Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sanusi Junid to Syed Hamid: "Dont teach granddad how to suck eggs"

Note: This is a reprint - I accidentally delete the original instead of a draft [finger-trouble], so if your comments have been erased along with the original posting I apologise.

Yesterday I posted Syed Hamid: "Suck it man, you're no longer No 1"

I am not sure whether former Menteri Besar (state premier) of Kedah, Sanusi Junid, had read my posting ;-) but he has since came out to tell foreign minister Syed Hamid not to teach grandfather how to suck eggs, meaning Syed Hamid had the bloody nerve to lecture Dr Mahathir, the man who picked him to be the foreign minister.

He said: “Katanya, kalau tidak bersetuju jangan pula bangkitkan sentimen hingga boleh memecahbelahkan negara ... apakah Dr Mahathir hendak memecahbecahkan rakyat Malaysia?”

Rough translation: He [Syed Hamid] said because [Mahathir] didn’t agree [with the cabinet] decision, he shouldn’t raise emotional stuff to split the unity of the Malaysian people ... Could it ever be Dr Mahathir wanted to split the unity of the Malaysian people?

“Dia kata lagi ... boleh sebabkan negara tidak stabil dan tidak selamat ... Apakah Dr Mahathir mahu negara ini tak stabil dan tidak selamat? ... Mengapa sampai hati kata macam tu ...”

Rough translation: He [Syed Hamid] said also … could destabilise and affect the security of the nation … Could it ever be Dr Mahathir wanted to destabilise and affect the security of the nation?

Sanusi advised the younger generation not to insult their elders because one day they too will become elders. He said:

“Apabila Tun Ghafar Baba meninggal, saya tidak menangis di pusaranya, tetapi saya menangis kerana saya gagal selamatkan beliau ketika ditumbangkan pada tahun 1993”

Rough translation: When [former DPM] Tun Ghafar Baba passed away, I didn’t cry at his grave site, but I cried because I failed to save him from being toppled in 1993.

Sanusi was referring to the time when Anwar Ibrahim stood for the position of deputy president UMNO, challenging and ousting the incumbent Ghafar, who was then also DPM.

Sanusi related that Anwar received lots of nomination for the party's deputy president position whilst Ghafar had only 7 nominations. Because of this, as I blogged previously, Ghafar saw the writing on the wall and withdrew from the UMNO party contest in 1993, surrendering his post to a new rising star in Anwar Ibrahim.

What staggered Sanusi Junid was, as he confessed, the pitiful sight of a then unwanted Ghafar Baba left walking around aimlessly, pathetically holding a paper bag. Should this be how a party like UMNO treat one of its former leader?

He added: “Dr Mahathir juga akan pergi ... jika kita akan menangis ketika Dr Mahathir sudah tiada dan menghamburkan kata-kata pujian ... mengapa tidak sekarang ketika beliau masih hidup ...”

Rough translation: Dr Mahathir will also go (passed away) ... if we are going to cry when he’s gone, then eulogise him … why not do it now when he’s still around …”

“Kita terlalu cepat berkawan dengan musuh dan cepat pula bermusuh dengan kawan ...”

Rough translation: We are just a wee too hasty to befriend the enemy while equally hasty to reject a friend as a foe …

I wonder whether he was referring to some top UMNO personalities who are very close with the Singapore government, and that those foreigners had been treated with better consideration than Dr Mahathir?

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