Saturday, July 28, 2018

Mahathir's BTN interfering with Judiciary

MM Onoline - Lawyers’ group raises stink over mandatory BTN course for judges (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, July 28 — The Lawyers for Liberty group demanded for the Chief Registrar of the Federal Court to explain an alleged order for Sessions Court judges to attend a National Civics Bureau (BTN) course in March.

Citing a copy of the letter with the instructions, LFL advisor N. Surendran questioned why judges should be forced to attend any course conducted by the controversial agency.

Accusing the BTN of fomenting racism and disunity as well as being an alleged propaganda machine of the former Barisan Nasional (BN) administration, Surendran expressed shock that members of the judiciary were compelled to attend one of its courses.

“Judges must be impartial and independent in their conduct and judgments; this is fundamental to uphold the rule of law and maintain the separation of powers.

“To forcibly send every Sessions Court judge in the country for the BTN course is a serious threat to judicial independence,”
he said in a statement.

He demanded to know how the BTN course, ostensibly to promote patriotism, was related to the functions of the judiciary and what was specifically presented to the judges then.

The former Padang Serai MP then asked who authorised the order for the subordinate court’s judges to attend

This is outrageous from three angles, namely:

(1) BTN outrageous interference with the Judiciary, effectively an interference by the PM's Department, and

(2) why hasn't Mahathir's BTN been dissolved yet?, and

the new Mahathir government could with the flick of fingers abolish several other taxpayer-supported bodies, namely the National Council of Professors and the Special Affairs Department (Jasa) but seemingly is reluctant to abolish two agencies he created during his 4th Reich, namely BTN and JAKIM


(3) why is Lim Kit Siang, who has been repetitively venomous and kay-poh towards Najib, so silent like a mouse on this agency his Towkay created?

Lim KS totally SILENT on above matters 


  1. Read carefully... din't just Hentam inaacurately..
    the BTN course was in March .... so it was during the Bijan administration...

    So the interference with the Judiciary occurred under the Bijan administration, but Ktemoc is silent as a graveyard she it come to Bijan.

    1. That's not the cheebye motherfucker kaytee's purpose......Monster.....Hence, we must constantly expose the true identity of kaytee and shame him publicly

    2. told you before that I did NOT fCk your mother

    3. Yup, we need to constantly expose Ktemoc as a Bijan agent; probably an extremely well-paid agent given the Titanic amounts of cash Bijan is in control of (proven fact).

    4. Our dear Ktemoc will trundle own, pretending not to notice any oops, no sorry, no nothing, hehehe. That's the principles of our very principled Ktemoc !

  2. KT is in deranged mode lah!

    Hence, the rd combined with his irrational mindset, kaput logic dictates his rants le.

  3. The serious issue is the "brain-washing" of the Sessions Court judges and who authorised it and it is not important whether it was a BTN course or a KTemoc Camp isn't it? It doesn't matter if it was Mahathir's BTN or it was "invented" by KTemoc as it happened during MO1's reign, why hasn't MO1 abolish the BTN and what has that got to do with LKS? Wakakakaka............