Sunday, April 09, 2006

Mubarak misses Saddam Hussein

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak misses Saddam Hussein. Why?

He bemoans the civil war in Iraq, one humongous crisis that is threatening the whole of the Middle East. He said that if Saddam was around, none of the chaos would have happened in Iraq.

As a Sunni he expressed alarm at the rising Shiite influence in the Arab world which means the Persians are rapidly spreading their wings over the Middle East - thanks to the US idiotic, illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq. Incidentally Egypt and Iran do not diplomatic relations after Tehran severed those ties with Cairo when Egyptian president Anwar Sadat made peace with Israel in 1979.

Mubarak warns that Iran exerts a huge influence over Iraq's majority Shiite population and Shiites living in Arab countries. In fact, he went as far as to state:

"There are Shiites in all these countries (of the region), significant percentages, and Shiites are mostly always loyal to Iran and not the countries where they live. Naturally Iran has an influence over Shiites who make up 65 per cent of Iraq's population."

There are also significant Shiite populations in Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. If there's a bloke a Saudi Wahhabi hates more than an Israeli, it's a Shiite. I believe that there may be almost 4 million Shiites in Saudi Arabia, constituting 15% of its 25 million population. This may be a hugh problem for the USA's largest oil supplier. Well, what goes around comes around.

Mabarak added: "If the Americans leave now, it would be a catastrophe because the war will get worse and Iran and others will interfere and the country will become the theatre of an ugly civil war and terror will eat up not only Iraq but the entire region."

"I do not know when the situation in Iraq will stabilise. I personally do not see a solution to the problem in Iraq, which is practically destroyed now."

It must be something for the President of the leading Arab nation to confess he doesn't have a solution to the Iraqi disaster. That’s why Mubarak misses Saddam Hussein.

Incidentally, after Egypt made peace with Israel she receives about $US2 billion a year - obviously as a bribe to keep the largest Arab nation away from Israel. Egypt is the largest recipient of US foreign aid after Israel and Iraq (only because of the war).

That’s how Egypt serves the USA, while the USA serves Israel, as in the invasion of Iraq, punitive action against an democratically elected Hamas and the current aggravation against Iran.

As I have posted before, everything, wise or idiotic the Americans do in the Middle East, it’s either for the Israel or on the instructions of Israel. A dill in the White House manipulated by pro-Israeli staff has made it even more easy for Israel.

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