Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Remembering Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim

To the very last he fought his battle
The mighty warrior he always was
Alas he was betrayed by the rabble
Foiling him in his ever glorious cause

He now walks in the Hall of Valhalla
Hail by mortals and the angels above
Friends remember him with nostalgia
Family embraces his name with love

al-Fātiḥah Allahyarhum Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim


  1. Al-Fatihah. Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat Allah dan ditempatkan bersama roh-roh para solihin. Aamiin.. Aamiin..Aamiin..Ya Rabbal 'Aalamiin.

  2. A wasteful death that enshrouds in mystery!

    The docs r not talking!

    MManwhile evil mongerings r in full play, stirring the blur lemmings to enact their 'proud' amokish tendency!

    Damned u people!

  3. Very sad case.

    The Last Alarm... the traditional final tribute to a Fireman fallen on duty.

  4. Pakatan Harapan Government first Major Failure. A police/criminal issue was changed by irresponsible Pakatan politicians into a political issue when they shoot their mouths off, even dragging the name of the Sultan into a commercial dispute.

    My advice: Charge everyone who meddled into the commercial dispute. The perpetrator who assaulted the fireman should be charged for manslaughter. The politicians who shot their mouths off should be charged for incitement. All The temple trustees whether Team A or Team B should be charged for CBT or Contempt of Court. The lawyer who hired those thugs should be charged for gangsterism or under terrorism act. Those thugs should be charged for rioting.

    Otherwise the Malay anger will boil over... without closure.

    1. Showing yr amokish rage, right?

    2. Earning KPI for Pus to stir Race and Religion some more.

      Responsible authorities are requesting everyone to treat this as a violent crime, not a Racial issue.

    3. it's both a religious and racist issue: religious from teh point of the temple defenders, and racist in the poor Malay foreman being walloped until he died

    4. Who's that C Yap at Honda Sri Utama? What did she text huh?

    5. Errr...you forgot that the original Court consent order was delivered in 2014. While Pakatan was in power in Selangor, it did not have the resources to enforce the order. BN was in power in Putarjaya, holding all Ministerial positions (Home, Religion, Law...). The Attorney General was BN appointed, as were the Polis IGP, etc etc. Why was the court order not enforced in 2014 and the problem kicked down the road to the Harapan government in 2018? Where were the MIC politicians then? Now in opposition very noisy.....

  5. “Bkn kerajaan gagal...tuhan u yg gagal xsembuhkan adib”

    Anything racist in this comment?

    Aibt it in full compliance with yr zombieic doctrine - the will of Allah?

    Perhaps the Nons should, as always be awared of the ridiculousness of 'political correctness' wrt ketuanan zombie!

    The seemingly immediate reaction of Honda M'sia's preemptive measure IS short of first degree self-censorship to avoid unnecessary backlash!

    Perhaps, some Non should organise a boycott to buy Honda brand for an awakening call for it to understand what's politically correct in new m'sia!