Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Mahathir's childish merajuk on Malaysian rejection of his 2nd national car

MM Online - ‘Just forget about Vision 2020’, Dr M says amid icy reception over new national car:

KUALA LUMPUR, July 16 — Malaysia will just become “a nation of consumers” if its people are unwilling to take a risk and set up a second national car, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today.

This comes amid mixed feedback regarding the prime minister’s proposal to come up with a second national car. [...]

Last month, Dr Mahathir said the Pakatan Harapan government was looking to introduce a new national car, as Proton, that was founded by him in 1983, had been bought by Chinese automotive manufacturer Geely last year.

Dr Mahathir also said that Malaysia might start the national car brand with another country — namely Thailand, South Korea or Japan.

“But we are already rejecting the idea of a second national car early on, and thereby, stop any suggestion of having the private sector produce cars. Surely, the government will not have a government-owned automotive industry,” Dr Mahathir argued today, defending his proposal. [...]

“In the end, Proton is sold to foreigners. There is no more national car, no more automotive industry. Workers, engineers, managers have lost their jobs. Everything deteriorates,” Dr Mahathir said

Such childish rant, macam budak merajuk selepas ibubapak ta'beri duit beli aiskrim.

Technological advances needn't come from a car, which has been Mahathir's obsession and fantasy. His Proton has been proven to be a severe failure, a costly disaster costing taxpayers billions. That wasteful project only benefited a few cronies, but disadvantaged Malaysians with a lousy expensive car. We cannot and must not tolerate his expensive hobby at taxpayers' money.

Look at Singapore - no car industry but it can build 5 (not just one) missile-guided stealth naval frigates as the one shown below, zillion light years superior in technology and engineering skills than a joke of a car like Proton:

RSS Steadfast 


  1. Mahathir's defining years were circa 1950's , and the motor-car industry was the King at the time.
    General Motors was the largest corporation in the world in 1957.
    In 2018, the most valuable corporations in the world are IT technology companies, either hardware , software or combination of both.

    So he is obsessed with cars.
    But the world has moved on. PM 7 has a right to his views , but he does not get all that he wants. In fact that is why he feels frustrated.

    That's the big difference in the Pakatan Harapan government that hasn't sunk in to Ktemoc, or he deliberately refuses to acknowldge it.

    1. mark my words, he'll shaft his Proton 2.0's exhaust pipes down your throats

  2. Oooh...your RSS Steadfast is not a good example to use to attack Proton.

    In fact RSS Steadfast @ French La Fayette Class Frigate is largely a shipbuilding version of a Proton car. Build a complex technical product from Blueprints designed by another country.

    Of course, Singapore learnt substantial technical skills in the process, shipbuilding, marine engineering, naval electronics, stealth materials....etc.

    Malaysia can learn substantial knowledge from such partnerships as well, but the car industry is not the best platform for such technology transfer. It is so ... yesterday...

  3. Though I think Mahathir is mistaken on the car industry, I give him credit for continuously thinking about ways to get the economy to generate wealth. The fundamental principle of sound economics is wealth has to be generated before it can be spent.
    Otherwise you are just living on borrowed money and borrowed time.

    The previous Bijan mob was focused on Spend, Spend , Spend.
    And increasing Government revenue so they can spend, spend , spend...at the cost of the ordinary citizen.

    1. he has yet to return the RM100 billion he squandered

  4. Wakakakaka……

    Why cant u look at this frustration rant of mamak as a normal human behaviour?

    Especially those who hold power (absolute power as u would like to claim!).

    Unlike mamak 1.0, mamak 2.0 ONLY talks w/o ramping his idea through. What does it tells?

    Consensuses mah! Right?

    Better find a better topic, then, think carefully before u fart lah.

    U r getting more & more like yr ego bruised sifu, going all out to paint the PH govt black.

    When r u going to pen some pieces in the like of




    That WOULD please yr paymaster no end, with a likely increase of yr currently miserably dedak le!

    1. there is NO mamak 2.0 - stop dreaming

    2. Thus, there is ONLY one jibby+hippo lah!

      Stop dressing them up!

  5. TDM's fascination with cars is understandable when his mind is already ingrained with the thought that a car brings stature and pride. His father was the only headmaster having a car in his village and he must have been enthralled when he rides in the car everyday to school or wherever in his home village and seeing all the villagers going GAGA looking at it. This passion for cars also reminds me of boys playing toy cars when young and become ingrained in their minds to possess a super duper car later in life.

    The reasons for having a 2nd National car after PROTON which was sold to China are just simplistic excuses for his passion to have a National car (indirectly his car) but unfortunately the sums do not end up for it to be economically viable. His new dilemma would be "Passion at the expense of the Nation's coffers?"

    However, it would be economically feasible to fulfill his childhood passion by suggesting to him to instead have a Malaysian 100% owned Toy Model car.

    TDM will have his car of passion and perhaps it might end up being a world brand and a major National export.

    Instead of calling it Proton 2.0 for the Toy Model, it would be better to rebrand it as TDM 93 Model 1 and with his many worldwide admirers, it would be a hit for many Men and boys to have one to remember him by. I doubt women and girls would be as passionate about cars since they seem to be mostly interested of the driver instead of the car.

    Do you think TDM would be happy playing with it instead of being able to drive in it?


    1. o instead have a Malaysian 100% owned Toy Model car, wakakaka - now you are talking

    2. Wakakakaka……

      If mamak can realise that 100% owned Toy Model car (TDM 93 Model 1 !!!, the toy car collectors will hit the roof lah), then it means bolihland has achieved some high-tech works le!

      In yr confused mind, u sincerely think that the Lego Bricksets r kiddy stuff!

      Confused Parish!!

    3. it'll save Malaysians billions upon billions of ringgit

    4. Let's look at yr 'logic' this way.

      Mamak's 'wasting' billions upon billions of ringgit in bootstraping the economic might of the melayu by indulging in technological gambling.


      Jibby+hippo sapu-ing billions upon billions of ringgit to show off their opulent lifestyle.

      Mana satu u mau?

      One a gambling that might benefit his targeted weaklings iff these people measure up to his expectations.


      U die u business, billions tu, I simpan luar Nevada just for my rainy days. But meanwhile just follow my chorus of alifbata.

      Wakakakaka…… what a twisted mind!

  6. This is the old man's mentality.He must have something to prove that Malaysians are as good as our neighbors,the Japanese and South Koreans.Since this is Mahathir's second time as PM,maybe the second national car will also be a success.Keep your fingers crossed,Matey,the old man is full of surprises.Afterall he did take down the Umno/BN.Who else could have been able to achieved this feat?

  7. He merajuk because under New Malaysia he cannot have his way. LGE tak mau bagi duit. Even Azmin pun tak setuju.