Saturday, April 29, 2006

Syed Hamid: "Suck it man, you're no longer No 1"

As I have blogged these past couple of weeks, Matthias Chang, Mahathir’s former political secretary, had accused foreign minister Syed Hamid of giving 'bad advice' to Abdullah over the bridge issue. Chang had even insulted him as being incompetent, calling for his resignation.

I disagree with Chang that the true issue had been Syed Hamid providing bad advice. Wrong target man!

But as we know, in Malaysia and in Malay politics, the shadow-play-like manoeuvres and are even more sophisticated and convoluted than the Machiavellian sex-cum-assassination politics of the Italian Borgias.

Syed Hamid was chosen by you-know-who only as a surrogate target, a sort of ricochet post to deflect you-know-who’s verbal bullets, to strike at a different you-know-who and his (the 2nd one) you-know-who’s you-know-who (a 3rd one).

Crumbs, I might just have lost track of who is you-know-who? Hmmm, maybe with my KTemoc-speak, I may even qualify for UMNO honorary membership.

Well, Syed Hamid Albar has finally spoken up, basically telling you-know-who to suck it.

He said: “The practice of a government taking different actions from time to time is normal, it is not something extraordinary. It does not mean we have failed to see specific issues.”

“I think we have to accept the fact that when there is a change in leadership, the current leadership will take different actions and make different decisions than its predecessor. This does not mean he (the new leader) is doing something just to satisfy himself.”

Of course not – everyone in Malaysia knows that, and who’s pleasing who.

Continuing, he stated: “It is not necessary for everyone to agree with the government and Dr Mahathir as the former prime minister has the right to disagree and provide a different interpretation (on the issue).”

As if you can stop him?

“I think these arguments and views will continue but the question is the government sees that it has made (a decision) in the best interest of the people and for the good of Malaysia.”


“We did not pawn the interest or the sovereignty of the nation. What is important, is that we stop bickering with each other.”

“We made a decision based on certain factors. After that, there are those who disagree and even if they disagree, they should raise sentiments that can ruin the unity of the country."

You know, Israelis and Zionists always use their 12-letter magic formula whenever anyone criticises them – “anti-Semitism”.

So the Malaysian government has one too – “unity of the country”, which of course for the past 50 years we have witnessed every conceivable official action to prevent this.

Then he grudgingly admitted: “We cannot stop anyone from raising their arguments and views, especially if that person has a standing in society, is much respected and regarded highly among the people.”

What about the ordinary member of the public?

They get chemical-laced water shots or Hotel Kamunting or UMNO Youth mobs?

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