Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Cabinet - who's in charge of what, when & where?

MM Online - Azmin says Malaysia to discuss HSR with Singapore by end of July (extracts):

hmmm, let me see how I can fCk up Guan Eng

KUALA LUMPUR, July 16 — Malaysia will send an official representative to Singapore to discuss the High-Speed Rail project by the end of the month, said Economic Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali.

“I’m in the communication with our Singaporean counterpart. Last week, I was briefed by our Attorney-General and presented the case (to the Cabinet) on Wednesday.

“We will meet with my counterpart in Singapore soon and will discuss the details,” he told reporters after delivering a keynote address at the EU-Malaysia Trade and Investment Forum 2018 here today

Pray tell me - am a bit confused here - between the Finance Minister and the Economics Minister, who is charge of what and when?

other than Tabung Harapan, do you know what he is in charge of? 

And I haven't even touched on the always-interfering-knows-everything PM and the all powerful but un-elected Council of Eminent Persons and its Chief personality, Daim the 4th Reich crony of Mahathir.

I have always been taught that the 3rd most important person in the cabinet (after the PM and DPM) is the Finance Minister, blokes like the late Tun Tan Siew Sin, Tun Hussein Onn, Ku Li, Daim Zainuddin, Anwar Ibrahim, and Mahathir himself.

But I have to say it's all due to Mahathir's shrewd cunning that he has stymied everyone but himself and crony Daim in making any form of decisions pertaining to Malaysia's financial-economic policies. Guan Eng has been reduced to being just a lil' Boy Blue.

Mahathirism is definitely and firmly back.


  1. Why dont cheebye motherfucker kaytee to come to spore to find out why?

    Plenty of nice bed mattress in changi prison? Love to see kaytee kenna charged under singapore isa

    1. I beg of you to stop chasing after me as your papa, and please stop holding on to my ccK with both your grubby hands - the truth is I did NOT fCk your mother, hence I am not your sire. Your mum was so beautiful yet you are so grotesquely ugly, thus someone horrible looking like Ku Nan was your sire, not me

  2. Have you forgotten you wrote Azmin is the adopted son and he heads the powerful Minister of Economy?

    Tokong got no time, lah. LGE busy sorting out Nation's finances and uncovering more cronies pilfering and cheating hidden among files. Also preparing for upcoming Super Duper budget for Malaysians.

    Nothing wrong Azmin tolong Tokong, mah.

    What's your beef?

    Too much work for Azmin or what?


    1. A damn sight better than Najib the Finance Minister doing all the work alone on his own, wakakkaka. Mat Sabu saluted Pokjib in his various roles...PM, FM, Chairman of 1MDB, hehehe


  3. Chicken Little Ktemoc says again - the Sky is Falling.

    1. Its failling.....screaming at the top of cheebye kaytee voice

  4. For the education of Ktemoc.


    The original HSR implementation was overseen on the Malaysian side out of the EPU (Economic Planning Unit) of the Prime Minister's Department. Never under the Ministry of Finance.

    The HSR contract was signed by Abdul Rahman Dahlan, the then Minister in charge of the EPU. NOT the Finance Minister.

    The EPU functions have been transferred out of the PMO , as part of Pakatan's commitment to decentralise an overly powerful Prime Minister's Office, which had led to the abuses of Power , which Lim Guan Eng has been instrumental in exposing.

    The EPU's function are now under the Economics Ministry....under Azmin Ali.

    So , it is right that the Office which originally signed the HSR contract is also the one to renegotiate it.

    Stop this Hentam Lim Guan Eng for Hentam sake.

    1. More historical background on the HSR


      HSR Contract signed on the Malaysian side by EPU Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan.
      Administrative functions handled out of the EPU, including Contractor awards.

      Its all Azmin Ali's area now.

      There is no sidelining of the Finance Minister or Finance Ministry in evidence.

  5. I can see Ktemoc as a bitter middle-aged man stuck in Sydney , unable to accept the reality of the Malaysian political situation today.

    He was fully expecting his idol Najib to win GE14 massively, and be crowing at the subsequent devastation and probable breakup of Pakatan Harapan, and the humiliation of its leaders.

    Instead, now facing reality of a Malaysian Government run by a range of people he absolute detests - Mahathir, Lim Guan Eng, Azmin Ali, and in the background, Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang.

    No wonder Ktemoc is filled with such bitterness. It may be another 15 -20 years of such hateful government.

    1. That's the reason he's kicking up a huge fuss like Rumpelstiltskin...an ugly little man with bandy legs so enraged he couldn't get his ways....his evil wicked ways got thwarted and he's stomping all over the place, wakakakka. Will our dear little Rumpeltemoc ended up the way that little bandy legs went, hehehe.

  6. chabo you could be right about the fm being the third most powerful which is why he is not the errand boy you are trying to portray him as. if he has his hand on everything I am sure you would have something else to complain about also, let's just respect the other ministers who helm their own respective portfolios otherwise they would be redundant

  7. https://www.malaymail.com/s/1653090/after-decades-on-opposition-bench-kit-siang-says-unreal-to-be-on-other-side

    Kit Siang basking in the moment.....sitting on the Government side.


    1. his swansong achievement which we wanted for him - if only he did NOT associate himself with an evil Machiavellian olde dictator

    2. LKS as well as other PH leaders all made the right decision to associate with the Maverick.

      Otherwise, all may still be sitting at the opposition bench.

    3. Just kaytee gerakan langs did nong nong time ago

    4. Ugh...worse than that...if the Pirate Boss had prevailed, many PH leaders will be in jail. Gives one the creeps just to think...if the Pirate had won, many more red files will pile up, all kept out of sight from the public, even from his own Umno leaders...that Serigala wolfy beast and Pirate should be nailed to the wall for all this shenanigans.

  8. Why so 'çoncerned'about LGE all of a sudden? He's going on happily with his own work and has made no fuss about his 'loss of power'.
    Nobody in PH is harping on it either.

  9. Ph gov is multitasking bto.. Wakaka..
    Everybody have a nose on somebody budinesses.. Carca marba.. First come first serve.. Everybody nk jadi hero here and there.. Pm even handle police affairs and make announcement for them as if he did the investigation.. Tuduh org no 1.. But when the question come.. "Saya tak tau"

    1. The biggest " I don't know ", " I am not aware " is your Pirate Boss ! Check his latest whining and bitching...all full of denial and all acting innocent of any crime, although he was known as the biggest kleptocrat in the world ! Not easy tau, to achieve something as the biggest in the world. Pokjib has achieved such notoriety for Malaysia...put us on the world map that even people from the smallest pariah country now knows where Malaysia is.