Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Last of the 'Originals'?

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Gaafar Baba, one of the nation’s political ‘originals’ passed away at Kuala Lumpur Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre. He was 81, having just celebrated his birthday a few days ago. He was the only politician to have participated in 9 consecutive general elections since 1955, winning every one of them.

His highest political position was as DPM to Dr Mahathir. But in 1993, Anwar Ibrahim, a young rising star who was parachuted into UMNO with Dr Mahathir’s blessing and as the boss’ anointed heir, took over as DPM. Gaafar Baba had then wisely saw the writing on wall and exited politics for good, giving way to Anwar.

He is at peace now.

I wonder whether he was the last of the 'originals'?


  1. Thanks for the info kroni2u

  2. I know there are many freedom fighters still with the opposition party Parti Rakyat Malaysia. Many are still active in PKR. They do not have Tuns or Tan Sris to their name. Many are living in poverty nevertheless they have firm beliefs on which they still hold on to up to this day. A few have been featured in Suara Keadilan and Suara PRM over the years.