Saturday, July 21, 2018

USA, CIA, BMF, Mahathir, Najib

From Malaysiakini by Cmdr (rtd) S Thayaparan (extracts):

I have been getting all these e-mails and text messages about how Najib Abdul Razak is a traitor to this country and reading about how people are shocked by the letter of the so-called intelligence unit to solicit any kind of help to bolster a failing kleptocracy.

This is not earth-shattering news, folks. This is business as usual for corrupt, racist and bigoted governments the world over asking Uncle Sam for a handout while demonising the US to the locals.

Back in the day when the current Pakatan Harapan grand poobah [kt note: Mahathir] paid disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff to arrange a meeting with George Bush Sr, DAP leader Lim Kit Siang railed against such interference. In a statement, Kit Siang wanted full transparency and wanted to know if government funds were used.

who paid for it?

As cited in the international press, then deputy prime minister Megat Junid Megat Ayub was part of a “shadowy Malaysian group” that facilitated funds for the meeting. These days, it's the so-called “intelligence unit” in the former PM's office.

mahathir, bush and jack abramoff 

Like I said, whether it is cosying up to the intelligence apparatus of the US or canoodling with its presidents, using funds from god knows where, Malaysia, like many other strongmen “democracies”, has a history of sucking up to the US when it suits their purposes while demonising the US to stir up the local racial and religious base.

And let's be honest - compromised presidents or prime ministers are easier to handle than leaders who are actually pushing economic and regional security reform. Big business demands compliant local actors and the interests of the US trumps those of the local populace when dealing with corrupt potentates who lead race-based political parties.

Last year, in the CIA info dump of declassified articles, three pages concerned Dr Mahathir Mohamad and the BMF scandal. Mahathir claimed that such actions were meant to demonise him.

aiyah, wah lau liao lah, eng bay kee 

"Dr Mahathir also questioned the timing of the release of the CIA report, claiming it was politically motivated. 'These things happened way back, between 1981 and 1984, why are they bringing it up now? Can you correct what I’ve done before? The purpose is political. Maybe some people might benefit from it',” So, there is that.


  1. Stop your bait and switch to divert attention from your paymaster Bijan.

    The fact is your beloved Bijan has been caught red-handed treacherously attempting to conspire with a foreign power to interfere with the outcome of Malaysian elections.

    Probably An act Treason....and should be punished to the fullest accordingly if proven.

    Mahathir in the 1980's and 1990's made a very serious strategic error in dowgrading a previously excellent relationship with the United States dating back to Tunkus's time.

    When he finally attempted to get a meeting with the US President to get Malaysia's viewpoint across he found the doors closed.
    As is normal political reality in Washington DC, to fix that you need to pay a handsome price to politically-connected lobbyists.
    Mahathir was forced to grovel. That is the fact of it.

    Mahathir 1.0 was an ugly politician who made many idiotic mistakes, and his self-created enmity with the US was one of them.

    But Bijan's traitorous action is much, much, much worse.

  2. Wakakakakaka……

    What a coordinated defence for the indefensible!

    Yr sifu farts about this incident in:

    While u play with Cmdr (rtd) S Thayaparan's comment.

    Ooop…… u guys r acting blur OR just want to whitewash jibby's desperado treasonous act as detailed in that lady frog's letter!

    Mamak bought photo opportunity with the Whitehouse occupant WAS not the same as that despicable act of lady frog's letter asking for US interferences in M'sia's internal affair.

    Jibby can claim innocent about that letter. But the content of that letter clearly indicated it had the blessing of the MO1!

    Hasanah Ab Hamid as a director of the “Malaysian External Intelligence Organization (MEIO)” and, also leads a unit under the Research Division of the Prime Minister’s Department has not such authority to pen such letter, UNLESS permission is been given from her ultimate boss, jibby!

    This letter proves once for all that jibby would sell the country to stay in power le.

    Dedak takers, eat yr heart out lah!

    No sane M'sians would believe yr snake oil - its potency has long gone since 509.

  3. Methink the letter to the USA to seek support of Ahjib BN Govt. just a few days before GE14 was made after the Military and Police SB knew the tide was shifting towards PH but find it hard to prove it to Ahjib with facts and figures due to the inefficient and slow cumbersome old intelligence method of gathering facts and reports.

    However as a precautionary measure if PH were to upset the status quo by a few seats, plans were already in place to either:

    1. Get the EC and certain officials placed in some expected marginal seats to change the results via cheating, stuffing or just plain announcement of fake results and or

    2. To declare Martial Law by the PM via the National Security Council (NSC)if plan No 1 fail. Then EC will announce just some fake results to show a BN win by a small margin of a few seats or perhaps even by 1 seat.

    To claim legitimacy in the eyes of the world towards this hidden sleigh of hands or when the country is under Martial Law and governed only via the NSC in the event of such happenings, the support of the USA President via the CIA would be very much required.

    It was both a bait thrown at the USA in case of Ahjib BN needs to cheat in the GE14 to retain power and in return for the recognition of legitimacy, Ahjib knows the USA wants some problems solve with regards to China and he was willing to play balls.

    But, unfortunately the winning margin by PH was too overwelming as to be ridiculous to cheat and overturn by the EC and Ceasar was informed early of a coup de tat in the event of a PH win and managed to secure the support of most of the various Chiefs of the uniformed forces in time to prevent it happening.

    One wonders whether the payment to the Military Intelligence Unit via Ahjib 1MDB accounts much earlier was used to secure their allegiance in this scheme as well as that of the Special Branch in PDRM.

    In any case, it's obvious all the intelligence agencies of the Govt. have been compromised for political purposes of certain individuals and parties instead of serving the Nation's security interest.

    Those involved are definitely traitors to King and Country and should be Hanged.

  4. every najib act have to relate back to mahatheir, kt u pls own up like a man la, even najib never blame mahathir.