Monday, April 10, 2006

Bush plans N-strike against Iran

When I posted Who is Target of Pentagon's Proposed Preemptive N-Strikes? on 13 September 2005, I pointed out that under President Bill Clinton's administration, the US military doctrine did not mention the use of tactical nuclear weapons pre-emptively. I also mentioned that in 2004 the US Congress killed off a proposal to examine the viability of using tactical nuclear warhead in bunker busting bombs.

My posting also discussed the Pentagon under a new President George Bush revising that doctrine, as a draft for approval. It wants the option of pre-emptive strikes against a nation or terrorist group that possesses weapons of mass destruction.

The aim of using tactical nuclear rather than conventional warhead means the damage of the target will not only be earth-shattering but also prevents its reoccupation.

Today we are informed that the US is contemplating using tactical N-warhead bunker buster against Iran to destroy all its nuclear enrichment plants. The Seattle Times mentioned that Israel has been applying strong pressure on the US to strike at Iran.

Iran is the only nation that terrifies the Jewish State. And the Bush Administration has been known to favour Israeli requirements even at the expense of US national interests. This preponderance of Israeli supporters in the Bush Administration undoubtedly facilitates this unusual policy stand.

Some defence analysts suggested that the US threat has been deliberately leaked as a bluff to apply pressure on Iran to toe the IAEA line. But others wondered, having witnessed the Bush Administration conducted idiotic operations that have been totally against US interest, like invading and attempting to occupy Iraq. The only nation to benefit from the disastrous Iraqi quagmire has been Israel.

In fact the very thought of using N-weapons pre-emptively against Iran has so horrified some US officers within the US Joint Chiefs of Staff office that these officers have discussed resigning after failing to get the nuclear option removed from war plans against Iran.

What has not been mentioned could possibly be the outrage these American officers must have felt at the idiocy of their President in taking such a drastic step at the behest and for the sole benefit of a non-American nation, an action so horrifying that the N-strike against Iran would endanger US citizens around the world and risk increased violence in Iraq.

As part of the escalation of war plans against Iran, President Bush has taken to calling President Ahmadinejad of Iran Adolf Hitler. Hmmm, it's significant Bush referred to Hitler as the new archfoe when it should be more natural for an American president to say Tojo. I just wonder who would consider Hitler as its greatest hate or enemy?

Thus the Bush Administration cranks up its old fabrication machine that it used against Iraq, employing lies in the same way as it had done previously against Saddam Hussein - remember the WMDs nonsense, a preposterous al Qaeda link, and that old smelly sock of regime change?

Apparently President Bush is so moronic that he himself believes bombing Iran will drive the Iranian people to lose confidence in and overthrow their government and become America-friendly.

He even feels like he's this century's Harry Truman and was reported to have said that he must do "what no Democrat or Republican, if elected in the future, would have the courage to do", and "that saving Iran is going to be his legacy". I am not sure who has been fuelling his ego, but I bet they are laughing themselves into elated hysteria in Tel Aviv.

Saving Iran? Maybe he even believes what Donald Rumsfeld had promised of 'Iraqis rushing to garland US troops' may come about this time in Iran after a few of his mushroom clouds have graced the Persian nation.

God save America, with such a president.

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