Thursday, July 12, 2018

Difference between Nga Kor Ming and Azmin Ali

MM online - Is DAP’s Nga the new deputy Speaker? (extracts):

IPOH, July 12 ― Rumours are rife that DAP deputy secretary-general Nga Kor Ming could be in line for the Parliament deputy Speaker post, after the Teluk Intan MP missed out on a Cabinet post.

Pakatan Harapan sources informed Malay Mail that Nga, a veteran lawmaker and fiery orator, is believed to be one of the names considered for the post.

Nga, who is also Perak DAP chairman, was surprisingly missing from the Cabinet line-up--despite having led the state DAP to a 100 per cent record in GE14, where they won all 18 seats contested

There is no denying that on political performance and experience Nga Kor Ming rates very highly, both in the DAP and in general Malaysian politics.

He led his state party to convincing victories in election fights very convincing time and time again. He has been a flamboyant fiery orator, with a skilled ability to sprout Quranic verses in front of Muslim crowds, and definitely a favourite of the Perak pro DAP constituency.

But his inability to join the Mahathir cabinet has been due to one problem, his rude, uncouth and insensitive remarks about Mahathir, in particular on the Old man's age. During the GE14 campaign, Nga was reported to have said in his ceramah:

... that the 14th General Election was the best time to change the government as they have Dr Mahathir to help them, and that “Dr Mahathir could be dead” by the time the 15th General Election comes.

He remarked: 
“When Mahathir dies, when he ‘checks into’ the afterlife, and the next election comes and Mahathir isn’t here, what other ways are there?"

“None, right? That’s why we have to seize this opportunity The horse (Dr Mahathir) kills the chicken (Najib); if we miss this opportunity, we may have to wait another 60 years.”

Not very brilliant, civilised nor sensitive, but that was vintage Nga, who knew what to say to the Hew Kuan Yau-type crowd who adored his fighting words. As the socio-political semi-downtrodden, they were hungry for the Big Boss' verbal political punches.

But more couth and better brought up Chinese described Nga embarrassingly as most "un-Chinese", a damning insult to a Chinese which I had previously ascribed to Tony Pua - see my post un-Chinese Tony Pua.

It's almost as insulting as the second most insulting remark to a Chinese, to wit, "Your parents failed to teach you manners" (peh-boe4 boe3 karsee - the numerals after 'boe' indicate the respective fourth and third tone) because such a remark-insult stabs directly and most painfully into Chinese hearts to remind them of their parents' alleged failure (to bring up their children with proper manners and civilised behaviour), which no Chinese could, should nor want to accept or hear.

And then Pakatan won and Mahathir became the PM. Nga was thus fCk-ed kaukau, wakakaka.

Much as Lil' Boy Blue cried and cried and cried, Lau Mah (Mahathir) would have no truck with the coarse-mouth stevedore-like DAP street-fighter. Pak Cik Hang Tuah showed his silat harimau rules supreme over the Big Boss' Wing Chun (which impatient Bruce Lee did not complete anyway).

Thus, despite Nga's seniority, experience, powerful performance and oratory skills (including quoting relevant Quranic verses), he missed out on a cabinet appointment (and if I may say so, most fortunately for the Foreign Ministry department, wakakaka).

But you can't leave a dangerous mouth on the loose, so the deputy speaker position may be offered as a consolation prize to him (to be approved-confirmed by Lau Mah, wakakaka) - see my earlier post More on Speaker of Dewan Rakyat in which I mentioned: Thus the Speaker's job was to be his, in a deep tussle between PKR and DAP where both parties are still resentful with their disproportionately low allocations of ministerial posts. Somehow PKR, blessed by a far more pribumi-ish mien, won in that stoush. DAP has been rumoured to receive the deputy speaker's post.

But I wrote in
 un-Chinese Tony Pua that Tony Pua in begging Azmin Ah Hneah (Abang) for a deputy Speaker post for DAP as a quid pro quo for supporting PKR in the Kajang bullshit, was shameful, as follows:

WTF for, man, because that was akin to wandering into MCA, Gerakan and MIC territory of picking up f* meaningless crumbs!

