Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Lim KS to PM: "Gotta Guts to Gut IGP?"

This is an extract from a Malaysiakini news item – I have omitted some paragraphs that seemed repetitive or that referred to the proposed ombudsmen system, because I want you readers to focus on what Opposition leader Lim Kit Siang has posed to Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi.


Abdullah has said the government would not tolerate those who undermined the plan and told civil servants to ‘facilitate and not frustrate’ the 9MP, and if these government officers cannot deliver, ‘they should take a permanent rest’.

“How many public officials had Abdullah removed in the past 30 months for frustrating his reform pledge and programme to head a clean, incorruptible, efficient, effective, accountable, transparent, fair and just administration?” Lim asked in a statement today.

“Most important of all, is Abdullah prepared to tell Bakri to resign as IGP if the latter refuses to accept civilian authority and continues to spearhead opposition to the establishment of the IPCMC?” he added.

He has earlier argued that Bakri was ‘guilty of insubordination’ for openly rejecting the IPCMC proposal as it was the premier who has consented to establish the body, which was touted as the most significant recommendation from a government-backed Royal police commission.

Lim also questioned the credibility of Abdullah's ‘non nonsense’ approach if he let the IGP continues to enjoy immunity and impunity for the ‘open insubordination’.

He drew a comparison when Abdullah publicly slapped down the memorandum submitted by the nine non-Muslim cabinet ministers over the constitutional rights of non-Muslims during the height of Mount Everest M Moorthy’s death and the Article 121 (1A) controversy.

“What is the reason for the double standards when the IGP can get away scot-free though guilty of a very much more serious offence in his act of open insubordination in publicly opposing the IPCMC?’

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