been stated in the FedConst & yrs of meme-ed tongkat indoctrinations.

    Some were HIS own doings. Many r legacies!

    His time IS short & the nominated successor IS a known NATO talker.

    The ONLY way to force a possible outcome NOW is to get that sacrosanct 2/3 majority in the parliament.

    And the quickest way to achieved that number is to net those jumping frogs.

    As has been rightly stated, these frogs r jumping BCOZ of lust for power and a desire to avoid punishment for their sins!

    Mamak could negotiate for their leniency in punishments for their past misdeeds (think of the extreme case of Pek Moh of S'wak) in exchange for their favorite votes to support his plan.

    As for power, these shipwrecked rats HAVE no such luck. They r ONLY individual unlike Pek Moh who can commands a decent block votes. Thus their, lust for continuing power has to stop where mamak say so!

    Once the 2/3 majority is obtained, mamak's countdown for his final legacy begins.

    Hopefully, he achieves this revolutionary 'uplifting' for M'sia before he kicks the bucket.

    Many will say this as a fiction. Wakakakaka… SURELY better than yrs same old recycled grandmother's story!

    1. So long that najib is beheaded in front of motherfucker cheebye kaytee, i am ok with it.

    2. I did NOT fCk your mum so please stop accusing me of being your motherfucker

  5. Definitely possible UMNO will be registered in the last 60 days.

    It is currently technically an illegal party, not having had a party election for more than 5 years , since May 2013, before finally having one on 30 June.

    Before May 9, Najib and the leadership thought they could ignore the law and kautim, because they expected to govern forever and anon.
    On May 10, their world imploded, and UMNO now survives at Mahathir's sufference..

    1. Lks is right. Perhaps cheebye kaytee should have balls to shoot najib dead to save umno

      Can that motherfucker kaytee do it?

    2. I did NOT fCk your mum so please stop accusing me of being your motherfucker

  6. frogs, also known in chinese as chui kay (water chicken, ayam air, koli tani) is actually quite delicious but it's too good a name to call them, they should justifiably be called traitors, for now there is no law to allow breaking their legs to prevent them from hopping we'll just have to wait till the next election to punish them, bersih would be glad to assist for sure, on the other hand (duh) unethically speaking, they should stay as indi, pledge their support on the quiet and nobody would be any wiser, I would rather see pH stronger than to see pas and umno under the arab wannabe jawa man fogged the whole country

    1. They should be called cane toads, an amphibious species similar to frogs with very toxic glands on their skin. Siapa makan tentu mati.

  7. Salleh Syed Keruak was Najib's version Goebbels, whose task was to create an alternate universe regarding 1MDB.
    No money was missing from 1MDB, and it was on its way to creating untold wealth for the Malaysian economy....
    Black is White, and White is Black ...

    Looks like Salleh Syed Keruak is soon going to be a Pribumi hero, fully cleansed...

    When is Anwar taking over ? Malaysia Can't wait much longer.

  8. I hear Abdul Rahman Dahlan is also leaving UMNO. He was always attacking Guanee over this and that but today....Guanee is FM and Dahlan is party-less.

    I'm Lovin' It...!!!