Sunday, July 15, 2018

Be careful of PM - of his past record

Malaysiakini - Harapan's plans to limit PM’s powers and strengthen Parliament (extracts):

The first sitting of Parliament following the 14th general election next week marks a historic moment as a new coalition takes over the legislative arm of government.

Pakatan Harapan has many plans in store to empower Parliament and restore its independence as part of its institutional reform efforts.

This Kiniguide takes you through the plans as outlined in the Harapan manifesto.

Restoring Parliament’s independence

One of the key planned parliamentary reforms is aimed at taking power away from the prime minister, and giving it to Parliament.

This would place Parliament in a position to keep Putrajaya in check.

To this effect, Harapan plans to revive and improve the Parliamentary Services Act (PSA) - which ironically was repealed by Dr Mahathir Mohamad in 1992 during his first round as prime minister.

Reinstating the PSA would restore Parliament's ability to manage itself administratively and financially, instead of being under the purview of the executive.

Now, reviving and improving the Parliamentary Services Act (PSA) will be a good move.

But consider, it had been Mahathir as PM in 1992, his 4th Reich, that he repealed the PSA so as to subjugate and control the Legislative. He had then rendered the august House of Parliament (Dewan Rakyat) into becoming his chattel.

He was a very oppressive PM, as was evident in his Ops Lalang where he has recently admitted was used (or misused) for his political ends.


  1. Ktemoc is a person who lives in the past.

    He does not accept the possibility and also the responsibility of current leaders to correct the wrongs of the past.
    THAT is why Bijan was always left off the hook, regardless

    1. Although i do agree that ppl change but they always start off with a genuine and honest apology admitting they were wrong. Not 'IF' i did anything wrong statement like how madey kutty said. Pffft.

    2. For a 93-year old man , it is very difficult for him to make a publuc apology, and I am not inclined to humiliate a man older than my grandfather.

      Suffice to watch his actions, and so far, PM 7's actions are very different from PM 4.

    3. much dedak do you have to eat to drag even your grandfather into this!
      Why would Mahathir need to apologize when he has apologists like you!

    4. This, my fellow citizens, is the nature of abusive relationships.

      Get a good beating,
      then get flowers
      and a promise to change,
      then you do your part and believe him.

      Lucky he is 93 or there could be round three if battered pom pom girls like Monsterball gets her way.

    5. What do u call this relationship:

      1) keep u poor & ignorant, surviving on dedak handouts

      2) promise afterlife' 72 virgin if follow & never question any zombieic doctrines

      3) meanwhile the elites, blue bloods, well-connected & clerics live an opponent lifestyle through the hollow chants of alifbata

      The al jannah under the onionized tempurung!

  2. Mahathir 1.0 was an autocrat.
    Mahathir 2.0 does not get many things that he wants.
    He originally wanted his buddy Rais Yatim for Speaker...he doesn't get it.
    He wants Zakir Naik to stay ...but now the case will be dealt according to the law.
    Now Pakatan wants to formalize checks on the Prime Minister's power

    1. Well has it ever occured to you that all is well planned? Madey is a machiavellian politician isnt he?

      Madey wants Malaysia as a republic as much as DAP does. But.. Wud u rather have a new republic Malaysia under u and ur legacies' control or ur sworn enemy's? Why do u think now, the Malays r pissed with DAP more rather than the whole PH coalition?

      Hint.. 2 birds with 1 stone as they say..

  3. Don't you think it would be better for TDM (Ceasar) to be hailed and worshipped like a GOD by the Malays generally?

    Otherwise, most of the Malays having no leaders would turn inwards towards their religion and start worshipping their Ulamaks.

    See how it works so well in UMNO even with the most corrupted, deceitful, racist, bigotted, selfish leaders? They still worshipped him like zombies.


    1. World's oldest and 2nd time PM, first to change Malaysia into a republic but making the Malays think he is pressed by DAP into doing so thus making the Malays side with him, and ending DAP while shaping the republic? Owh i think madey is changing his name to caeser for sure. Hahaha.

    2. Spot on. Non-halal AG, top judge, Finance Minister, UEC recogntion.

      Once Malays are scared completely shitless, he will turn around and do Operasi Lallang II except this time the detainees will be mostly his own Cabinet - the non-halal parts mainly.

