Thursday, April 06, 2006

Indian Masseur Shows What Indecency Is!

Remember that member of the Indian Commonwealth Games who could have ‘won’ the gold medal for an unusual event? I posted that in Commonwealth Games start with Breasts Groping!.

It was remarkable that in a world record time of a mere 10 seconds he was able to catch hold of a 16-year old cleaning lady, kissed her and fondled her breasts. However, he was ‘disqualified’ for not asking her permission.

On a matter of English terminology, yesterday in my posting Facts, Fallacy, Fabrication, Fornication, F-up! I mentioned that the word groping carries the meaning of ‘to handle or fondle for sexual pleasure’ thus indicating the objective of the action is recreational, whilst the action of fondling is related to demonstration of fondness or affection through caressing.

I suppose no one’s going to dispute that in the Melbourne case the Indian masseur was ‘groping’ rather than ‘fondling’. Maybe I’ll drop a line to ABC on this distinction.

Well, the Melbourne court has convicted 35-year old Nabi Dewan of indecently assaulting the girl, and sentenced him to one month in jail, but suspended for a year, meaning he can virtually walk away free and go home to India, though with the suspended sentence hanging over his head. But more terrible, Dewan has been registered on the Sex Offenders List, which is shared among Interpol members.

I don't suppose India will be holding a ticker tape victory parade for him. His Australian lawyer said Dewan has already suffered through humiliation and exclusion from the Games festivities.

It also demonstrates to us what an act of ‘indecency’ is! And please do compare his suspended sentence (of one month) for sexual assault to the one in Malaysia of a fine of RM2000 or imprisonment for up to a year or both for consensual kissing and hugging.

Our justice system ought to rethink its attitude towards the personal affectionate relationship between a man and his girlfriend in today's multi-ethnic and multi-religious Malaysia. It needs to remember it's a Civil and not a Syariah court.

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