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The necessary Malay-nization of DAP

To be frank I have not been personally comfy with the choice of Ramkarpal Singh Deo as the DAP's candidate for Gelugor. Now, my unease has nothing, nothing at all, to do with Ramkarpal's competency to be an excellent people's representative (he will definitely be) nor about the allegations of nepotism because Ramkarpal himself has answered that unfair allegation most clearly and competently - see TMI's Nepotism not an issue in Gelugor.

Mind, I would ask DAP to be on alert as the EC may do to him what the court has done to his late father (Huan's wet dream wakakaka), and the Home Ministry now wants to do with Teresa Kok. BN has wet dreams about removing DAP MPs and potential MPs from parliament by disqualifying them one way or another, ... 

... because I suspect UMNO is so shit scared of the DAP that it has even (again my suspicion) in the persons of ministers Jamil Khir Baharom and Mustapha Mohamed lulled, lured, lasso-ed and led stray PAS with the belief that UMNO will support the implementation of hudud in Kelantan, wherein its real aim is to split the Pakatan duo asunder ..... and sadly, I assess UMNO has succeeded.

Back to Gelugor, I was not all that happy with Gelugor going to a DAP non-Malay. Yes, I had hoped for DAP to nominate a Malay candidate for the seat left vacated by my hero, the late Karpal Singh.

And if I have my 'rathers', then my personal choice would be a DAP party old-timer, Zulkifli Mohd Noor who, alas for me, has not been/is not on good terms with Lim Senior and Junior.

Zul has been a DAP member for 26 years, way before many of his current abusive online PR critics had grown their first pubic hair, wakakaka. Zul was once a VP of the party.

In 2004 he was the DAP candidate for Bukit Bendera and acquired quite a credible showing where he won a massive 18,000 votes out of a maximum possible of 47,000. 

As I had blogged previously (many years ago), the DAP might have partial claim to their avowed multi-ethnic credentials – for example, they have put up many Indian candidates who have been voted successfully into both federal Parliament and State Assemblies.

Unfortunately, until 2013 only one of its Malay candidates, Ahmad Nor, was ever successful. Zul could have been the second had he stood again in 2008.

But I am so delighted to see that in the 2013 general and state elections, the DAP has Ariff Sabri (better known to us as blogger Sakmongol AK47) and my MP Zairil Khir as federal MPs, and Tengku Zulpuri Shah Raja Puri as the opposition leader in the Pahang DUN. So will you just look at the sterling work done by them.

DAP could possibly have been blessed by another brilliant young Malaysian in NS if a very unhappy senior person (who I once adored) had not somehow suffered a sad case of noblesse oblige missing. Wakakaka.

Back to Zul - yes, it was in a Chinese-majority Bukit Bendera in Penang that Zul made a most decent mark in the general elections, by winning nearly 18000 of the 47000 votes, and that’s no mean feat if we look at the ethnic breakdown. The Chinese-majority federal seat had 13.82% Malays, 73.97% Chinese and 11.07% Indians plus a sprinkling of 1.14% Thais, Eurasian, etc. 

Even if all 14% Malays in that constituency had turned up to cast their ballots for Zul (which was absolutely unlikely), he wouldn’t get more than 5000 votes. This meant that there was a whole lot of Chinese votes (13,000 plus) for him.

I wrote on what I believed were the three possible reasons why Zul didn't make it in 2004:

(1) he was exposed/introduced to the locals in Bukit Bendera a wee too late in the game (only close to the 2004 general elections). Though the DAP has been a powerful brand the party (then in 2004) could/should not assume that was the magic key to winning.

(2) the Gerakan of 2004 wasn't exactly sleeping in Bukit Bendera.

Though tarnished in recent years (prior to 2004) by Raja Bodek, the Gerakan was in 2004 still a reasonably popular brand, especially with the middle age population.  Its candidate Chia Kwang Chye was quite a much-liked Bukit Bendera MP.

(3) then (in 2004), there was that freshly minted ‘Mr Clean’ or Bao Gong who was later promoted to become the Sultan of Somnambulence, wakakaka.

