Friday, April 21, 2006

Big Foot, Mak Yong & Bridges

Looks like the Kota Tinggi people intend to keep the interest in Big Foot going. Now they claimed a baby Big Foot has been caught ;-)

This time the tale (not Big Foot’s but those people from Kota Tinggi) tells of men from the Wildlife Department who informed some stall owners in Felda Tenggaroh that they have caught the baby Bigfoot which they would be taking to Kuala Lumpur. The hunters had camped overnight in the jungle before coming across three of the animals, including baby. They captured the baby using tranquilliser darts.

Halida Limat, a stall helper, claimed that the men did not allow her to take a look at the animal which they kept in the back of a 4WD bearing the Wildlife Department logo. Another stall owner however asserted he had a glimpse of something that was very hairy and quite big lying in the back of the vehicle.

Yeah right! Now let KTemoc tell you what actually happened:

Big Foot Dad: Well, that takes care of it.
Big Foot Mum: But will they find out before they reach KL?

Big Foot Dad: Nah, they’ll be occupying themselves on the drive talking about that bridge to nowhere.
Big Foot Mum: Bridge to nowhere?

Big Foot Dad: For the time being, darling.
Big Foot Mum: Don’t understand you, dear.

Big Foot Dad: Bridges are unusual devices – they normally go to the other side. But sometimes one would seem to go nowhere, but actually somewhere when a no-one become someone. It can kill off a politician, can resurrect a ‘dead’ one …
Big Foot Mum: Huh, too confusing for me, but kill? Dead one?

Big Foot Dad: Metaphorically speaking, as in kill his career or prospect of being the prime minister, and bring the ‘dead one’ back into top politics.
Big Foot Mum: Who then was that human we dressed up in the furry costume? He looked so small, just like junior. And he squealed so pitifully when the dart hit him.

Big Foot Dad (smile/snarl): A wannabe mak yong dancer.
Big Foot Mum: Why was he hiding in our jungle then?

Big Foot Dad: Apparently he didn't want to answer some questions about old documents pertaining to a bridge. He ran away to join the mak yong troupe.
Big Foot Mum: Isn’t he a bit far from Kelantan?

Big Foot Dad: Nowadays mak yong’s not welcome there.
Big Foot Mum: Why? It’s a Kelantanese culture.

Big Foot Dad: Who can tell about these humans?
Big Foot Mum: They have all been quiet recently.

Big Foot Dad: It's the embarrassment over the bridge. Now, what did I tell you about that bridge being unusual.
Big Foot Mum: Maybe they’ll now repair the small broken bridge in Pengalan Pasir. Its state of disrepair had killed some people.

Big Foot Dad: Only when 2 conditions have been fulfilled.
Big Foot Mum: Oh, what would these be?

Big Foot Dad: When a different political party has been elected in Pengkalan Pasir, and when mak yong returns to Kelantan.
Big Foot Mum (snarl/frown): Why?

Big Foot Dad: Told you bridges are unusual.

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