Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Consensus with an Imperator?

From Malaysiakini:

The two biggest parties on the government bench, PKR and DAP, are under-represented in Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad's cabinet.

Combined, PKR and DAP control 73.6 percent of the seats on the government bench but were allocated only 50 percent of the cabinet positions.

It was reported that discontent was expressed by certain quarters in DAP over the cabinet allocations.

But ...

Veteran journalist A Kadir Jasin has urged Pakatan Harapan lawmakers to respect the decision on the cabinet line-up as it was based on consensus.

The cornerstone of Harapan is consensus, he said, a process which began during the Citizens' Declaration petition to save Malaysia in March 2016.

"So whether the formation of the new cabinet, which was sworn-in at the Istana Negara two days ago, was slow or quick, it was the result of that consensus.


Was there 'consensus' when Lim Guan Eng cried over Mahathir's refusal to appoint Nga Kor Ming as a minister?

big time loser

promised a ministerial position by a big mouthed piggy bank lil' boy

Compare Nga's experience and capability with an politically-unproven 25-year old Syed Saddiq who admittedly is dating someone's cucu, a Malaysian "political royalty".

sweetie is Melia Serena Mukhriz
Ah Bah, lu hoe liao man

Nga, eat your heart out

Pak Kadir, don't lah fCking misuse the word 'consensus'.

Look East and build me a car
Look South and build me an island
Look East and get me a photo-op with Trump
Look North and cancel that ECRL    


  1. it is not wrong if 4 parties have consensus that all r equal partner regardless who win more.

    u shd ask y some junior in dap can become minister while nga cant.

    1. when a sec-gen of DAP cried, was that consensus?

  2. In any case, DAP has the 2nd largest number of Ministers and Deputy Ministers in the Cabinet.

    Less than 35% of Malays voted for Pakatan Harapan in GE14

    If DAP insist on its arithmetic "share" it will inevitably lead to an ugly Race polemic from the Opposition, now mainly consisting of Malay-Islamic extremists.

    Yup, Ktemoc is on Their side.

  3. Talk cock by an imposter and a fraud called cheebye motherfucker kaytee

    Your words will hold no value and we will ensure that. Plus we ensure motherfucker kaytee mampus

  4. Kena jadi menteri atau timbalan baru boleh berkidmat untuk rakyat ka?

    Atau berebut harta rampasan perang.

  5. Wakakakakakakaka

    Tokong cried when NGA not appointed Minister? Bet, it was just crocodile tears, woh.

    Why fuss over TDM, who he appoints or who he doesn't appoint? Let him appoint and later when he meets his maker, AI can come back and undo it again by sacking them as Underperforming ministers and reappointing others. No problem, one.

    For helping PH win the GE14, i think it's not too much to give Ceasar The Imperator some slack and time for him to gain some fame and honour for his legacy when he meets his Maker.

    TDM as Imperator don't trust too many people and hence his difficulty in trying to fulfill other PH parties appointees to fill his Cabinet.


  6. Syed Saddiq as Minister is a mistake. He should be Deputy at most. He will get eaten alive by the crocodiles at Youth and Sports. Citizen Nades thinks so too. Mat Sabu as Defence is also a mistake, especially at a time when Malaysia needs to upgrade its military hardware. He is not up to it. I don’t see this canbinet lineup lasting 5 years. There will be a reshuffle, within a year or two.

  7. Not just Melayu mudah lupa !!

    Have we forgotten what the scenario was before Dr M came into the scene and make Pakatan Harapan happen ?

    Most of us then were lamenting that the then-Opposition Pakatan Rakyat was in such disarray !! The parties fighting publicly over seats to contest, exasperation and anger with Azmin who was stubbornly hanging onto PAS who in fact had split from PR ( weird but true ), stories emerging persistently of feuds between Azmin's camp and Kak Wan's camp, Amanah unhappy and voiceless....etc etc. Already in such a dismal situation, PR have to face those UMNO mercenary vicious propagandists and merciless bloggers...who could forget that MOM Liar during those harrowing times...DAP took the whole bundle of shit then...everyday, non stop, Uncle Lim will make himself Prime Minister, the Chinese will take away Malay rights, No more Mara, the Chinese controls the economy and politics, bla bla bla.

    The came Dr M....

    Suddenly there's some hope on the horizon, cliche as it might be to put it this way. A PM designate appeared, a single logo was agreed upon, PAS was kicked out completely, a manifesto agreed upon.

    The mantra then was : we just need Dr M to just swing a few percentage of the rural Malay votes to put us in Putrajaya.

    And wallah...swing he did and here we are...hehe

    That was why we were more than annoyed when Rafizi, hardly 3 days in of the new governance, did his stunt with the Press...whining and bitching, fighting for the spoils of war, and later claiming that Dr M has nothing at all to do with the victory of PH, hahaha !

    Now other parties coming up with their own claims too.

    This is all just ripe for these dedak fueled bloggers having their second coming....see how they now rolled up their sleeves again with renewed energy to attack relentlessly, every day now, even on Sundays ! Guys, our work is NOT done yet...for every damn lie, for every outrageous fabrication, for every exaggeration, for every twisting and spinning, let's nail them and drive them up the wall and let them tear out their hair ( private ones as well, hahaha, good advice from CK ) wakakaka.

    So, let our Imperator roll...he deserves to have his limited days of fame and glory on this earth. We trust he will lead us into better times and if there's any faltering, we ourselves would know how to take advantage of the freedom of press to make loud our complains.