Tuesday, April 18, 2006

PM Waterloo-ed

PM AAB moaned and groaned about his Little Napoleons, top civil servants who dragged their heels in implementing his 9th Malaysian Plan.

I had speculated that the PM’s public grumblings could be just one the usual UMNO sandiwara (theatrics) a la Sun Tze’s dictum to signal to the east, strike to the west. I suggested and still do that we need to watch what will unfold shortly in UMNO.

In response to the PM's complaint, opposition leader Lim Kit Siang called on him to sack the IGP for open insubordination, in going against the PM’s decision to establish the IPCMC, as a typical example of his Little Napoleons.

But I doubt that’s likely to happen, not after I read what the PM said as
reported by the New Straits Times.

The PM's message to the public was for them to stop bashing the police force for the misdeeds and blunders of a small group [pray tell us, have any of these been pulled up yet?].

He said the public must free themselves from fear of the police - yeah, Yang Amat Berhormat (the honourable PM), why don't you tell that to the Squatgate, Botakgate, Pirouettegate victims, Chinese wives of Malaysian citizens, Japanese student, family of the late Udayappan who perished along with 80 others in police custody!

Instead he wanted to see the public support the police in their efforts to upgrade efficiency. What did the PM mean by this, "upgrade efficiency"? Those words are meaningless!

OK, I want Lim Kit Siang to read what the PM has to say next so that the opposition leader may know where Abdullah Badawi stands with regards to the IGP and the IPCMC.

PM AAB said he appreciates the IGP’s efforts to stem domestic problems and indiscipline. He stated said he has confidence in the police force’s internal disciplinary mechanism to deal appropriately with bad apples, including sacking those who deserved it.

I feel utterly sick by his words.

Lim Kit Siang and all of us can kiss the IPCMC goodbye. Why would we need one when the PM has confidence the police can monitor itself? Indeed why should we be surprised by his decision? PM AAB is after all the Head of UMNO!

We the long suffering Malaysian public have all lost big, because our 'beloved' PM has lost his backbone somewhere at
Waterloo. So he can keep his tale of the Little Napoleons to himself.

Lim KS to PM: "Gotta Guts to Gut IGP?"

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