Saturday, April 15, 2006

PM's Little Napoleons

The PM claims he is damn pissed off with a small group of top civil servants whom he accused of heel dragging in implementing the 9th Malaysian Plan (9MP). He said "We don't want to have 'Little Napoleon' in the civil service showing power by delaying things, for example, just to teach that person a lesson."

"There is no need to show how powerful you are by delaying things. There are people who held back files, and there are people who held back decisions."

I am not sure why he made this outburst when as the PM he could have easily hauled those culprits up, or give them the sack, or send them to the civil servants' St Helena. He doesn't seem aware of his own authority, or does he?

Quite frankly, I have been disappointed with the PM for not doing a single damn thing against an openly insubordinate IGP. So his tough talk against top civil servants leaves me completely cold. I have no sympathy for his complaint.

Rather, I believe this is one of the usual UMNO sandiwara (theatrics) a la Sun Tze’s dictum to signal to the east, strike to the west.

We need to watch what will unfold shortly in UMNO.

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