The sum of it was that Zul as a DAP member did very well in a Chinese-majority constituency against a much-liked Gerakan Chinese candidate.

Under a program of continuous political investments (and not just campaigning on the eve of the election) Zul could be a winning candidate. This was proven by another DAP Malay candidate Zairil Khir in winning the BB seat in 2013 to become my MP.

Back to 2008 GE-12, I was personally disappointed to see Zul completely missing from the general election, when without doubt he would have won and made history as the second DAP Malay MP, giving the DAP more shine to its multi-ethnic credentials and legitimacy.

Then, as a DAP supporter (though not a member) I posted I wished to see the DAP rethink its old/original Malaysian Malaysia ideology, and to reconsider its campaign to abolish bumiputra privileges.

I had then (in 2008) suggested that the DAP look at three issues:

(1) develop a new political vision to replace its Malaysian Malaysia that will ameliorate the fears of the Malay.

(2) develop a fresh strategic policy to accept the NEP but one that will be managed fairly and exclusively for bumiputera interest. This does not in any way disregard the currently marginalized Indians or the less fortunate Chinese. Preserve the NEP exclusively for the needy Melayu and other bumis.

Forget about Anwar Ibrahim’s earlier claim that he would get rid of the NEP or that the policy has outlived its usefulness. As has been said (by none other than Ong Ka Ting of MCA, wakakaka), Anwar would speak in human language to humans, and spirit language to spirits. Yes, he’d say anything to climb up the ladder of power, from 916 to half past six.

I personally believe that the NEP still has its beneficial use for a large segment of the Malay and Sarawak/Sabah bumis, and also the much marginalized Indians in Peninsula. It’s the misuse of this apparatus for affirmative action that’s the problem, not the NEP per se.

(3) get rid of its socialist label – most Malays don’t understand what it stands for, other than it must be a part of the Satanic communist diabolical plot.

I lamented in 2008 that the DAP missed a wonderful opportunity to present Zulkifli Mohd Noor as a federal candidate in the March 2008 general elections. So it's sad to see that today Zul has been so frustrated by the new DAP leadership he has left all party positions though as mentioned, he remains a party member.

For those moronic mealy mouth idiots who accused Zul of being a frog out for material advantage, they may wish to remind themselves once again that last year Zul resigned from all his party positions and party assigned positions, such as councillor in the Penang island municipality (MPPP), Bayan Baru parliamentary liaison committee head, state DAP committee member, and as director of GLC, Penang Global Tourism, a subsidiary of Penang Development Corporation (PDC), BUT significantly NOT his party membership. Are these the characteristics of a tadpole?

Unfortunately, as I see it, the new DAP leadership might have come to forget old faithfuls, the true party believers like Zul, in their new found preference for the newer generation of leaders, those with MBA and all sorts of glittering paper qualifications or even high profile personalities like Ariff Sabri.

Perhaps Zul has been a tragic victim of the new DAP leadership strategy and strategic perception.

Personally, I see a political party requiring both groups of representatives, the brilliant dashing ones with political verve and the salt-of-the-earth type, as each group has a different role towards representing the public, but I suppose the current DAP leadership know better or they think they know better.

Leaving poor Zul aside, I had really wanted to see the DAP pick a Malay member for the Gelugor by-election. To reiterate, this is not to say Ramkarpal is not competent to be Gelugor's parliamentary representative; au contraire he is most competent.

My opinion or wish has been more about the DAP assuming a greater meaningful position as a multiethnic party rather than who should represent Gelugoreans per se. Too late now!

But what about Teluk Intan?

There is possibly a new DAP Malay candidate for that by-election, and she's 27-year old sweetie Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud, the political secretary to Uncle Lim.

Already the cyber-scums are at their sleazy worst to pre-emptively demonize her in the eyes of the Malays in the Teluk Intan constituency - see TMI's Bikini smear campaign against DAP's Dyana nothing but 'gutter politics', says politicians , analysts, unscrupulously using a photo of Filipina actress sweetie Pauleen Luna to deliberately MISrepresent her as sweetie Dyana.

