Monday, April 03, 2006

Brutal murderers among us!

This Star Online article gives me the chill because it asserted that there are brutal killers walking among us.

It seems the 2 factors allowing this terrible situation have been the lack of evidence and shoddy police investigations. One could even argue that the police would be responsible too for the ‘lack of evidence’.

There had been people actually charged with murders but because of incompetent police presentation to the courts, they walked away free, without the need to pay for their crimes.

AG Ghani Patail claimed that he had appealed against several of the cases, where the accused were acquitted. He said: “We are concerned with the recent cases that we have lost and I have asked my officers as well as the police to ensure quality evidence is gathered and adduced in court.”

The only people who seemed to care about nailing the perpetrators have been the families of the victim. But with our police busy harassing 60-year old women and abusing others including 80 mysterious deaths under their custody, while the IGP messed around with his policewomen's clothing, I suppose they may have to wait a bit longer.

And all readers of police crimes (not just of this country) knows that the longer the wait, the colder the trail would be.

But the most worrying aspect has been the shoddy police work. I think it’s not just retraining of the investigating officers that needs looking into. I feel the ACA needs to look into a few other aspects, but did I say the ACA - what am I saying? I might as well say I would get the 4D lottery's 1st prize!

The Sunday Star advised us that at least 10 murder cases remained high on the police list of unsolved crimes, which are:

Sabah assistant minister Datuk Norjan Khan Bahadar
Fishmonger Anthony Chong Kim Fook
IBM executive Patricia Wong Bao Bao
Boutique owner May Goh Lee Fang
Marketing executive Chee Gaik Yap
Guest relations officer Noritta Samsudin
14-year-old Chinese national student Xu Jian Huang
Chinese national student Li Mingqian
Chemist Wong Soke Ching
Managing director Jackie Ooi Po Ing

I remember young 14-year-old Chinese national student Xu Jian Huang who died under obvious circumstances, if the newspaper report was anything to go by, yet the accused could walk away untouched. Either the police investigation had been utterly incredibly unbelievably incompetent, or ........ the newspaper report was misleading!

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