Assuming Lau Mah approves, wakakaka, would a proud and capable man like Nga accept a deputy speaker position? It's a political crumb.

But consider the Grand Canyon-ish difference between Nga Kor Ming and Azmin Ali vis-a-vis Lau Mah's perception as follows:

(a) DAP recommended and cried for a ministerial position for Nga but Lau Mah said fCk-off, and

(b) PKR did NOT recommend nor beg for a ministerial post for Azmin Ali (because he was already MB and should not be a federal minister), but nonetheless Lau Mah made him the Economics Minister (factually against PKR's nomination list).

wonder what Uncle wants me to "do"?
neutralise Guan Eng or kowtim "someone"?

Did Lau Mah intrude, interfere and intervene into PKR's nomination list for his unknown personal strategic aim or has it been to "look after" a nephew?


  1. UMNO-Bijan , for all its humongous faults, was still lucid enough not to appoint loudmouth Bung to a high-profile position.

    Pakatan should NOT push its luck too far putting up loudmouth Nga to a high post.

  2. I'm just waiting to see Najib at Parliament 14 next week. LKS and gang are just waiting to tear him up. TDM will just sit back and smile. Anwar can watch from the public gallery. Najib will need his white handkerchief. Wee Ka Siong will also be sweating. Lone Ranger. Last of the MCA Mohicans. Gerakan already extinct.

  3. And cheebye motherfucker kaytee calling lks a traitor is very civilised.

    I curse kaytee to be forever itchy till mampus

    1. so keen to be my son that you keep accusing me of fCking your mum, tsk tsk - sorry, I did NOT lah, wakakaka and stop holding on to my ccK, wakakaka

    2. Ask ck about one official during ming empire being punished by itchy till mampus.

      Cheebye motherfucker kaytee

    3. please stop claiming to be my bastard son as I did NOT fCk your mother. Your mum was a lovely woman but your ugliness came from your unknown father, definitely not me, wakakaka, and take your bloody hands off from my ccK - you can't hold on to it as if you're my son

  4. Wakakakaka……


    It's almost as insulting as the second most insulting remark to a Chinese, to wit, "Your parents failed to teach you manners"

    U forget about the ultimate insult to ALL Chinese, within/without the original ancestor land - 走狗 [zǒu gǒu], lacquey!

    The socio-political semi-downtrodden M'sian Chinese UNDERSTAND as they were hungry for the Big Boss' verbal political punches.

    Guess, an anmokauxai banana CAN'T truly understand that insult no matter how 'well-educated' he claimed.

  5. Come to think it......Nga should just snub it by countering the offer for being

    1) Chairman of parliamentary committee in reforming election commission, boundaries and handling all complaints


    Chairman for Fact finding Mission to Australia to uncover the mysteries of this cheebye called kaytee.

    Pressing questions must be answered

    1) Does kaytee have only 3" dick?
    2) What relationship of kaytee with najib razak? Bastard son of Najib?
    3) Was kaytee kenna raped by Pauline Hanson?
    4) Did Kaytee profited illegally selling his ancestral home in Penang? If any? Including his papa/mama graveyard
    5) Kaytee a samseng kia on the run from Penang underworld. As a result, his dick is forcibly shortened

    hahahahhahaha......and etc etc etc

    I sokong Nga Kor Ming as the chairman of this fact finding mission

    1. I know you are disappointed that I have to refuse to accept you as my bastard son - I can't because I did NOT fCk your mother. It must be someone else who has given you your awful looks

  6. Since when Ktemoc is so concerned about the career and future of DAP politicians when DAP supporters did not even make much about it?

    Why don't you write about the future and concerns of UMNO, BN and Ahjib?

    That would be more interesting to speculate.


    1. When does kaytee so concerned about dap? Hes more concerned what happen to najib la

  7. the diff is azmin is a smartass.

  8. Is not the that the parents failed to teach him manners but SJKC education failed to teach him manners. That goes the same for much of those SJKC folks that I met. Uncouth, rude, disrespectful, and a single-track mind.

    1. AND u?

      With yr malignant rd otak what good can be yr mfing deduction!