But what I really fear about the smear campaign against sweetie Dyana is that the DAP may chicken out of putting her as the much touted DAP candidate for the TI by-election, and backtrack into sh*t-scared safety by nominating a Chinese or Indian.

By such a play-safe action, that of a DAP retreating into its self-restricting non-Malay-ness, UMNO would be handed both a moral and a strategic victory as it wants DAP to be and thus to remain a Chinese party.

Thus, notwithstanding the undeniable threat of such a sleaze campaign (we Malaysians love sleaze even if fabricated), the DAP must bite the bullet and nominate sweetie Dyana for the TI by-election, and it must continue doing so with more Malays as its future election candidates for future state and federal parliaments.

Much as I dislike UMNO for its corrupt, and at times racist and arrogant behaviour, I had admired its willingness to place Indian rather than UMNO candidates in some general as well as by-elections, such as the Hulu Selangor and Ijok by-elections.  That has been its strength, though its downside had been its bulldozing ways which made nonsense of the term ‘alliance’ because it just rode roughshod over its so-called allies, MCA, Gerakan, MIC etc.

But recall by contrast PKR's action in the Ijok by-election in 2007. In my April 2007 post Ijok Indians racially marginalised by PKR? I wrote (extract only):

Well, it seems Premesh Chandran’s advice to the PKR, published in malaysiakini, has not been taken up.

[Premesh Chandran, one of the TaiKohs at Malaysiakini, opined that the PKR would be better off with an Indian candidate despite the Malay majority. Premesh provided an in-depth analysis that drew upon an earlier Chandra Muzzafar’s analysis for the 2000 Lunas by-election where PKR’s candidate Saifuddin Nasution won with a terrific voters swing against the BN]

Premesh added that an Anwar-led campaign for a PKR Indian candidate, supported by Chinese social and educationist movements, would provide the extra hare-koh (petis udang - zing) in the opposition rojak (spicy salad) for winning over the Malays and the other ethnic voters for a PKR victory.

PKR is likely to nominate a Malay candidate, Khalid Ibrahim, for the Ijok by-election. The PKR Youth vice-chief S Manikavasagam has expressed his unhappiness, pointing out a couple of things to the PKR top echelon, namely:

(1) notwithstanding that Ijok is a constituency with 50% Malay voters, the Barisan Nasional (BN) is fielding an Indian candidate, so why not PKR? and

(2) Khalid Ibrahim is a political ‘parachutist’, having just joined the party less than a year ago while there are capable PKR Indian members who have been in PKR for years and could well be the nominated candidate for the by-election.

And did it benefit PKR with its play-safe actions in the Hulu Selangor and Ijok by-elections?

Precisely because of PKR's less-than-admirable treatment of its Indian members I have just penned Karmic lot of PKR Indians? at my other blog BolehTalk, wakakaka.

So my advice to the DAP is not to be like the kniasu PKR when considering DAP Malay candidates like sweetie Dyana Sofya, and to continue proceeding on the path of nominating more and more Malay members as candidates for both state and federal general and by-elections.

Ironically (I just love this word), for the DAP to be ultimately recognized as a multiethnic political party, it must first Malay-nized itself, wakakaka.

Otherwise, the DAP will remain a small Chinese-Indian based party, not unlike PKR, a kniasu and small (and as Saifuddin Nasution admitted) Malay party.


TMI - DAP names Dyana Sofya as Teluk Intan candidate

The above was published after I posted The necessary Malay-nization of DAP.

Well done DAP, I congratulate you on your fine choice of candidate.


  1. '....... for the DAP to be ultimately recognized as a multiethnic political party, it must first Malay-nized itself'
    KT, Bravo!
    Yes !yes!

  2. With her appointment yesterday, it is now confirmed that DAP is really into overcoming general perception of being a chinese party. This will mark the continuing on-going effort to change the demography of the party members, and at the same time, effectively sparks imagination of more then 50% of the Malay female youth who are generally better educated, connected, more opened minded by the day, and very active in the connected social media.

