Friday, April 28, 2006

Gatal versus Miang

Not exactly breaking news but isn’t it great that our elected representatives have been up to entertainment mode again!

Abdul Fatah Harun, the honourable PAS member for Rautau Panjang told parliament “If we see women who don’t have husbands and are divorced not because their husbands are dead, (it must be because) they are ‘gatal sikit’”

The Malaysian word ‘gatal sikit’ literally means ‘a little itchy’ but really is an euphemism for being lustful.

When a swarm of protestors - hehehe were you expecting hornets? – bollocked him, he qualified himself with “I said most women. I didn’t say all women. Most of the women who have divorced are gatal.”

Well, that explains! It’s only most women, not all women. Thank God!

While there were protestations and angry response from many MPs, the most outstanding one came from Tan Lian Hoe (BN-Bukit Gantang) who yelled at him:

“You said women are gatal. Why don’t you say men who have divorced are also gatal? Why don’t you said they are miang? (euphemism for lustful male) If you are a gentleman, you have to withdraw that remark which is humiliating to women.”

Of course Minister Sharizat [also famous for her marvellous ability to belakang pusing (180 degrees about turn) in the recent Islamic Family Law legislation] took the opportunity to strike at PAS. She said: “I think only men from one particular party are like that [...] I urge the head of your party come to see me so I can teach you how to respect women.”

Before he takes up your challenge, Minister, don’t you dare wear lipstick!

Anyway, an unrepentant Abdul Fatah, when ordered by the acting speaker to withdraw the word, grudgingly did so but said: “I only withdraw the word (gatal). But not the fact (as I have said).”

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang issued a damage-control statement, declaring that the gatal remarks of the honourable(?) member for Rantau Panjang did not represent the views of the party. He ordered Abdul Fatah Harun to withdraw the remarks. He said:

“PAS amat menghormati peranan wanita sama ada sebagai isteri, ibu tunggal atau janda, kerana Islam meletakkan wanita pada tempat yang tinggi dan PAS sentiasa berpegang kepada prinsip ini.”

Rough translation:

“PAS respects (with a superlative adverb) the role of women whether they are wives, single mums or widows, because Islam places women on a high pedestal. PAS always subscribes to the this principal.”

Gatal and miang ;-)

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  1. Adoi ali, lu marah apalah?
    Saya nak protest, oleh kerana saya masih belum pernah jumpa si-manis2 seperi yg lu sebut tu. Aya, ai no luck lah.