Monday, April 24, 2006

Osama bin Laden not welcomed by Hamas!

al Qaeda experts believed that Osama bin Laden is seeking a new operating ground in Sudan, as it previously did in Afghanistan. They made this prediction following Osama’s latest tape that has been released to and aired by al Jazeera television. American intelligence experts believed it’s an authentic issue by the al Qaeda leader.

In the tape, Osama urged his followers to prepare for a long war against Western powers that would be intervening in Sudan's Darfur region. Osama also raised the issue of the US-Israeli sabotaging of the new Hamas Palestinian Government as evidence of a ‘Crusader-Zionist war’ on Muslims.

However, Hamas didn’t appreciate Osama’s interference into its affairs, and said that Hamas's ideology is completely different to that of bin Laden's.

KTemoc agrees. al Qaeda is a terrorist organization hellbent on anarchy and a hatred for Western interference into the Middle East. Hamas is a Palestinian (Islamic-based) organization of freedom fighters struggling for Palestinian rights and freedom from Israeli oppression. Hamas has one enemy - Israel!

However, having said that, KTemoc doesn’t agree with Hamas tactic of suicide bombings that harm Israeli civilians. In fact I condemn such terrorist tactics.

But I am also aware that terrorism has not been one sided. The Israeli government has itself conducted numerous terrorist attacks against the Palestinian people. Palestinian children had been murdered by the officially sanction Israeli slaughter.

The bias of Western media, especially American ones have consistently refused to acknowledge Israeli artillery bombardments, missile attacks and machine-gunning of crowded Palestinian settlements as terrorist attacks, euphemising the atrocities of the Jewish State as retaliatory actions. Terrorism in Palestine-Israel is the old chicken and egg story – who started it first? But most of the American media have already decided that it’s the Palestinian chook (or egg?).

Consider, the Israeli captain who pumped numerous bullets into the corpse of a dead 13-year old Palestinian girl out of racist hatred – despite so-called Israeli military inquiry and the adverse evidence (for him) by his own soldiers, he was initially only convicted of a minor dismeanour of misusing his arms and persuading his troops to lie, but subsequently cleared of all charges.

Read that Israeli disgrace in my posting Hebrew Warrior Smote Evil Canaanite.

Then to add insult to injury the criminal was compensated by the Israeli government with US$15,000 for having to attend court and promoted to the rank of major.

Unfortunately the majority of western press act ‘don’t know’ [pretend to be unaware] about the typical defiant arrogant Israeli gesture of ‘no one touches an Israeli soldier, no matter how brutal he might have been.’ The Israelis know they have most of the western media in their pockets for the latter’s fear of being accused of anti-Semitism.

The American administration keeps telling people to look at Israel as the only democratically elected government in the Middle East, yet it has now conducted an unmitigated campaign of persecution to dislodge a real democratically elected Hamas, so that its favoured but corrupt Fatah, preferred by Israel, can resume the seat of authority in the Palestinian Authority.

The unnecessary interference or nose poking by Osama bin Laden into Palestinian affairs will only give further comfort to the US-Israeli sinister and unconscionable campaign against a democratically elected Palestinian government.

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