    3. Don't count ALL the melayu as scared completely shitless!

      Thanks to the awaking OPEN-MINDEDNESS, many melayu r vocal, liberal & forward-thinking. & their number is increasing rapidly. There r numerous examples NOW where the dissenting topics r those that the old melayu r afraid to voice.

      Mamak WOULDN'T do Operasi Lallang II. Period.

      Someone else would.

      But, this time the detainees will be mostly the ketuanan freaks & the radicalized zombies lah!

      In fact, mamak COULD do an act - similar to President JF Kennedy's bold move of enforcing the enrolment of black student, James Meredith, by senting military police, troops from the Mississippi National Guard and officials from the U.S. Border Patrol to the all-white University of Mississippi on October 1, 1962.

      He can enforce the recognition of UEC as promised in the PH manifesto.

      Didn't he say NOW his action has to be guided by the PH manifesto!

      Eat yr heart out le, ketuanan freaks & mamak bashers!

  4. I am waiting for beheading of najib and rosmah. And i wanna see how cheebye kaytee suffers to death

    Anything else is secondary.....buay song ha kaytee

    1. if "buay song" balik lah ke Singapura

    2. Why balik? I love the beheading if najib, rosmah and cheebye kaytee....if ever find your mother graveyard, i may even whip the corpse

      I have great pleasure doing so. Buay song hah, cheebye kaytee....come back to msia lor

    3. haven't you gone too far in saying you may even whip my mother's corpse? don't be a biadab un-Chinese bastard or I'll block you out completely

      just for your info, there's no corpse of my mother - susah cremated and ashes scattered into the sea.

  5. KTemoc.....I am 62 and have gone through life like everyone else and I have made mistakes a long the way......there are times that I wished I could turn back time and undo those mistake....Yes Tun has been repressive....yes Tun was the one who repeal the PSA....He is now in a position to right the wrongs that he made previously and he has rolled up his sleeves and undoing the things he made wrong.....Tun does not apologize for those wrongs but his actions speaks for itself...That to me is humility and what more can we asked of him...????

    1. he is doing so only to secure political backing - he has a very sinister motive - don't trust him yet

    2. You should spend more exposing true identity of kautee and follow by drowning him in pig cage

    3. Cheap, u r wasting yr time le!

      Now u know why there r people like us to 'humiliate' his whatsoever induced mamak/manmanlai/lks relentless bashings!

      His reason is known though he would like to hide it using his story twisting skill, aka his sifu' tactics!

    4. He is not undoing, he is ***redoing*** on an even bigger scale "New 700m skyscraper coming up in KLCC"

      Waahh the scandals are going to be even bigger than the ones we saw in the 80s and 90s!!

    5. Wait lah!

      Let mamak clarifies this menaraM project lah.

      I read it as

      1) fitnah

      2) a bunch of useless sycophants wannabe trying to placate mamak to enhance their cozy positions

    6. Wakakaka...2030 development...sounds like castles in the air.

      The usual Hentam Mahathir whichever way you can story....

  6. But aren't the changes made by Tun good for the well being of the PM cannot hold Finance minister portfolio, MACC/EC/Attorney General/Auditor General reporting to Parliament rather than PM.....These are institutional changes that can stand the test of time even if one day there is another regime change.....We all remember how NaJIb assaulted these key institutions to keep the 1MDB shit under wrap....

    1. kt n mahathir share one similarity, their ego.

    2. Ktemoc will just ignore what you just said...that these changes made by Dr M are good for the nation. That's his SOP...ignore the good and highlight the bad hehe. That's exactly what he had been doing everyday now.

      Dr M's actions speak loud here, but Ktemoc is looking for 'sinister' agendas, that Dr M is just 'pretending' to be good...and one fine day, when Dr M is 98 or 100, he will show the Dr M ver 1 to the public...meaning he will undo everything and put back all these under his PMO and kick out ALL non Malays he had appointed in key positions and imprison Anwar again with Sodo Mee 3 and make Azmin his successor and his son Deputy PM and his may-be SIL the young boy into Deputy PM II to succeed Mukhriz as PM in 25 years' time, wakakkaka. By which time Dr M will be 125 years old...ktemoc already foretold Dr M has longevity genes in his family.