    If she groomed well into her 30's, she can easily be a role model for those youths who wanted to champion new social justice minded behaviour, without having a pre-conceived idea about parties and dogmas in general.

    ps: in the college nowadays, there are more than 60% female Bumi students than the Male counterparts among the Bumi population.

  3. Kaytee,
    I am also not very comfy with people who claimed to be with the party for beri long and hence entitled to everything. These same groups of people sunk DAP Perak resulting in MCA winning the so called blue ribbon seats including 2 Ipoh parliamentary seats. The entire Perak adun was MAMPUS. So there you have it.........If these jokers begrudge against the party, just chop chop them off. That includes Zulklifi

    Anyway, I understand why Hew Kuan Yew was not chosen for Seputeh. In case, Teresa Kok kenna tangkap, superman Hew would come come. And parliament would be very very interesting. Lotsa HAM KAR CHAN POKAI would be flying around in parliament.

    As for ramkarpal, it's already been decided.....what is there to talk about. What the fuck is his contributions for all these years? I mean tell me how did Zul do in attracting more melayus in joining DAP for the past 26 years. It's fucking cibai legitimate question. Never see him venture into melayu area. Ah so......

    As for your ponters, anything that degenerate the original Malaysian Malaysia concept would lead to the total destruction of DAP. It happened to Gerakan and PPP. Especially PPP which was bloody powderful in Perak and turned up to be very dead. Hence, it's actually in the case of presentation

    The marketing strategy of an already very very FUCKING GOOD concept. As such no need to reinvent the wheel. I thought that NEP is accepted by DAP. Thirdly what.....dropping of socialist label......Huh?

    The main problem about DAP is that it's not as aggressive as PKR. DAP should have snatched Balik Pulau from PKR, then Zul can stand lor.

    By the way, Dyana was chosen as Teluk Intan candidate

    1. looes, so according to your mean mealy mentality, Zul Noor was responsible for the DAP's problems in Perak? Did Zul fiddle with your sister's cat?

      As for your "What the fuck is his contributions for all these years?" were you referring to Ramkarpal? wakakaka

    2. People like Zul Noor that has entitlement mentality. Not only DAP Perak MAMPUS. In fact have you forgotten that the entire DAP Penang kaputted in Penang? It's warlordism rear the worst cibai head. Franjly, I would have had Zuk shot.......

      HY would teach you about the romance of 3 kingdom where one general was executed by Zhu geliang

    3. Zul joined DAP 26 years ago when the party was just a teeny weeny Chinese-centric party. Many now join DAP in her most powerful moment and have parachuted right into leading positions, How the f**k do you think old loyalists like Zul whop was with DAO in her challenging times would feel being left out for these new whiz wonder kids.

      I suspect Zul might have tickle your sis' cat, wakakaka

    4. Huh? Teeny weeny? Hello! MCA kenna splitted into 2 camps and half mampus while DAP made foray into sabah and sarawak. In fact, DAP already well established in Sabah where it got 4 MPs. Again after 26 years, what the fuck Zul has done for DAP? As compared with James Wong........Who is James Wong hah? hehehehe

  4. I am bored to see faces of old gays.... er I mean guys. Now we have Dyana as new breeze!

    1. Dyana is quite witty and disarming. When confronted with the smear campaign using a misleading photo of Filipino actress Pauleen Luna, Dyna calmly replied:

      “My personal details were misused... And now, to tarnish my image further, there appears to be a photo of me allegedly wearing a bikini."

      “While I think the Pinay actress in question is very attractive, I feel this really displays the level of gutter politics that our opponents would go to, especially against a female. Guys, please grow up,”

      She was also humourous, charmingly responding to the bikini photo by praising the Filipino's body, and voicing her wishing to have one like the actress. She quipped she needs to go to the gym more often.

      Wakakaka, well said, sweetie.

