Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Bush's N-backfire

In my previous posting Bush plans N-strike against Iran I voiced my concerns at President Bush’s rather cavalier and extremely dangerous attitude towards his administration’s secret plans to nuke Iran with tactical N-bunker busters, to ensure the Persian nation’s nuclear plants are destroyed without hope of reconstruction or re-occupation.

At the same time I voiced my suspicion and disgust that President Bush, surrounded by pro-Israeli staff, has possibly allowed himself to be propelled into an action totally against US national interest, but of benefit to Israel alone.

I also mentioned that he faces silent revolt by his own top military planners who have been so horrified by the very thought of the USA using N-weapons pre-emptively against Iran, that those officers have threatened to resign after failing to convince the Administration to discard the nuclear option.

Retired general Anthony Zinni, the former head of US Central Command, emerged from the background of retirement to add his concerns against such a foolhardy plan. He informed US television that a pre-emptive strike against Iran's nuclear program would be extremely risky. He stated:

"Any military plan involving Iran is going to be very difficult. We should not fool ourselves to think it will just be a strike and then it will be over. The Iranians will retaliate, and they have many possibilities in an area where there are many vulnerabilities, from our troop positions to the oil and gas in the region that can be interrupted, to attacks on Israel, to the conduct of terrorism."

Across the Atlantic, Jack Straw, Foreign Secretary of Britain, US strongest ally, told the BBC he saw ‘no smoking gun’ - a Freudian slip admitting to the fabrications against Saddam Hussein’s alleged WMD stockpile - to justify an attack against Iran. He undiplomatically termed the revealed US nuclear strike plans against Iran as completely ‘nuts’, though he quickly added that he didn't believed the US has such a plan.

A top Bush Administration official termed the latest reports ill-informed, but avoided an outright denial of the horrendous intention, thus indicating there had been such an intention.

But yesterday President Bush himself declared in a press conference that he doesn’t have such a N-strike plan and has been stunned by media reports. Obviously he was in damage control, after being snookered by the leak of such an outrageous war plan which has further imperilled his faltering reputation in the eyes of the American public who are already disenchanted by his abysmal lies and failures in the Iraq War.

Many observers suspected that the deliberate leak of Bush's idiotic N-strike plans, instigated by you-know-who, had been carried out by angry, horrified and dismayed US senior military officers who obviously don’t want to see the USA and its soldiers trapped in another bloody Gulf quagmire that may last for decades, just for the sole benefit of another country.

The American officials, outside Bush’s pro-Zionist coterie, could well be reasserting themselves in an effort to reclaim the US foreign policy driver’s seat back for Americans and America's national interests.

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