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Israel & Palestine - a study in western hypocrisy & bias

After the European stand of their so-called ‘freedom of expression’ in which they defended a Danish rightwing newspaper and a Norwegian Christian magazine’s right to publish insensitive caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), they immediately demonstrated their hypocrisy by sentencing professional Holocaust denier David Irving to 3 years imprisonment for his crackpot views.

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The West, especially the Americans have consistently showed their bias for Israel without examining higher issue, like the Palestinian democratic choice in electing Hamas. In the European own nauseating mantra, the Palestinians have exercised their ‘freedom of expression’ in rejecting a corrupt but US and Israeli preferred Fatah while nominating Hamas to be their legislative representatives.

The western bias may be explained by the Europeans still reeling from the hangover of their 60-year old guilt over the Holocaust, and the Americans ‘guided’ by a Bush Administration that is heavily predisposed towards Israel. The US has no objective approach in its Palestinian policies - it would not be incorrect to say that the Israeli government must pre-approve such policies, if not write them.

They, meaning Israel and supported by Americans, want a compliant Palestinian Fatah to form the Palestinian Authority. Israel fears a reasonably incorruptible, competent and assertive Hamas who showed no sign of acceding to Israeli requirements as Fatah did, after being subject to American coercion or ‘motivation’. Israel wants a weak, pliable and thus compliant Palestinian Authority to accede to its neo-colonialist authority and nefarious land grab, in particular of Jerusalem. Hamas won't do. It wants to have Fatah re-elected as the new Palestinian Authority.

The flogging of the Palestinians must thus continues until enlightenment occurs among them, or at least with Hamas leaders.

As part of this strategy, the Americans led the movement to cut off all financial aid to the Palestinian Authority, including the denial of Palestinian own tax revenue (illegally withheld by Israel) until Hamas succumbs to its (meaning Israeli) directions.

We have also noted the refusal of Fatah to join the new Palestinian Authority as a Hamas-proposed coalition. The US has made it plain that it doesn’t want Fatah to do so. There have been recent incidents of internecine fighting among the Palestinians, which most observers suspect to be of Israeli making. The unspoken objective is to destabilise the Hamas led government.

Now, even President Mahmoud Abbas, who has been toeing US lines, has had enough and condemned the US and European decision to halt direct financial aid to the Palestinian Authority, saying the Palestinian people should not be punished for their democratic choice. Cutting off the funds would eventually result in administrative chaos, leading to the collapse of what little services the Palestinians currently have - such as ambulance and medical facilities, health services, education, etc.

Palestinian officials demanded for the world (meaning the US and Europeans) to respect the choice of the Palestinian people, but the US Department counter-demands, among other issues, that the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority recognise Israel. There are a considerable number of nations that do not recognise Israel, but then they don't have land that the Jewish state covets.

We have already witnessed the blatant hypocrisy of the Europeans in genuflecting to Jewish feelings over Muslim ones. Now we see that Bush’s clamour for democratic institutions in the Middle East doesn’t apply unless Israel approves the outcome - what a bunch of hypocrites, and the US has the brazen insolence to keep telling the world there is only an island of democracy in the Middle East. Certainly the US intends to perpetuate that myth by deliberately undermining Arab democracy for Israeli interests.

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Realistic choice for both Israelis and Palestinians. If the US - instructed by Israel and accepted by an Administration heavily staffed with pro-Israel members - insists on and persists with its heavy handed approach, the Palestinians would have to turn to the Persians for financial succour. This would extend the Iranian influence even further into the region.

If there is one nation Israel fears, it’s Iran. Maybe there is sweet justice somewhere here?

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