    2. Kaytee,
      Gerakan had sent in an old bird, 3 term MP Mr Mah into the battle. I would fuckingly hold you for responsible for DAP losing Teluk Intan because your commentaries on Hudud

    3. you badly need a circumcision so that the foreskin can be used to sew up your lips wakakaka

    4. imagine Mr L's lips gummed up with his other skin...LOL. Truly wicked humour here...wakakaka !

    5. Do it to yourself. It's your fault that you make too much noise on hudud and offer zero solution. Like pouring oil into the fire

  5. Lets not forget Msr. Aspan Alias, who not only passed up on a CM candidate in Negeri - but would have been given much credibility to state PR's line up - just compare against the incompetent politicking State PKR-nut-head (Kamarul Abas) and Anthony Loke.

    I was pretty pissed when I didn't see Msr. Alias' name on the list. DAP shouldn't have kowtowed to PKR paranoia of DAP gaining another strong majority in another state.

    1. sokong dgn se-maximum mungkin

    2. That part I got to agree. The whole issue happened because PKR gasak many many seats. Time to ask for seats such as Balik Pulau (Penang) or Merbok (Kedah)

  6. On a lighter note, Dyana uses Kate Perry lyrics to wallop her opponents.

    Wait till Kaytee chik were to introduce Helen Reddy.........HAHAHAHAHA!

    Both songs also good la! Hehehehe! Helen born in aussie land

    1. she wants to ROAR, like my hero Bhai - let' call her the Tiger of TI

    2. You don't belong to Kate Perry's generation.......Hahahaha! Anyway, you better stick to Helen Reddy........Hahahaha! Or tina turner......Hahahahaha!

    3. I say, Helen Reddy is damn good with her rendition of 'Love' and Tina Turner is very popular in Oz, wakakaka. But yours must be Patti Page, Doris Day and the Andrew Sisters, wakakaka.

      looes' Doris day! wakakaka, hey she's still around and waiting for you to adulate her, wakakaka ... oh sorry, I forgot you have had your lips sewn up with your foreskin, wakakaka.

    4. Nah! Me stick to Shania Twain and Kylie Monogue and Sheena Easton also can. Although some PAS mullahs would love to play this rendition as well. Oh that scot lassie!

      "My baby takes the morning train. He works from nine to five and then he takes another home again to find me waiting for him...". Hahahaha! Even Mr Bean make this parody

      Actually Corrs and the cranberries also can la........Cranberries made this famous protest song........

      Ku Li would tell you during the old days, belfast street was empty by 7pm and one of the white area is Queen Belfast University (Ku Li alma mater). The then cheapest and yet prestigious university in Britain. Less than 3000 pounds annual tuition fee in the 90s for commonwealth students

  7. I am a Chinese. I afraid that though DAP is brave enough to field a Malay candidate, the Chinese voters might not be so gracious. Have you read the report in Malaymailonline that some Chinese do not take it nicely for a Malay candidate. It is a shame indeed that these people are so narrow minded, self-serving.

    1. Undeniably the MCA-Gerakan black propaganda about DAP supporting PAS' hudud has found place with some older (and thus more easily prejudiced) Chinese in TI. So we'll just have to depend upon the silent majority and the younger voters, as Zairil Khir did in Bukit Bendera where Chinese there constitute 75% of the voters (as compared to TI's 42%)

    2. And it's all your fault, kaytee. You talk so much about Hudud and make all chinamen frighten. So if DAP were to lose, please commit seppuku yourself

    3. O Ye of little faith, but let's see how well or badly PAS will support Dyana in TI.

      okay to seppuku, but you must first circumcise yourself, wakakaka

  8. Kaytee,DAP made a very good choice.And yes,sweetie Dyana will definitely roar.And when she roar you will know what will happen.Those guys standing in front of her will keave puddles of water behind when they head to the changing rooms.Hehe.

    1. This Mah fella is a tough cookie. Plus, not sure PKR may sabo DAP. Hehehe! Lets hope that Dyana can maintain the majority that Seah had won last time. Do you know that sassy mp teresa kok did lose before

    2. looes sounds as if he wants Mah to win, wakakaka

  9. fielding a malay candidate is a good move by DAP....however,still cooperating with PAS after the Hudud fiasco is not.......

