Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Silence of the "Rams"

I love seeing movies such as Silence of the Lambs, Seven and others with a serial killer genre. Invariably one picks up a few pointers about the profile of serial killers, most of whom in America would be white, male, age between 20 to 45, blah blah blah. Note the important qualification ‘most’, meaning there could and would be exceptions.

Indeed, we then read of a woman serial killer. Then there was also a Latino, a South American – he killed almost a hundred children. We have also read of the British house of horrors, where a husband and wife team murdered dozens after the former sexually abused them. Those two sickos buried the victims in the house basement. The crime scene was so horrendous that British police obtained a court order to raze the house to nothing-ness, and forbid the land from being ever developed. I wonder whether that would be mainly to prevent a cult or copycat killers exploiting the ‘unholy grounds’ to indulge in further atrocities.

Now, we get a Chinese woman in China, in the northern Henan province, who has murdered 8 people by drugging them first, then feeding them with pesticides.

55-year old Jia Dezhi, who is uneducated yet devious, confessed to the killings after six bodies were found buried in the courtyard of her home in Anyang city. She cold bloodedly told police:

"I killed the adults for the money, it made the selling of their children less bothersome. Killing a person is really easy. First put some narcotic in their food, wait until they faint and then feed them some pesticide and it's finished. Killing a person is no different than killing a chicken.”

... no different than killing a chicken?

Holy Moses and the Archangel Uriel, or rather Kali Ma and the Sumerian demon Pazuzu - I just wonder who was her boyfriend when she was a young woman. Better trace for missing male person or persons.

Six of her victims, including her former husband and friends [what did I tell you!], were from her hometown of Muxiang in southwestern Yunnan province. The murders took place within 7 months, between February and September last year. Jia claimed she earned up to 15,000 yuan (RM7500) from the sale of a child. She had sold six boys and a girl. The news didn't mention who the children were sold to and where they now are.

I wonder whether her commercial motive would disqualify her as one of those weirdo serial killers, who kill for pleasure or to fulfil some sick needs in their demented minds yet wanting to be caught, leaving clues here and there.

I have to admit reading her words uttered in such a callous unfeeling chilling manner has shrunk my gonads somewhat.

... no different than killing a chicken? Frightening!


  1. You talk as if a religion can some how exist in a vacumn without its practioners. If the practioners of a particular religion are racist that in itself defines the religion as racist. Your assertion that "Firstly, religion itself, any religion, did/does not practise apartheid" assumes that a religion can somehow exist without its existing practioners. This is an impossibility.

  2. You're on the wrong post, but nevertheless I'll provide my views. Firstly, all 3 Abrahamic religions claimed the "Word" came from God, so if we base our discussions on that belief, we have to accept that, contrary to your argument, it's possible for a religion (Word of God) to exist independently of "deviant" followers.

    On the other hand, if we don't stand on that premise, and accept your argument, then all religions are equally bad, as a result of nasty followers.

    You choose!