Monday, July 02, 2018

Lim Kit Siang - Resign or STFU

Malaysiakini - Kit Siang moots constitutional amendment to allow MPs to recontest after resigning (extracts):

Will Lim Kit Siang resign for abandoning his original principles against corruption, cronyism and crookedness?

Under Article 48(6) of the Federal Constitution, a person who resigns his membership of the House of Representatives shall, for a period of five years beginning with the date on which his resignation takes effect, be disqualified from being a member of the House of Representatives.

"Let the 54 BN parliamentarians declare if they will support any constitutional amendment to repeal the Article 48(6) of the constitution, at the first parliamentary meeting this month," he said.

He believes that the constitutional amendment can be done in Parliament, with the support of 113 MPs from Harapan, eight MPs from Warisan and 54 MPs from BN.

"There is more than the requisite two-thirds parliamentary majority of 149 votes to enact such a constitutional amendment – even as a stand-alone amendment bill," he added.

"Let us hear from the Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, the new Umno president elected last Saturday," he said.

"It is now for Noraini to first prove her sincerity and integrity before Mas Ermieyati has to prove her political integrity by resigning from Parliament," he said.

"In such circumstances, I would support Mas Ermieyati contesting against Umno in a one-to-one contest, and for Pakatan Harapan to stay out of the Masjid Tanah by-election," he added.

Lim, however, said he was also touched by the reasons given by Mas Ermieyati for leaving Umno.

"It reminds me of what another outstanding scion of Umno, Syed Hamid Syed Albar, who said a few days ago that Umno today was not the party he once knew.

"Syed Hamid said Umno has become a selfish party that strives for its own survival and gain, and cares little or not at all for the rakyat," he added.

And hasn't DAP under Lim Kit Siang become also a selfish party?

Will Lim Kit Siang and his DAP inner coterie then resign for sleeping with DAP's arch-enemy?

As some of his own DAP member have claimed, while there is not permanent friend nor foe in politics, there must be permanent principles. Since Lim KS has demonstrated he lacks such principles when he allies himself and his party with a sworn enemy of multi-racialism, fairness and justice, I urge him to set an example by being the first to resign - otherwise he should just SHUT THE F**K UP.


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    1. Well Looes74, you can include me in your insults then as I do endorse KT's point of view.

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  2. What principles in politics is Kaytee talking about?

    Ever heard of there are No Permanent enemies or Friends in politics?

    Or The Ends justifies The Means?

    Going by Kaytee principles (blogger but not a politician), assuming LKS sticks to "Once an enemy, forever an enemy",
    Malaysia would not be having a PH Govt. today and Ahjib will continue together with BN as the Govt., freely plundering the country and everyone except BN supporters and cronies will continue suffering in silence, with no future and hope and the country heading to ruins as a pariah country.

    What principles are Kaytee talking about when the country is heading towards ruins? Which takes precedence? Patriotism or or Race or Religion or Principles when faced with great danger to the wellbeing of a Nation?

    Many Malaysians saw that and knew and that was what topple the BN replacing it with an alternative PH Govt.

    Of course no one knew yet whether The PH Govt. lead by TDM will turn into another BN Govt. but it was a better risk to take than to allow the BN Govt. to continue and face certain ruins for all Malaysians.

    Only inherrent corrupted, greedy, racists, religious bigots fools who deemed their own agenda higher in priority to that of to The Country and fellow Malaysians couldn't see what was coming.

    So if LKS has to throw away party or his own principles for the Country, so be it for in this case "The Ends certainly justifies the Means".

    I believe Malaysians are damn lucky to be saved from the abyss in time with DAP, Amanah, PKR agreeing to take the chances with TDM who was a known dictatorial, autocratic, racist bigot for 23 years with the hope of saving and reforming the country and TDM being a changed man finally eventhough so late in his life.

    So, once again, what principles are you talking about?

    1. read carefully what I have written:

      while there is not permanent friend nor foe in politics, there must be permanent principles

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    3. Kaytee. What permanent principles again? A sworn permanent enemy who has also thrown his permanent principles and working together to save a Nation?

      What takes precedence? Saving the Nation or Principles?

      Most Malaysians knows better on 9 May 2018 than all those DAP members or bloggers cheering on about principles.

      You won't be blogging about Principles when a country goes down the drain.

    4. Just wonder what principles you have broken when you work with one who was once an enemy? Is it considered a "principle" once you declared that someone became an enemy so forever that someone must remain an enemy because that was a "principle"?

      As far as I understand, LKS was deciding on whether "to try save the country from ruin by BN with the help of Tun & his gang" or "to fail again with certainty in his hopeless limited powerless resources" in the face of the dirty gerrymandering, PAS shameless betrayal and BN ruthless terrorization. So LKS follow the principle, 国家,国家, roughly country, home or party, 国 or country came first before the party. So what principle has LKS broken?

      May I venture to speculate, when KTemoc was younger, he was a devout Christian, did that became a principle that you should remain a Christian permanently? Wakakaka .....

    5. it is NOT about working with someone but someone who has been a oppressive dictator and a master of cronyism and racism. Avoiding or battling with such a nasty person is permanent principle

    6. Not in the book of Machiavelli's!

      If in politics, there is no permanent enemy THEN there is also no permanent principle! Otherwise the rule holds no water but to syiok ones ego only.

      Don't mixed up principles of humanity with 'principles' of politics lah!

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  3. Wah so arrogant Ktemoc, demanding Lim Kit Siang resign.
    What about Iskandar Putri voter's rights ?
    What about DAP voters rights ?

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    3. No one in Pakatan has asked Najib to resign.
      He has to face justice over the missing 1MDB Billions via due process.

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  4. Stop trying to ReFight the Battle of Hastings.

    GE14 is Over. The Voice of the voters is loud and clear.

    DAP went to the polls openly in a Coalition, Pakatan Harapan, with Pribumi in the alliance, and Mahathir stated as its choice of Prime Minister.
    DAP received a resounding mandate from its voters.
    It is disrespectful of the democratic mandate for Ktemoc to call for Lim Kit Siang to STFU or call for his resignation.

    Who the Fuck is Ktemoc ?

    By all means, any citizen can hold the Pakatan Harapan administration , especially its Prime Minister, accountable for its actions or inactions.

    Something Ktemoc clearly failed or was totally unwilling to do so with the Previous Prime Minister.

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