Sunday, April 30, 2006

Who is the terrorist?

al Jazeera reported that Israel has shelled the northern Gaza Strip with artillery fire, wounding seven Palestinians, including two children.

The Israeli did not deny the terrorist action but arrogantly responded that the shelling was in retaliation for rocket fire overnight on Friday, adding that four rockets coming from the area had exploded in Israeli territory but did not cause any casualties.

Now ask any military bloke whether any professional army artillery would simply shell an objective that has no military relevance. Shelling the Palestinians purely in retaliation for some rocket fire without identifying the location of the source of rocket fire is simply bloody minded punishment. In real terms, it’s an act of pure terrorism, carrying an intimidating message to the Palestinians that the Israelis would shell their side if there is rocket fire again.

So the children-killing Israeli military are now leading 7 – 0. When one of the Palestinian groups retaliated with a suicide bombing, because they have no artillery or jet fighters or tanks, the World condemns the act.

I want to hear the World, particularly the USA, UN and Europe condemn Israel for indiscriminately wounding 7 Palestinian civilians, including the 2 children. But I won’t hold my breath waiting for that.

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