Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Manifesto promises cooked up like roti-pau

Sun Daily - Should Be No Excuses For PH Not To Fulfill ’10 Promises In 100 Days’: Analysts:

There should be no excuses for Pakatan Harapan (PH) not to fulfil their “10 promises in 100 days”, claim analysts, who believe the ruling coalition should be held responsible if it does not achieve its stated goals.

PH has so far implemented only two of their election promises as their self imposed 100-day deadline looms, and it now seems more unlikely than ever that all remaining promises will be accomplished by then.

They should not make excuses, because before they come up with those promises, they should have known that people have put high hopes on them, and one of the reasons people voted them in is because of that.

Some people may feel cheated. But a promise is still a promise,” political analyst Assoc Prof Dr Jeniri Amir told the Sun today.

Jeniri said voters were likely most influenced by the promise of the postponing of National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) payments and a reduction in the cost of living.

He also called out the government for the excuses they have made in recent weeks, including blaming the RM1 trillion national debt and certain laws that are supposedly hampering their progress.

“They should have studied everything before drafting the manifesto. I’m just wondering, in the first place, why did they came up with such promises if they know they cannot deliver? I don’t think promises are cooked up just like that,” he said.

Economist Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam said it was highly unlikely that PH would fulfill all their promises, claiming that the coalition had promised “too much too soon” in its bid to win votes.

“The manifesto was strongly, politically-motivated, like all other manifestos. But they promised too much too soon. My only hope is they will stick to the manifesto and accomplish them all, albeit slightly longer,” he said.

“They have to make promises which may not be very practical in terms of the timing (to gain votes), but they must still be fulfilled even if it is not within 100 days.”

The former Treasury deputy secretary-general, however, urged the public to give the first term government more time and space to carry out its duties.


  1. Why are BN, PAS and their politicians and supporters the only ones pushing so hard and crying out loud everyday about the 10 promises within 100 days in the PH manifestos?

    Did they vote for PH and thus so heartbroken? How much more hypocritical can it get?

    PH supporters and the general population knows the new PH Govt. did not know so much monies from the Treasuries were missing and information was hard to come bye from those corrupted Govt servants and supporters when making those promises within those timelines.

    Most won't mind "Lambat asalkan Tercapai" so long as it is seen to be moving forward day by day within their term of office. No problem Brother.

    In the meantime PH Govt. must go after those corrupted who benefitted greatly under the crooked BN Govt. and recover the monies so as to fill back up the Govt. Treasuries.

    Usually those from BN or PAS who make the most voices are the most corrupted ones as it is a common trait among thieves that to hide their tracks, they will divert attention from themselves and make it seem that they are the holy , good, benevolent, clean, caring, gracious types of folks.

    You can just smell the crooks, bigots and troublemakers from afar and methinks the Rakyat are not so easily fooled nowadsys.

    After decades of waiting to get rid of a Kleptocrat and his merry men, most Malaysians won't mind even waiting more than 100 days or 5 years for all the promises made by PH to be fulfilled.

    1. Even nostradamus could not see it coming...how ironic

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  2. In over 40 years as a voter, I have not bothered to read Alliance/BN manifestos in detail. This year I did read the Buku Harapan, but only some items interested me.

    Good government Isn't about ticking off a manifesto checklist.
    BN, especially in the last twenty years failed the test of good government and good governance, yes, including the later Mahathir years.

    This is regardless of whether they achieved their manifesto promises.
    You can be ticking off all your manifesto promises AND still be corrupt, racist, abusing power, suppressing human rights.

    "Don't be Evil" as Google's motto says, or "First do no harm" as the Hippocratic Oath says. Barisan Nasional and Bijan failed the test.

    If Pakatan can deliver that, I'm happy.
    Meeting some if not most of the Manifesto promises is just icing.

    If a Manifesto promise is met, Ktemoc will either ignore it , or try some other angle of attack.
    Fact is, Ktemoc started Hentam Pakatan Harapan non-stop since May 10, even before Mahathir was sworn in, so he is essentially Mala Fide...nothing to do with Pakatan meeting manifesto promises or not.

    1. a party made a promise for votes, it has obtained the votes, so what will it now do about those promises???

    2. It takes time to fulfill promises, especially political ones that appeared in a manifesto.

      The REAL question is WILL these political promises be implemented given time, when the newly discovered cans-of-worms left by the previous regime be 'tackled' first!

      Cleared minded voters CAN understand the delays, if a clear & open Info's r been dissected in front of the masses.

      Blur-sotongs will forever demand instant rewards. Otherwise, they won't be labelled as such.

      Provocateurs WILL use these delays, just like kt, to cry father-mother about WHY not fulfilling these manisfesto promises after getting the votes.

      No money, no 2/3 majority, sorting out the issues, pacifying the in-house horse-tradings, managing in regional issues etc etc.

      Prioritize lah!

      True to be told, so far the records in <100 days r commendable!

      But, then the provocateurs tak jadi lah. Die2 must create a cesspool to satisfy their pungent habit of shit-stirring.

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      Lagi worst IS yr jibby/hippo ampu-ing by trying very hard to avoid any bad issues related to the couple!

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      Then read the comments by the others to form a general core of understanding le!

      Again, who's the blur-sotong as reflected in those comments in the WWW?

      Wakakajakaka2x…… better gather a better group of choirboy than the current one lah.

      Yes, I'm definitely arrogance towards dedak eater like u, who is trying to play spurious bleeding heart to hide yr underhands.

  3. leave it to the voter to decide. i suppose democracy allow us to choose a better govt.

  4. I believe I can safely say that most if not all who voted for pH in the last election was not due so much about the pledges of the manifesto but for the hope against hope that they could see the back of the odd couple, having done that, as far as I am concerned they can use the pages of the manifesto to bungkus kt's overcooked chapatis for all l care

  5. All I know is that I consider the 95% Chinese who voted Pakatan as traitors to the Chinese Malaysians cause. I terminated all relationships with them, even my two brothers and sister-in-law. I hope they suffer the consequences of their misguided vote. Najib was good to the Chinese Malaysians but they (the Chinese Malaysians) betrayed him by voting for those charlatans in Pakatan based on American-backed lies and slanders.

    1. Can you elaborate what are your Chinese Malaysian causes?

      I thought the Malaysian Chinese who voted PH were the smarter ones voting out a Kleptocrat, Keris waving warning of spilling Chinese blood, arrogant, racists, bigotted and corrupted morals and values of BN and PAS politicians.

      Let us hear your own Chinese Malaysian causes which may be more astounding and complicated that 95% of Malaysian Chinese voted wrongly.

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      Suddenly, all those rd choirboys appear from nowhere.

      Did kt asks for reinforcement?

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