Sunday, July 29, 2018

Removing road tolls dicapati juga

NST - Works Ministry: Government won't rush to abolish toll (extracts):

The government will not rush into making a decision on the abolishment of highway toll collection; instead, it will conduct further studies on the matter as it involves the interests of many, including toll concessionaires. (File pix)

KUALA LUMPUR: The government will not rush into making a decision on the abolishment of highway toll collection; instead, it will conduct further studies on the matter as it involves the interests of many, including toll concessionaires.

Deputy Works Minister Mohd Anuar Tahir said the ministry is in discussions with the Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM), which works closely with the concessionaires.

He said although this was among the promises in Pakatan Harapan’s 100-day manifesto, the move to abolish the toll requires thorough research.

“In this matter, the government also has to be responsible for all quarters, including the concessionaire holders, employees who will be affected, and others

Looks like another Manifesto Pledge been thoroughly capati-rised.

You know, I hate phrases like "the people should keep calm" - for more, read my post Words that annoy!.

Now I have a new phrase to dislike, namely, "this and that requires further research".

If abolishing road tolls requires further research, why then did Pakatan pledge to remove the tolls prior to the election?

In other words, that is, in plain English, Pakatan lied right from the very beginning.


  1. Government has No money.

    Billions upon Billions upon Billions Gasak by your Beloved Bijan and his cronies.

    I wonder how much of that is in Ktemoc's pocket?

    1. No money yet your Government arbitrarily raised up the cost of public infrastructure works many folds. Is the reason why Government has no money was because it's currently being robbed in daylight by your cronies? HSR T7, LRT3 scaledown with higher price, and the re-piratisation of Sabah schools internet service being the startpoint for a torrent of corruption.

      And the cancellation of TM-TNB fibrerisation to the rurals & less developed states just reinforced my statement that your Government has no interest to educate the poor and close the income & knowledge gap, they're just interested to keep their stranglehold on the city folks while lining their pockets.

    2. Yes PH not only lied, but bore "false witness against their neighbors"

      To this day there is no evidence to back up the core of their constant accusations...even saying that the nation is bankrupt...etc. Even the 1 trillion debt claim is against international norms of reporting.

      SOME of those loud mouth Christians and Muslims forgot their morals...if they had any to begin with.

    3. I strongly demand central government not to pay single royalty to kelantan and terengganu....happy john

    4. No problem Looes. Kelantan have been running with minimal central government support for the past 22 years. Kelantan, Terengganu & Sarawak can secede and form Malaya 2.0. Lets see if PH Malaysia can survive with only 1/5 of oil reserves left.

      Oh wait, but you're not even a Malaysian, so why do you care huh?

  2. I think everyone esp those most affected by the Tolls understand the PH Govt. won't be able to abolish the tolls so soon cos the previous BN Govt. stole and looted the Treasury so much that Malaysia is now RM1 Trillion in debt.

    PH leaders and the Rakyat did not know it was so bad before the election cos Ahjib was still dishing out goodies and cash like "Cash is King" and "Monies is not a problem".

    If anyone is angry, then blame it on the previous BN Govt. for stealing Rakyat's monies and causing PH Govt delays in fulfilling their promises.

    So, what happened to BN promises to recognise the UEC before election? Now it is clear as day that the BN was actually lying to voters, isn't it?

    At least the PH Govt. is still working on it and did not reject it outright and did not hold any rallies or protests telling grandmother stories that UEC recognition will mean the end of Malay Civilisation, Islam, Language, Royalty etc.

  3. "Pakatan lied right from the very beginning."
    I vote this to be the next Best Political Statement 2018!

  4. Wakakakakaka……

    There r many ill conceived farts by these frustrated, ego-bruised & wounded-pride hobby/hippo sycophants!

    Make one LOLROTF for a childish write, supposedly penned by an 'experienced' blogger!

    Fight to establishing a republic from a colonial master IS not fighting for independence!

    Thus, his definition of independence MUST be in full compliance with the ketuanan agenda ONLY!

    Mind u, this is the word play of kt's sifu.

    Meanwhile, kt reinforces with

    Blaming an alleged order for Sessions Court judges to attend a National Civics Bureau (BTN) course in March as an act of the PH govt formed in May the same year!

    Condemning lge for raising an alleged letter from the PM's Dept (of previous PM) to the CIA letter. Ain't the country's Finance Minister is also a sitting MP, who has the elected right to ask questions in the Parliament?

    Clear minded readers CAN separate the chaff from the wheat while these trashy farts r good for the rd consumption of the blur-sotongs (been conned) & the choirboys of the jibby/hippo can club!