Monday, July 16, 2018

Manifesto elasticity of rubber, rotan and rubbish

Malaysiakini - Sometimes can, sometimes can't – manifesto not 'bible': Dr M (extracts):

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad drew a comparison between the ruling coalition's manifesto and the Bible.

With regard to the manifesto, he said Pakatan Harapan need not adhere to the letter of the text.

Responding to a question at a press conference in Parliament, Mahathir admitted that Mohamad Ariff Md Yusof's appointment as Dewan Rakyat speaker was not in accordance with the manifesto, which stipulated that the speaker should be appointed from among MPs.

"(Yes), but for certain reasons, we cannot adhere to the actual manifesto. Please remember that the manifesto is not a Bible, it is a guidance.

"Sometimes we can do things, but sometimes we find that we cannot, so we have to be practical-minded," he said

If Pakatan can't, why then did they promise?

To deceive the voters? Take you for goofy gullible guppies?

How much more has Pakatan lied?

Will Mahathir leave the PM position after 2 years?

His Imperial warning on the flexibility of Pakatan manifesto that is worth the dodgy elasticity of rubber, rotan and rubbish.

Read and weep.


  1. On the 101st day of the New Government lets take out the 10 promises and see how Harapan performs.

    By the way my son scored 80% on his Sejarah test and the teacher still gave him an "A".

    1. congrats to your son - 80% in a test is a very worthy achievement

    2. Is the Sejarah subject still the Umno version of His-story ?

  2. The context of the question - and answer - was on the appointment of the Dewan Rakyat Speaker.

    In this case, the appointment ultimately did not follow the Pakatan Manifesto literally. Politics is never simple in Malaysia.

    Nevertheless the actual candidate selected is eminently qualified and has been well received - except for the Bijan mob.

  3. I am so happy Gobind did telecast the PacMan fight yesterday and to top it off TDM showed up as well. Good move Gobind. make RTM No.1 after merging with Bernama. Pity Syed Saddiq didn't mop the ring after the fight. Be careful of them crocodiles at the Youth and Sports bro.

    1. Once Anwar gets into Parliament, that jambu can be Anwar's new toyboy.

  4. 10 in 100. Time running out. Go...go...go...But to be fair full cabinet only in place not too long ago. Parliament 14 just convened on Day 68. And UEC recognition not on the list.

    1. To abolish Goods and Services Tax (GST)
    2. To reintroduce fuel subsidies
    PH has pledged to stabilise oil prices and reintroduce fuel subsidies to targeted groups.
    3. To eliminate unnecessary debts that were forced on FELDA settlers
    4. To introduce the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) scheme for housewives
    5. To standardise the monthly minimum wages of employees across the whole country
    6. To ease the burden of National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) loan borrowers. It plans to allow borrowers to defer repayment if the borrower earns less than RM4,000 a month. PH is also proposing to remove PTPTN's blacklisting policy, in which defaulters will not be allowed to renew their passports and they are barred from leaving the country.
    7. To set up a Royal Commissions of Inquiry into scandal-ridden institutions
    PH said that this independent task force will be established to probe 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), the Federal Land Development Authority (FELDA), Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA), and Tabung Haji, and to reorganise their leadership structure.
    8. To restore Sabah and Sarawak's autonomous rights, as enshrined in the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63)
    9. To introduce 'Skim Peduli Sihat'
    10. To review all mega projects

    1. Rubbish Manifesto from a rubbish government. Rubbish in, rubbish out. Should send both Dewans to the dumpster.

    2. much galling bitterness...

      I suppose some people still miss Bijan...the one who keeps more cash at home than a Medellin Cartel drug lord.

    3. Bcoz he thinks cash is king mah!

      How to compare with those rolls-in-the-blood Medellin Cartel drug Lords with one forced with a silver spoon?

  5. Only the writer Ktemoc seems to be a very strict auditor of PH manifestos which must follow every word to the letter.

    The rest of PH MPs and supporters are very ok with the Speaker appointment even though he is not an MP.

    The bottom line is, the new Speaker`is definitely much more qualified and better than the previous BN Speaker whom I would called it as just Ahjib's Microphone in Parliament.

    What a refreshing change for those who are flexible in their thoughts to see between reality.

    1. I am NOT worried about the choice of speaker but the sinister words of Mahathir

    2. Then why ONLY zooms in on the 'bad' portion of mamak's sinister words?

      What happen to the 'good' side of his sinister words?

      Especially acting as in yr words of "Ch'ew knia aow ch'ut" to the chagrin of the ketuanan freaks!

      Biased lah. Say so & don't pretend le.

    3. Cheebye motherfucker kaytee is always biased. No need waste time. Find him. Expose him. Gut him. Then dump him on the street to be rolled over by heavy truck.

      Just like in the bible where jehu just threw jezebel out of window. Only to be trampled by horses and die horribly

    4. I beg of you to stop chasing after me as your papa, and please stop holding on to my ccK with both your grubby hands - the truth is I did NOT fCk your mother, hence I am not your sire. Your mum was so beautiful yet you are so grotesquely ugly, thus someone horrible looking like Ku Nan was your sire, not me

  6. I am a kampong bloke, I don't care if the speaker is a wakil rakyat or not as long as he is qualified.

  7. Hmm, not a terribly wise thing for M to say. PH leaders probably winced and looked like Khairy did this morning.

    1. What mamak 2.0 says DOESN'T count! It's just his personal opinion.

      There must be consensus within the 4 parties of equal.

      Treat it as an occasional frustration rant from an old man who is entitled to this right!

      Talk is one thing. Actually doing it, counts!

  8. there's no mamak 2.0 nor has there been consensus - he could even intrude into PKR's affairs to pick AZmin Ali as his personal choice for Econ Minister

    1. U r in the pocket of the mamak to know how he works!

      Just like u r in the picket if jibby+hippo to know how the two DIDNT pilfer the national coffer!

      Wow… is that what one calls as working at both (back)sides?

    2. No mamak 2.0?

      Then apa tu Chinese M'sian FM, Christian&Non AG & CJ?

      They r yr nightmare ke?

    3. as I have mentioned before you can't read properly - I have just mentioned Mamak 2.0 is just Mamak 1.0 under pretense

    4. Then dispute intelligently lah!

      Answer my question, vis-a-vis apa tu Chinese M'sian FM, Christian&Non AG & CJ?

      Mamak 2.0 or mamak 1.0 under pretense?

      Didn't yr sufi teaches u not to use one-liner to tell yr twisted argument?

      Afraid the more u say, the more u show about yr udang?

      Just like yr sifu's current trash - twist the title & let the choirboys/girls do the rest.

      Banyak pandai le.