Friday, December 07, 2018

Koon T'au Boe (4)

Malaysiakini - S'pore 'strongly cautions' M'sia on 'encroachment' (extracts):

Singapore Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen has warned Malaysian vessels to not encroach into Singaporean waters.

Ng claimed that "Malaysian government vessels" have been continually "intruding" waters at Tuas since November.

Ng Eng Hen 

"These are serious violations of Singapore's sovereignty. Our security forces have acted with restraint despite continuing intrusions and provocations.

"Singaporeans are peace-loving, but I strongly caution violators to leave Singapore territorial waters," he wrote on his Facebook page this evening.

His Facebook post was accompanied with a video clip depicting RSS Independence issuing a warning to a Malaysian Marine Department vessel.


(1) Koon T'au Boe (3).


  1. Very soon aircraft approaching Changi and Seletar coming over Malaysian airspace are going to face armed "escorts".

    Do NOT take Malaysia as a walk over.

  2. This is yet another piece of crap left over by the previous BN government in Putrajaya and Johore. For allowing over development and land reclamation of Forest City, directly opposite Tuas. Now Harapan government have to clean up.

  3. Singapore has for decades taken advantage of the lack of street smarts, lack of legal savvy, and probably sheer laziness of successive Malaysian administrations on issues impinging on sovereignty.

    I know of no other country in the world which has permanently delegated control of a substantial portion of its airspace to another country, without an expiry clause, or renewal requirement, or right of approval for any procedural changes.

    Imagine a landlord who has let out his property without expiry date, and without requirement that the tenant must get their approval to make any renovations to the property.

    That is how Malaysia for decades has abdicated responsibility over its airspace in Southern Johor.
    Only after Singapore announced its new ILS landing glide path route for Seletar Airport directly over Johor Bahru.