  10. Times are a changing. Another 10-20 years and DAP will be having a Malay Secretary-General and half Malay MPs and ADUNs. This is to challenge PKR in the polls for the winner gets to be the Govt of the day.

    And what happened to BN and PAS?

    Obliterated by the tsunami of 2014 when everyone just woke up and decided they can't stomach anymore half past six stories about race and religion and whoever is more holy or whatnot.

    It's something like Europe coming out of the Middle Dark Ages and Renaissance began.

  11. Remember DAP's ‘WU YUE WU, HUAN ZHENG FU' (Change the government on May fifth) before GE13?
    Powerful and easy to remember. But it's for the Chinese.
    Whereas it's difficult to find someone in Malaysia who hasn't heard of BN's '1 Malaysia'.
    But not everyone knows 'Malaysian Malaysia' .

    Thus I fully agree with KT even though he has a different reason to change the slogan.

    '(1) develop a new political vision to replace its Malaysian Malaysia that will ameliorate the fears of the Malay..

  12. umno oredi proven that they dun need chinese indian support, only the thick face 10% and 50% still wanna kiss umno ass. thus whoever non malay umno put as candidata has no impact to the overall power play except to propagandise to pseodo democrats like obama.

    some pkr member is honest and assert that their party is basically a malay dominant party, unlike some dap fanboy who insist dap is multi racial, who at the same time like to criticise others as nepotism as if dap is purely work on merits. dun we notice dap merits is actually irregardless of race as long as you r close buddy to lim n sing co? wakakaka.

    btw looes, i thot james cant tahan dap as well? rot3k started with warlords, and would always turn from bad to worst whenever an emperor cannot live/rule forever as he wish to, sorry i dun see any zhu ke liang in dap la, but ah dou yes, now in penang wakakaka.

  13. I've been a DAP member for more than 10 years, and still subscribe to the non-race based ideals which I believe it stands for.
    I'm convinced the top leadership , including Kit Siang and Guan Eng have an inclusive vision for the party, and that is one of the main reasons I'm still hanging in there.
    The rank and file members and the 2nd echelon leadership are a different matter.
    Years of struggle against BN, I believe has left a deep suspicion in DAP not only of UMNO but Malays in general.

    "Malai Gwai" is a derogatory remark (among plenty others) I have heard made by many, if not most DAP members. They may not have realised I can speak Cantonese and Hokkien.

    The current generation of DAP members would literally have to Die Out before DAP can renew itself.
    I believe it would take 30-40 years (assuming it survives) before DAP can become a truly inclusive race-neutral party.

    Perhaps in time for UMNO to drive Malaysia into Failed State status and the Malays to finally throw off their BN-UMNO chains.

  14. The Malaysian Insider today (Sunday, 18/5/14) in a report made the following points:

    >> Utusan Malaysia has predicted that Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud's experience with the DAP will end with her leaving the party with regret and feeling worthless like many more Malay leaders before her.

    >> Awang Selamat, a pseudonym used by the editors of the daily, said that DAP had always employed the strategy of "using" Malays to fool the people‎ into thinking it was a multi-racial party.

    >> "The fact is, DAP has always fought for a total agenda for just one race," Awang Selamat wrote in the weekend edition of the paper, Mingguan Malaysia. Though the article did not say it but going by past articles on the matter, the Utusan Malaysia had always maintained that the DAP championed the Chinese community and had on several occasions labelled the DAP as the “most racist party in the world.”

    >> Another DAP leader, Zulkifli Mohd Noor, had said a Malay's membership in the Chinese-dominated party was worth only 50 sen, Awang Selamat added.

    Readers should take the last item with caution because many vile, venomous, hate and envy-fueled racists have a habit of twisting the words of others and providing web links that are misleading or have very flimsy relevance to their racist outpourings. They often use this kind of devious tricks to give credibility to their lies and to fool their readers as they know that people are often too pressed for time to bother checking and verifying the truthfulness of what they read.

