Sunday, July 22, 2018

Nostalgia (2)

I have a new non-political post over at Kongsamkok titled Nostalgia (2). You are welcome to peruse it at your leisure.

Read the difference between loh-mee and prawn mee, and the Penang-KL differences in hawker dish names such as KL Hokkien mee, Penang Hokkien mee.


  1. Thanks very much dear KT. Indeed, a delightful article down memory lane.

    My late mum used to cook chap-ch'ai for me and I miss this dish very much. But it is different style; the ingredients are sohun (or suun), dried tofu skin, dried black ear mushroom, white radish, kentang, and telur (to break and put in when the dish is boiling and about ready). However, my wife doesn't like this dish and does not want to cook it for me. Sigh..

    Just wondering whether poh pni'ah is what we malay called popiah or popia. Don't know that it was a chinese origin. Oh boy I just love my late mum's crispy popiah (home made skin) goreng and to cecah with Sos Aminah Hassan.

    Last but not least of course is the marvellous Ah Pau's kopi-aw-peng that I used to take from his small kedai kopi at my kampong, which nobody can beat its taste and kau-ness until today.

    My mum's chap ch'ai and popiah (home made skin) and Ah Pau's kopi-aw-peng are no more but I will always cherish the memories.

    Thanks very much again, dear KT.

    1. wow, your mum could make poh phniah skin - that's a very skilful art

  2. nvr triee loh mee with intestines, reminds me of Ah Xhong Mian Xian in Taipei! time 2 go north 2 makan! in Sarawak, our loh mee has bloody sticky gravy & we prefer sour vinegar overload. just like how we make our pork trotter. dats why we find some of western version too watery or dislike e salty version. no kangkung 4 us too.i alwiz like a side dish of prawn cracker 2 compliment or dip into e gravy.heavenly. e closest in e south i can find is yew swee. best 4 me but sweat buckets there 4 badly ventilates kopitiam.

  3. Nice article on good food. Nice reprieve from all the bile inducing articles n comments. Wa caya lu. Hehehe

  4. I prefer Loh mee....
    Not being true Penang-born, I have a limited capacity for spicy food, and the Hokkien Mee is rather spicy....but its OK once in a while....wakakakakaa