Saturday, April 22, 2006

Fine Arts - Nice Culture

Vanessa-Mae, the Singapore-born Thai-Chinese classical-pop violinist is the wealthiest young entertainer in the UK under 30 years old, with a personal fortune of ₤32 million - btw, that's in Sterling pounds. As we can see, she certainly has lots of hyphenated stuff on her resumé.

Hmmm, I have always wanted to meet a classical musician, mind you, purely to discuss the make of her instrument and other high brow cultural stuff!

The 28-year old's Chinese name is 陈美 Chen Mei or in Penang Hokkien, Tan Bee. I would love to teach her Penang Hokkien which would then make her a complete woman but I'm not going to be too fussy over her linguistic ability, important as the Penang lingo may be ;-)

Some media people have added her English stepfather's name to her own, so nowadays she is referred to in the press as Vanessa-Mae Nicholson, and should you add her Thai name on to that it would become a delightful Vanessa-Mae Vanakorn Nicholson. Yummy, I savour every delicious bit of that 10-syllable appellation.

photos/pictures credits: (top to bottom) from BBC, Wikipedia & Vanessa-Mae's website

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  1. "important as the Penang lingo may be" - si meh?

    Great post, great blog - you make my daily read complete! Looks like there are lots of fantastic blogs coming out of Penang, or at least by Penangites...

    Looking forward to more of your posts!