    The full TMI report is found here:

    1. and of course Awang Selamat forgot to add that UMNO kept mum when an underage MALAY girl in Malacca was (statutorily) raped, The underage girl's grandma had to go to Lim GE because no UMNO politician had wanted to touch that crime

      and it was Lim GE of the so-called Chinese DAP who stood up to demand justice for her and who ultimately went to prison because of that while the alleged rapist got off scot free and was even honoured by the nation subsequently - ya, Malaysia Boleh.

      yes, a DAP leader went to prison for speaking up for a Malay girl, who was statutorily raped by a Malay you-know-who.

    2. Errr....slow down a bit lah on that DAP-leader-went-to-prision-for-a-Malay will rile up your Sifu RPK....he's easily vexed nowadays when Chinese praise their own Chinese race, especially when we keep 'harping' according to him, about LGE and that raped M-A-L-A-Y girl, wakakaka.

  15. A party can only truly change as far as the majority of its members are willing to go.
    Just as UMNO is incapable to stop being the corrupt party that it is because the majority of its members have got used to "Cari Makan" as their principal party activity.

    For the majority Chinese, as well as the Indians in DAP , it is their fortress as well as vehicle to defend against the perceived threats of Malay NEP hegemony and the slide towards an Islamist state.

    Leaders like Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng may well have inclusive leanings, but to the majority of their Chinese and Indian members, distrust and wariness of Malays/ Muslims is a necessary part of their political struggle.

    It will likely take decades for DAP to reinvent itself.

    1. The journey of a thousand li (Chinese kilometre) must start with the first step - Confucius

  16. Mah will win.
    The Malays will not be duped by Dyana's candidacy.
    The Chinese are deeply worried about Hudud and DAP's alliance with PAS.

    At this point , Gerakan will be the choice.

  17. malays biggest problem is mental block and inferiority complex/......

    Malays as long as stay away from English, they ll be backward.....
    Non malays most can speak 2 to 3 languages.... so what is so difficult to learn speak english....

    Open your minds and speak better.... I learned to speak english better since form 5

    1. Like they said....keep them in the dark and feed them sh*t... that's how mushroom thrives....these masses must be kept dumb and indoctrinated....only a few thousand are needed to run the country anyway...hence only Mara has an all-English syllabus solely for Malays only. Even an alien if suddenly landed from outer space will be able to see what's going on with our Umno gomen within the hour of landing in this tanah air of ours, hehehehe.

  18. Uncle Tom's Cabin12:28 pm, May 19, 2014

    The Teluk Intan by-election is shaping up to be an ugly heavily race-tinged contest.
    Previous contests were fairly conventional DAP Chinese vs. Gerakan Chinese candidates.
    Dyana is going to find herself the target of all kinds of racial polemics and racist slurs.
    UMNO is trying to paint her as DAP's "Uncle Tom" , except she's young and female.

  19. In the past, most of the small number of Malays in DAP have been outliers, perceived as non-conformists, misfits, eccentrics and mavericks. As such, they have little credibility in the Malay population.

    They get elected in Chinese majority seats, almost purely on the backs of Chinese loyalty to the DAP brand.

    Most Malays don't consider Zairil a "real" Melayu. He's just a Chinese kid who was adopted in his teens by a Malay step-father.
    Zulkifli Mohd Noor has always been a maverick. His latest fallout with the DAP leadership is just another manifestation of his non-conformist nature.
    I foresee Ariff Sabri will, in the end, not have a happy history in DAP, another lost misfit.

    Dyana is an interesting case. She's young, well-educated, good-looking, from an UMNO family. Almost "mainstream", which is what DAP needs to get any traction among ordinary Malays.

    Hopefully this will work out and she wins in Teluk Intan.

    1. What about A Aziz ?

    2. Okay, nothing as happening as Onn Jaafar, the founder of UMNO who left UMNO because of........Hahahaha! Okay la! Who was Aziz Ishak? Hahahahaha!