Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Filthy slugs in our society

Can you ever imagine a father bonking his own daughter? You can’t? Well, how about worse - Can you picture a father bonking his daughter who’s only 5?

Just the thought of such unimaginable horrendous incest would make you puke with sheer revolt. My skin crawled in utter disgust.

But those unbelievable nightmares happened in real life when two fathers (f**k them, they ain't 'fathers' - how could they be?) from Trengganu allegedly raped their underage daughters in separate incidents, resulting in one of the victims giving birth to a baby boy. They were arrested.

In the first case the animal raped his 12-year old kid four times since July last year in a house in Dungun. The victim revealed all to her mother only after giving birth a week ago. The beast is an unemployed 39-year old man.

In the other case, the slimy slug was worse, raping his daughter since she was 5 - that's a horrendous 7 years ago. The kid wrote about her incestuous abuse in a letter to her teacher who didn’t, just couldn’t believe her initially. She told her teacher she wanted to run away from home due to personal problems, which the teacher ignored, thinking perhaps she was seeking attention.

However, when she wrote a second letter last week stating she was raped, the teacher took her to the police to make a report. The 40+ year old suspect, a carpenter, has since been detained.

Police said both suspects were detained under Section 376B of the Penal Code for incest, which offence carries a maximum jail term of 20 years and whipping on conviction. I would like to see them castrated, slowly, with a blunt saw.

F**king animals! No, my apologies to animals. They are slimy filthy sh*tty slugs, cockroaches or toads.


  1. Actually slugs, cockroaches and toads are also animals.

  2. Cowdung, Shit, Vomit -- too mild?

    How about Devils, Syaitan, Kwai, then?

    Lustily, Then Let the Devils Fuck them until they die a slow death!

  3. Why only 20 years. It should be mandatory death sentence..nothing less.

  4. So whats the big deal about a little sex?

    1. how do you like your father shagging you?