Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Mahathir keeps his racist institutions

FMT - ‘How many promises will PH break?’:

PETALING JAYA: Former G25 member Tawfik Ismail has accused Pakatan Harapan (PH) of going back on its promise to dismantle the National Civics Bureau (BTN) and other institutions that allegedly undermine national unity.

Commenting on a report that the government has decided against scrapping BTN, Tawfik noted that PH was once known to be strongly against the institution, going so far as accusing it of encouraging racism.

He claimed it was institutions like BTN and Jakim that kept Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad in power during his first tenure by stoking fear over alleged threats to Islam and other Malay interests.

“These were Mahathir’s legacies,” he told FMT. “They perpetuated Barisan Nasional’s rule, which components of PH, minus PPBM, had long fought and campaigned against.

“Will pragmatism and political reality trump PH’s principles and ideals?”

Tawfik alleged that the ruling coalition made many promises with no intention of fulfilling them because it thought it had no chance of winning the recent election.

“The shock of winning and actually having on record the promises made probably puts a heavy burden on PH to deliver on promises it never expected to have to fulfil,” he said.

He also alleged that PH won many sympathy votes because it was the underdog and that some who voted for it did not have high expectations that it would make good on all of its promises.

However, he said, PH could not be absolved of fulfilling those promises now that it had won the election.

With the continuity of BTN and Jakim and the possibility that the National Security Council Act would be retained, Tawfik asked how many more promises PH intended to break.


  1. can ph do that much in such a short period, when some minister only sworn in now? i think we have to judge base on priority.

    dun simply dismantle tis n tat, the resistance could be a revolution.

  2. "Former G25 member Tawfik Ismail".
    The "former" bit is very important.
    Tawfik quit G25 because he was still too much of a Ketuanan UMNO operative, and couldn't stomach what he saw as G25's Neo-Liberal stance.

    As to JAKIM, I have made it clear before I understood its outright dissolution is a Bridge Too Far for Pakatan to take. You need to understand Malaysia is not just KL, Klang Valley and Penang.

    There would be a serious Malay-Muslim backlash. If the new Administration can commit to Jakim's reform , under Minister Mujahid Rawa, I will be fine with that.

    We'll see what Mahathir does with BTN. Tan Seng Giaw openly called for its retention and reform ....so the decision has the stamp of approval from at least some in DAP...wakakaka..

    1. Monsterball is very unscrupulous in accusing Tawfik Ismail of ketuanan-ness - a 180 degrees bullshit, but then Monsterball is a dedak-makan-er bullshitter

    2. "Former Umno MP Tawfik Ismail said the purge of GLC chiefs was “one step too far” for Pakatan Harapan to take, even though the coalition had obtained a mandate in the general election."

      More quotes :

      "He said the GLC heads were “the cream of the Malay corporate world, many of them village children made successful by the New Economic Policy (of the previous governments) who had excelled in their chosen field through their innate abilities”.

      The continuing purge would hurt the progress of Malays in commerce, he said, while Pakatan Harapan was making things worse by “using Guan Eng as the hatchet man”. It was turning the cull into a racial issue, he told FMT.

      “Entrepreneurship is part of many Chinese families’ upbringing. Malays don’t have that, so using Guan Eng to chop out Malays will look wrong to many of the Malays.”

      Wonder what he will say when these so-called creams are replaced by another creams of Malays and NOT replaced by Chinese and Indians.

      Enough said !

    3. The fact is Tawfik was and remains an UMNO/Najib loyalist.

      He quit / was asked to leave (a combination of both) G25 because he was sabotaging what he saw as the movement getting too close to the Opposition (then).

      Still a Ketuanan supremacist.

    4. As if you are no better, cheebye kaytee. Kaytee is malaysia version of donald trump.trump screwed americans over birtherism issue

      Kaytee is with the whitewashing of najib hideous crime

    5. he was saying "someone" making Lim GE the villain (the fool), to vacate choice GLC positions for cronys

    6. He also said...'The continuing purge would hurt the progress of Malays in commerce..' and he said..'the GLC heads were “the cream of the Malay corporate world, many of them village children made successful by the New Economic Policy (of the previous governments) who had excelled in their chosen field through their innate abilities”.'

      He doesn't give a fig if LGE, a Chinees, is being made a fool of 'a villian'. He's only keen to hit at Dr M...whom he hated with as vigor as yourself, Ktemoc.

    7. typo correction...He's only keen to hit at Dr M...whom he hated with as much vigor as you yourself, Ktemoc.

  3. elvis...god bless his pelvis, once say, only fools rush in, and I believe it is true whether in the boardroom or bedroom it is wise not to rush in, if its on the kitchen table then you should coz the kids might want breakfast any time, so chabo what's the rush, you think Joe public is that impatient like you on the kitchen table? just let them review, repeal, reform, dismantle whatever in good time, losers can't be choosers

  4. It's only the 55th minute of a 90-minute football game, plus time added on. How many games have been won in the last few minutes of the current World Cup. In the first half Team Harapan played with only 5 players, now in the second half they have a full 11. Have patience and make judgement after the referee blows the final whistle. Then we see how many of the 10 promises have been kept.

    By the way my son scored 80% in his Mathematics test and he was still given an "A".

    1. These two comments here ( which happened to be feedback to an article by Thayaparan ) are note worthy :

      "Ironically, the biggest obstacle to Harapan controlling the narrative are the very people who voted for harapan, who think a new Msia will magically be a free and fair one, extolling the highest values of democracy and equality. You can see, the slightest mention of 'helping the Malays' sends the liberal harapan supporter into a frenzy of 'they are just like BN 2.0' or how disappointed they are things never change. What we have now are a new generation of back seat drivers empowered by the demise of the fake news law. But folks, politics is not for amateurs, and if one wants Harapan to really rebuild a new Msia, they need to let the politicians do their dirty work. For politics is necessarily dirty. You can't have your cake and eat it. I believe it will take at least two decades before we can get rid of ketuanan mentality. That is, if Umno-PAS doesnt get back in power. ( written by one Ultimately )


      2/Jul/2018 at 1:04:50pm

      Sobering thoughts Thaya, and good comments from Ultimately below. PH supporters (especially our optimistic youth and our nostalgic elders) must accept that change is incremental. Most of us will let PH slide on the unrealistic expectations for the '100 days' and the obviously overblown manifesto 'promises'. If TDM manages to jail the more egregious looters, institute reforms to parliamentary accountability, and clean up the judiciary in the first two years, that will be a remarkable atonement for his past 'sins'.It goes without saying that Thaya is right about the threat from a regressive and aggressive islam. This needs to be spoken about more openly and honestly."

      Ktemoc, in his pretense role of the great PRINCIPLED man who acted as though he voted for Pakatan Harapan, should stop his batu api-ing but this hypocrite just couldn't stop his vicious venting, more so now when his Najib al Songlap got arrested this afternoon. He should rush down to the MACC office tonight as his senior Umno propaganda commander-in-chief Lokman Adam is organizing a gathering there to give semangat to the Big Thief.

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  5. Since when, Kaytee is championing reforms? Anyway, his ideas of reforms of Institutions is more like Batu Api types to forment dissatisfection on the PH Govt.

    It's still early days. If JAKIM or BTN can also be reformed to serve the PH Govt. and country, why not? There are many things, we still do not know the logic off unlike the logic of Kaytee's.

    I would give TDM and the PH Govt. the benefit of doubt for the moment on why they are not abolished but retained. Let's watch the reforms first in these institutions under the recently sworned in Ministers in charge.

    1. Kaytee championing reform......nostro piggy....akin to declaring all mothers are female.

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