Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Clerics & Paedophilic Sex

MM Online - Tahfiz school teacher arrested for performing oral sex on teenage student:

KUALA LUMPUR, July 11 — A tahfiz school teacher in Hulu Kelang was arrested today after he allegedly forced himself onto his 14-year-old student several times before performing oral sex on the teenage boy.

The lid was blown off the case after the victim reported the incident to police on Tuesday, claiming he was violated at least five times since May this year by the 21-year-old teacher.

Ampang Jaya police chief Assistant Commissioner Hamzah Alias said the victim’s ordeal began several months back, when he was first approached the teacher.

“The teacher had asked for the boy to allow oral sex be performed on him, but the victim initially resisted.

“Later, the victim ultimately gave in to the demands, fearing he would hurt or disappoint his teacher. It then went on for several more times,” he said.

Hamzah explained that on June 26, the victim returned to Johor with his family, where he then related his entire ordeal to them.

“It reached a point where the victim was scared of returning to school after the latest encounter,” Hamzah said.

He said police then arrested the suspect, who is being remanded till Tuesday.

Hamzah said the case is being investigated under Section 377(c) of the Penal Code for committing carnal intercourse against the order of nature without consent.


  1. There are many aethist paedophiles too.

  2. Don't be surprise that there were so many many cases of paedophilia, sodomy, molestation, rape etc never or not reported for so many years among all the various schools, institutions etc in Malaysia.

    Malaysia should have it's own MalaysiaMeToo movement so that for all those cases gone unreported or unknown or No Action Taken or victims are too young to report, at least all the victims can expose who the perpetrators are on social media.

    Some of the victims may be old, already adults or married but it still should not stop them from reporting those perpetrators to avoid another occurance esp among children.

    I cannot imagine the psychological trauma suffered by the victims when such cases and the perpetrators get scot free for years and still living among us.

    With social media, justice can be obtained sooner or later when the names of perpetrators are made known to everyone.

  3. For muslims in Malaysia who want to get married, they must comply to two (2) laws i.e. syariah and civil laws. They must stricty comply to both laws. No argument about that. Period.

    BTW how many girls are virgin when they got married. How many divorces are there in underage marriage? How many consensual underage sex are there? I don't have the answers.

    HY.. England lost. Imagine the tears in London. Anyway, the Brits played like kids. Croatia deserved to win. It will be a good final. France had beaten Brazil and Croatia had beaten Argentina in this world cup. My take - France has got the edge in Sunday final, 2:1. Vive La France

    1. Bull lah:

      “For muslims in Malaysia who want to get married, they must comply to two (2) laws i.e. syariah and civil laws. They must stricty comply to both laws. No argument about that. Period.”

      Then, do tell how that pedophilic marriage of the 11yr old girl to that 41 gatal old cleric can be legitimated in the M'sia syriah court - as claimed by the DPM?

      More so when the marriage is done outside the country in Thailand.

    2. The syariah court had fined him RM1,800.00. But the girl is a Thai citizen, thus, the syariah court cannot do anything.

    3. then that marriage is NOT legal as he didn't obtain any permission from a Malaysian syariah court. Wan Azizah was not telling the truth that the marriage is legal. It is only legal is a Malaysian syariah judge said okay to the man's application

    4. The marriage is still legal because the five (5) 'rukun nikah' has been complied with. What was not complied with was the permission from the court; which is not part of 'rukun nikah'. Non-compliance is punishable by a fine of not more than RM2,000.00 or imprisonment of not more than three (3) months, but it does not illegalise the marriage. That's syariah law.

    5. So hukum Syrian of bolihland applies to m'sia zombies. Outlander zombies DONT count lah!

      Then what's this f*ck again - "The marriage is still legal because the five (5) 'rukun nikah' has been complied with."

      The five ruling nikah DONE outside bolihland is acceptable to the bolihland Syrian court!

      What a bloodily confused zombieic clarification, even though zombies r not supposed to have a mind of its own.

      & the desperado provocateur buys them ALL!

    6. i always support the underdog, the underprivileged, the weak, mean croatia.....