Monday, July 02, 2018

The One-Man Show continues

MM Online - Dr M: New CJ to be chosen by month’s end:

don't be impatient and rush this poor olde man - he's 93 yet has taken on a one-man show burden 

KUALA LUMPUR, July 2 — The replacement for Chief Justice Tun Md Raus Sharif will be selected by the end of this month, said Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Raus and Court of Appeal president Tan Sri Zulkefli Ahmad Makinudin both tendered their resignations last month and will vacate their positions effective July 31.

Both men previously had their contracts extended beyond the mandatory retirement age for judges, and had been pressured to leave following Pakatan Harapan’s general election victory.

Their extensions are also the subject of a judicial review sought by the Malaysian Bar, which launched the legal action after contesting the constitutionality of their contract extensions.

You can't rush him, you know, as he has so MANY issues to deal with concurrently, running the country, planning its financial management, sorting out its diplomatic relationship and technological advancement, scheduling a program for a brand new national car, building an island next to Sing, and reviewing the NSC, test-driving SUV, etc. 

Thank goodness he has a kuai-kuai budak kecil in the new FM to do some 'demon-isation' campaign, both to blacken you-know-who and also to assuage his own vindictive furious heart for biadab-ish slights.

Though his racist BTN remains still untouched, the One-Man show continues.


  1. Meet the new Che Det, same as the old...

    Pom pom girls still in denial that they are in an abusive relationship.

  2. The reforms are taking place as promised by PH Govt. and it is inevitable that some reforms will take time due to financial or changes to Laws and enactment of new Laws or replacement of infested Little Napoleons in Govt. bodies and Agencies or educating the populace to changes required etc.

    Reforms are also required to ensure the culture of corruption, abuse of power, trust and responsibilities, wanton cheating and discrimination are eradicated and stamped out to prevent future occurances of such evil and disgusting attitudes and cultures of the people given such trust and positions.

    The only problem with TDM is, he has a trust deficit with almost everyone except himself and his own selected people of whom he believes to do the jobs required. And thus the initial formation of The Council of Emminent Persons, selective choice of Ministers and various Cabinet and Govt. posts.

    And this problem of a trust deficit by TDM has created some suspicions and backlash among the more vocal PH politicians who sees it as delaying reforms and perhaps veering off to perhaps his own personal agenda.

    It will continue to feel and look like a "One man Show" instead of a "PH Show" until TDM learns about trusting more and more of PH current leaders.

    1. For people who want to know the meaning of the word "apologist", the comment above practically defines it.

    2. The Mahathir of the 80s also started out as a reformer...even celebrated as such by Lat cartoons...

    3. Lu jangan cakap banyak who can't even differentiate between DUMNO and DAP, hihihi. Only apologist like you who refused to acknowledge that Buduh Nik Abduh's tape has already cooked Hadi Bawang's goose, together with those other corrupted in PAS...yes, you the apologist who now accuse others of being apologist...sedar lah sikit ! Your nick should be UMNO dan PAS sekarang sama, much more tepat kan ? hehehehe

    4. Don't bother la......This cheebye another fucking PAS guy la.

  3. Don’t be silly. The show has not started yet. Just wait till Parliament 14....soon. Then TDM will be flanked by LKS, LGE, unfortunately Karpal Singh will join only via Gobind and Ramkarpal, and eventually Anwar. This show will feature all the old stars from yesteryears but the difference is they are now all on the same side. Enjoy !!

    P/S it is my hope that Najib will make it. The show needs a villain. Hadi Awang can play a minor role too.

  4. Ktemoc's favourite DAP man said BTN should be reformed and retained unless it proved impossible.

    Was Tan Seng Giaw supporting racism ?

    1. TOTAL silence from Lim father, son and the Holy Hallelujah about BTN

    2. And you too with najib....cheebye kaytee

      Is your fucking ht low going to defend u

  5. The lady just doesn't get it. We don't need a "standardized screening process" or an SOP. This is just wishy washy talk and at the end, probably years later until the next elections, nothing will come of it. The issue will just be kicked to the next government. This was what BN did for 61 years.

    We just need a law that says minimum age for marriage is 18 years. FULL STOP.

    PUTRAJAYA, July 2 — The Women, Family and Community Development Ministry will look into a standardised screening process for marriages involving minors, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail said today.

    The deputy prime minister, who is also in charge of the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry, said the proposal is to protect the welfare of minors while upholding the sanctity of the Shariah Courts and the Native Courts in east Malaysia.

    “There will always be exceptions to certain things... like customary marriages in Sabah and Sarawak, which we have to take into consideration.

    “That is why we want to do [it] at the federal level.

    “If you want to get married, at least we have a standard operating procedure that we must adhere to,” she said at her ministry’s Hari Raya open house here.

    Dr Wan Azizah said the guideline will likely include making medical and psychological tests compulsory for children who want to get married.

    “You have to get the child to go for medical checks, get the child to go for psychological checks, among others.

    “We must also check if there is an element of sexual grooming present because bottomline is the interest of the child,” she said.

    1. What nonsense of respecting customary marriages, religious courts, getting thr correct SOP etc etc.

      A child is a child according to the the established age of consent for marriage. Fixing the age is the issue since in modern times, maturity of children tends to be earlier compared to the past ages.

      Paedophilia is a very very heinous crime against children. FULL STOP.

      Children needs protection and not adults who wants to practise Paedophilia under differing customs, religions, grandmother fairy tales of personality etc etc.

    2. I have to agree with Wan Azizah.
      On a broad societal basis, we can agree that marriage involving minors is undesirable.
      However, banning it absolutely is not possible without encroaching on the human rights of those involved.

      Some 40% of Malaysia's population still lives in rural communities where it is customary to marry young.

      In such communities , a girl getting married at 16 is not considered abnormal, as long as both sets of parents agree, and there is no coercion involved.

      My own mother grew up in such an environment and she married just past her 16th birthday.
      That was many decades ago, but There are many areas in rural Malaysia where such social mores still exist.
      Who is to say they are illegal ?

    3. Right from the very start, it's ILLEGAL!

      Some cultures move on & change.

      While these people r still stuck with the old world tradition as if the world passes them by!

      1) blur due to ignorance

      2) ignorance bcoz the govt of the day kept them uneducated & uninformed

      3) the indoctrinated zombieism helps keeping them in check about liberalism


    DAP Youth turn to Meow... wakakaka