Friday, July 20, 2018

Child marriages stats horribly frightening

MM Online - Muslim child marriages declining in Malaysia, stats show (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, July 20 — Applications to Shariah courts for approval to marry underage Muslims have been decreasing in recent years with less than 1,000 applications filed last year, statistics showed.

According to the Department of Shariah Judiciary Malaysia (JKSM), Muslims made 1,144 applications for child marriage in 2015, dropping to 1,019 applications in 2016, and further falling to 877 applications last year.

Up to June 30 this year, 461 applications were made to the Shariah court for permission to wed Muslim minors, making it a total of 5,823 applications in five and a half years from 2013 to June 2018 throughout Malaysia.

In 2013, 1,192 such applications were filed, dipping to 1,130 applications in 2014

The stats continue to be an absolute disgrace, with a staggering frightening disgusting 461 applications this year (up to 30 June this year) for child marriages, and not counting those who scooted across the border to 'Reno, Las Vegas' for an Elvis Presley conducted quickie marriage.

WTF is the useless Minister for Women, family and Community Development doing besides fanning herself?


  1. Wan Azizah in office for 60 days.

    Ktemoc "silent as a Graveyard" for the last 10 years.


  2. Wah, so many Peadophiles using marriage as a reason for their perverted behavior.

    Just publish their names, addresses, place of residence so all will know who these perverts are.

    The list can also be given to all other countries to beware of such perverts in entering their countries to save their children.

    When all the world Paedophiles get to know that Malaysia is a safe haven for Paedophilia, they will definitely come.

    When the animal lust in a Paedophile arises, nothing can stop their lusts even if it means converting religion and getting married to satisfy their animal lusts.

    What a terrible, terrible tragedy awaiting the fate of all Malaysian child.

    1. Most developed nations keep a list of known paedophiles & circulate it internationally.

      M'sia IS a signee with
      The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. (CRC) is an international treaty that legally obligates nations to protect children's rights.

      Child marriage is considered an pedophiliac offend under the agreement.

      INTERPOL maintains a up-to-date Green Notice, issued to provide warnings and criminal intelligence about persons who have committed criminal offences and are likely to repeat these crimes in other countries. It is an effective way to share key police intelligence on a global scale and to prevent offenders from crossing borders.

      The zombies claim CRC is against their religious doctrine! Thus, Malaysian courts seldom convict people for child sexual abuse, and Malaysia keeps no official statistics on child abuse.

  3. U r TRULY one egregious hearted paid wordsmith!

    What have those statistics, dug out from bn regime, got to do with PH govt?

    U r tired of ranting about the men of the PH régime, as their past records have become a broken grandmother's records. Thus, r old petrified issues that could have zilch consequences in judging the new govt with new guidelines!

    Now, u r targeting kak wan,a real soft personality of zero past misdeed! She is yr current easy & ready prey, especially of her political portfolio of been dpm & Minister for Women, family and Community Development in a newly mint govt of less than 100 days!

    My guess is yr dedak master is herding cowheads like u to speed up the attacks on PH on all fronts, with all issues imaginable!

    He knows his carefree days of denial r very soon be over!

    So would be yr dedak too!

    1. CK supports child marriages?

    2. How come maryam lee disappeared? Your fault izzit.... motherfucker kaytee

    3. Wakakakakaka…

      A one liner that proves HOW desperado u want to twist a cause to yr advantage!

      Keep doing it lah. U need it to convince the blur-sotongs, the rd crowds to hold yr fort.

      Otherwise, u r just a dedak makan sycophant of jibby/hippo lah.

  4. My condolences to the family of Eddie Ng, ADUN Balakong from DAP , who was killed in an accident last night.
    I never met him personally, but politicos I know tell me he was a very good , hardworking representative.

    And a big Fuck You to UMNOGook.
    Quote "RIP! One less person who slanders – Umno man on DAP rep's death"

  5. Kak Wan is not the only minister in charge. What about Minister of Religion, Minister of Minorities, Minister of Law etc. Also all Muslim MPs who remain silent about this issue while Parliament is in session. Shameful. Disgraceful. Especially the MPs from Kelantan, where this poor girl lives. Council of Rulers don’t have to wait to be asked to take action. Please look after Islam, the children, the poor and the weak.

  6. Sick,very sick animals would lust for sex with minors.These are sick men who have been raped when they are minors,so it is animal mentality to raped minors back as revenge.Just ask Donald Trump.He will swear that he was raped by his family dog when he was five years old.No wonder this sick bastard loves minors.

    1. What is matey? A bunch fuckups drinking moonshines?

    2. Bruno sure know how to get himself blacklisted in the US to be deported immediately upon arrival, for persistently slandering their Presidante.

      Accusing their Presidante as having Beastality sex and a Paedophile without any proof might cheer up some Moslems brothers but definitely will get oneself listed as a potential Moslem extremist. It's worst than the Elon Musk case.

      You just do not know their reach nowadays.


  7. what azizah can do from the legal aspect?

    1. Under the Child Act 2001, if in the assessment of the Minister, a child's safety, health and well-being is under threat, the Minister can get a court Protection order to remove the child from her current situation and place under the protection of the Government.

      It is a rather strong action , but may be necessary to prevent this Terengganu paedophile from exercising his marital "rights".

    2. ok, good, at least under azizah, everything become more clear, what happen, how many case happen, many people share view, agree or disagree, can we see tis as healthy development n progressing if compare against the minister before her? her fan seem work well.